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The Life of Miss Sheree

So, this weekend was quite busy for me. Not only do I have tonnes of sewing to do for a trip in October, I also am working with a designer in Mpls for her show in November. I’m the seamstress for the production so the only contact I’ve had in the past couple of days has been with my sewing machine!Let’s see, I made a dress, two tops, and some headbands over the weekend and I’ll be posting some photos of them soon. On Friday, I managed to snag the cutest pair of black booties for $5.99! I had gone thrift store shopping to look for a pair of light snoewashed jeans to alter and I came out with those booties, a pair of stiletto patent leather Mary Janes, and two bags of zippers! I think I have everything I need to finish up the stuff for my trip, so I will spend no more money until I get to L.A.!

I did manage to get my tickets for This Is It and I’m happy to report that tickets sold out in 2 Hours in California. Just more evidence that MJ is a special guy.

Now its off to do some more sewing with the company of John Coltrane and my little feline ‘helper’, Edvard. He really does think that sitting on my pattern paper is gonna help me out 🙂

Lookout for pics of some of what I’m working on soon!

Designer of the Day: Rachel Roy

Pleats, drapes, and folds, oh my! And thankfully Rachel Roy has a lot of them to offer. She is a designer on my radar because her use of fabrics, especially for her recent collection, are so feminine and pretty to me. I also really like her twist on the 80’s style suit separates that seem to be quite popular. Plus I love any opportunity when I can give a shout out to designers of color!

Some favorites from Rachel Roy’s Spring 2010 RTW collection:


Tim Burton Plays Fashion Designer

I really like Tim Burton. I fell in love with Edward Scissorhands and I’ve been hooked since. In a past life I was probably a goth…not really, but I really do love the somewhat sinister-ness of his work. It quite fun actually. From November to April of next year, Burton is going to have an installation of his work at the MoMA in NYC and to commemorate it, he decided to do a piece for Harper’s Bazaar. He’s putting that ‘nightmarish’ spin on some of fashions hottest trends. To be honest, I think some of these looks could actually work. I’d totally wear the white dress in that photo with the skeleton. Check it out:

These are only some of my favorites, you can see more.


Oh and P.S. I cannot wait until Alice In Wonderland comes out. It will be amazing.

Inspiration of the Day

So today, my overactive mind is totally tuning into 80’s style graphics and design. Part of this is probably because I’m working on a 80’s-like mini dress and I’m designing a retro Michael Jackson graphic tee. What do I love about 80’s art? The colors. The use of glow effects. The use of geometric shapes. You know, the 80’s were a time that was sort of focused on the future and whatnot and I think a lot of that was translated into the art of the time. Think video games. Think the movie Tron. The pixelated, stylized, and bright images from the day are totally driving a lot of my design at the moment. Here’s some things I found around the ‘net that’s feeding my 80’s binge for the day:

H&M + Jimmy Choo = SparkleShock’s New Obsession

NEWSFLASH! Jimmy Choo is putting out his first collaboration line with select H&M stores, which means that the sexiness that is  Jimmy Choo  will be accessible to fashionistas on a budget. This collection will have shoes as well as Men’s and Women’s clothing. The Women’s line has tonnes of faux fur, sparkle, and slinky knit dresses which is totally my going out attire for the winter. As for the Men’s line, guys can expect to see sexy leather bomber jackets, v-neck sweaters, and combat boots with buckles. I’m not too sure about those boots, but I know I love a man in a bomber jacket!

Jimmy Choo promises that style and quality will not be sacrificed for affordability. The collection drops on Novemeber 14th. I’m camping out at the Mall of America on the 13th.

[Source] & [Source]

Artist of the Day: Andy J. Miller

Today’s artist of the day is illustrator Andy J. Miller. This illustrator, art director, designer and musician hails from Indiana, but he now lives and works in the UK. He has done work on nearly every surface you can think of – paper, automobiles, laptop skins, posters, and t-shirts. If you frequent, you may have seen a few of his works be featured as t-shirt winners. His distinct style of line drawings are often times whimsical, lively, and extremely detailed. I really enjoy his work because I’m a big fan of the use of line drawing to make entire backgrounds, shapes, etc. It’s really just fun and makes for awesome graphic tees. Here’s some of my favorites:

More! [Source]

Extra! Extra! (9/23/09)

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SparkleShock’s Fashion Week Round-up

So as I’m sure you know, Fashion Week came to a close last week in NYC and the celebs and whatnot were out to partake in the festivities. Unfortunately, the time has not yet come for me to have my own tent, so I was reduced to keeping up with all the hoopla from miles away here in MN (which is having its own fashion week this week – go figure). Anyway, the designers offered up tonnes of exciting trends to look forward to for Spring 2010. Here are my favorite trends for this upcoming Spring:

  • Ethnic/Folk Prints
  • Graphic/Abstract Prints
  • Desert Tones (with an emphasis on Reds, Sun Yellows, Blues, and Tans)
  • Blazers (which are still super chic but updated in Spring colors)
  • Puff sleeves
  • Mini Dresses

Some of my favorite collections were:

  • Ralph Lauren – I loved his sort of “Grapes of Wrath”, 1940’s dust bowl era type collection. Blazers, boyfriend jeans, sundresses, pinstripes, and button-up shirt dresses were staples of his collection. RL also had a multitude of adorable floral prints and he’s even trying to bring back overalls! Not sure if I would rock those, but I’m totally down for the pinstripe shirt dresses. [Source]

  • Issac Mizrahi – Mizrahi usually has a really unique style of design and this collection was no exception. Frothy pastels, slinky silks, 40’s-like pants, and sexy bustiers dominated his collection. I’m loving the Yves Saint Laurent-esque blazers as well.  I would do the draped skirts and the pleated pants for a fun twist on everyday wear. [Source]

  • Stephen Burrows – Stephen Burrows’s collections are always so sleek and wearable. This collection was just that with his usual colorblock dresses and sexy silhouettes. I really love the strapless bustier dress. Looks like that’s going to be a Spring staple this year… [Source]

  • Argentina – If this collection doesn’t scream WORLD! I don’t know what does! This collection was one of my favorites for its awesome use of bold color, various ethnic influences, and amazing layered maxi dresses. This collection was the most inspiring to me and let me tell you, my sketchpad has a lot of ideas going on now! [Source]

I would post photos of every single Spring 2010 look I was feeling, but that would take up eons of space…and time (yours and mine) so I implore you to check out these other designers that I’m also loving right now –


Proenza Schouler,


Dennis Basso,

Tracy Reese,


Ohne Titel,

Arise: Promise of Africa Collective,

Nicole Miller


Monique Lhuillier

What were some of your favorites and what trends will you be rocking this Spring??

See More. [Source]

The Future

I really love movies that endeavor to take a glimpse into what out future cities and lifestyles may look like. Lately, I’ve been thinking about some futuristic movies that I haven’t seen:

  • Minority Report
  • Strange Days
  • Blade Runner
  • Virus
  • Demolition Man
  • Sleeper

I couldn’t think of anymore, but I would love suggestions as to what I should watch. Any ideas? In the meantime, check out these artistic depictions of what some of our  major cities may look like in the future:

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francsisco, Tokyo, London, & Paris

And yes, there were images from Akira, The Golden Compass, Star Trek, and Blade Runner in that set.

See more. [Source]

MJ “This Is It” Clip

Today’s post wouldn’t be be complete with out some MJ! Check out this 45 second clip from the upcoming concert film “This Is It”.

He’s working on “Human Nature”! That’s one of my favorite songs! I cannot WAIT for this film to open!!!

Also, here’s an awesome tribute that I came across recently. I may have to work on my own. I’d love to see anything that you’ve come up with too!