Following the Leader(s)

I just finished watching a “making-of” featurette of the tribute performance Janet Jackson and many other talented choreographers did at last Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. When I had watched the actual performance on Sunday, I was amazed at the accuracy of the costumes, which were made to both emulate and in some instances, duplicate some of Michael Jackson’s signature styles. Of course, the costumer in me had to find out who designed the costumes and I was quite pleased to find out that Robert Behar was the mind behind all the magic. I’m familiar with Behar’s work because he also designed the costumes for Janet’s recent “Discipline” tour. Seeing his work at the concert was a great visual experience and seeing his costumes at the VMA tribute solidified the mastery of his work in my mind. Behar is also a prominent fashion stylist and if you read GQ or Interview magazine then you’ve probably seen some of his work. I was also stoked to find out that Christian Louboutin specially designed the shoes the dancers wore for the performance. The shoes were a saddle shoe decked out in awesome glittery style (a la MJ) and the dancers even got to keep them and their costumes! I would rock the shoes daily myself.

Aren’t the costumes awesome?

The costumes in this photo are reminiscent of the gold bodysuit MJ wore on his History tour, the style of suits he liked to wear, and some of his other outfits. Totally loving Janet’s glove as well.

Check them shoes!

The almost perfect duplication gives me chills just thinking about how awesome it must have been to wear the “Thriller” costumes and the jacket MJ wore when he received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star back in 1984.

Anyway, seeing the costumes for this performance made me think about other costumers whose work I admire. I immediately thought of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Bob Mackie, Theirry Mugler, and Arianne Phillips. Jean-Paul Gaultier and Bob Mackie may sound familiar because they are also renowned fashion designers, but I love their costume work the best. Especially Gaultier’s work for the 1997 film “The Fifth Element”. Bob Mackie gets a lot of grief about his work, most namely the work he does for Cher, but I think its awesome. Theirry Mugler most recently designed the costumes for Beyonce’s “I Am” tour and Arianne Phillips has been the wardrobe genius behind Madonna’s last 4 tours. These are some of the artists whom I look to for inspiration and encouragement. Their awesome creative visions give me more fuel to follow in their footsteps.

Here’s why they’re so amazing:


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