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If you frequent this blog, then you probably know that I’m a fiend for any type of art that has a crazy combination of shapes and colors. Here’s why:

1. They remind me of futuristic places and things.

2. They’re usually extremely colorful.

3. They usually combine a multitude of shapes and lines to make really neat manipulated images.

4. They’re simply awesome.

Artist of the Day: Christina Ung

Yes I like retro graphics. Yes I like witty illustrations. But I love when you combine to two…and get the work of Christina Ung.

Love This.

[Source] via Abduzeedo

Beautiful Organic Ceramics

Ceramic pottery by Yuri Fukuka.

Fukuka is a Japanese artist who’s new ceramic pieces are being featured in an installation at the Archip Gallery Theater in Brooklyn, NY. The collection is being produced under her pseudonym Emogayu and is a beautiful blend of organic aesthetic and simplicity.

I would totally put these pieces in my kitchen

[Source] via Cool Hunting

“Dancing with the Stars” Costumes

One of my primetime TV guilty pleasures is “Dancing With the Stars”. Not only is it fun to watch B (and lower) list celebrities shake their groove things on the dancefloor, but I also love to watch and see what costumes the dancers are going to be wearing. The costumer for DWTS is Randall Christensen and the bright, spandex-y, creations he puts the celebrities are always a joy to view. The costume process works like this: Christensen meets with the dancers and has about 15-20 minutes to converse with them about what they want to wear. The wardrobe is usually a combination of the dancer’s personal style and they type of dance that will be performed. For example, if its Salsa week, then more than likely the female dancers will be wearing skirts and/or dresses with sweeping hemlines and tops with bare midriffs. He then has 6 days to sketch, construct, and fit the costumes to the dancers.  Each costume usually ranges from $3,000-$5,000 a piece and can only be worn once. Usually the costumes are one piece because that makes it easier for the dancers to move in and it eliminates too much clothing which can hinder a dancers movement. Some common elements seen week to week are rhinestones (in which 1.2 million are used by the end of the season), sheer materials, and of course lycra.

DWTS costumes make each dancing episode that much more interesting to watch because you never know what you’re going to see and its always fun to see how Christensen combines the culture of the dance with both fashion and the dancer’s personality.

Here’s a link to more beautiful costumes.

Designer of the Day: Mataano

Today’s designer, or shall I say designers, are sister design duo Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim. These Somali twins fled war-torn Somalia with their family at the age of 9 and continued growing up in Washington DC. Both sisters attended and graduated from different universities before deciding to move to NYC to study, perfect, and pursue fashion design. Hard work and persistence led to the creation of their line – Maatano (the Somali word for twins). They have debuted 3 collections thus far and I hope they continue to do many more because their work is amazing.

I love the African influence and the zest, color, and vibrancy that their clothing has. It’s so refreshing to see an appreciation for global cultures in fashion.

Artful Album Covers

When I used to buy CD’s, if I wasn’t familiar with the artist, I would usually select one of their albums based upon the album artwork. I actually once read an article that many consumers do this and its probably because we are visual creatures. It’s no wonder then that much time and thought goes into an album’s cover art.

Album covers have become art themselves because now, people collect vinyls not only for the record, but also for the full sized image of their favorite albums. You can buy picture frames that are specially designed to house vinyl record sized cover art. There is even a screensaver on Macs that uses your iTunes album artwork and displays it as an ever changing grid of faces, colors, and sing titles. I must admit that I stared at my cpu screen for quite a bit once I discovered this setting. So, on that note, here are some of my favorite album covers.

"Bright Like Neon Love" - Cut Copy

I like this one cause it has that 80’s vibe that I dig.

"Character" - Pnuma Trio

I like this one because it reminds me of a BAPE hoodie. And its colorful.

"Dangerous" - Michael Jackson

This album cover was painted by surrealist artist Mark Ryden. I like it cause its one of those paintings that has a lot going on. Plus Michael’s eyes are quite captivating.

"Discovery" - Daft Punk

I’ve always thought mercury was a cool looking element, which is why I really like this cover.

Some more sweet covers…

Of course, this list could go on and on and on…

Just Because…Captain EO

“This Is It” comes out tomorrow so I thought it would be fun to post MJ in one of his first movie roles – the bad guy-fighting-space captain-extraordinaire, Captain EO! I’m sure many of you remember this film from way back in the day when we were all young’uns…the film ran at Epcot for several years. It was actually ahead of its time due to its budget, special effects, and of course its superstar.

So, for your viewing pleasure…Captain EO…Just Because

Ha! Fun times.

Artist of the Day: Kevin Van Aelst

"Apple Globe"

Don’t you just love it when art is found in something unexpected? I know I do, which is why Kevin Van Aelst is today’s artist. Van Aelst uses everyday objects to create art that portrays things from a completely new and different perspective. He usually utilizes everyday objects and arranges them in seemingly impossible ways to create one-of-a-kind photos that are magical and sometimes even odd.


What I find so amazing about this guy is that he didn’t even start out his art career as an artist! He was a Psychology major whom ended up teaching photography classes and I suppose he just began to hone his own aesthetic. It’s a good thing he did because his stuff is really cool and really gives new meaning to “stepping out of the box”



Loving… Tees

In recent years, the graphic tee has become an awesome medium for one to express their individuality, opinions, and personality. It’s much different than wearing a designer tee with a logo because a graphic tee has an element on it that screams “YOU!” That is why I love Chicago based

Threadless graphic t-shirt designs; cool & funny t-shirts weekly! Tees designed by the community._1256525041466 is a great resource for graphic tees because all of their graphic tees are designed by artists from all around the world. When an artist submits a design, the Threadless community votes on the design and if it gets enough votes, then the design will be turned into a tee. The artist also wins about $2500 and of course bragging rights. Theadless also has sweatshirts, kids tees, and art reprints.

Here’s some new tees that I want:

“3 Eyes, 3 Vehicles”

“So Long Old World”

“The Crystal Cloud”

I’m a sucker for an awesome graphic tee because they are perfect for those days when you just want to be comfortable, yet cute. They look awesome with great fitting jeans and can be paired with a blazer or a snazzy scarf. Guys can also rock graphic tees with blazers and a pair of kicks for a chill laid-back weekend look.

I’ve bought over ten tees from Theadless since I discovered them about a year ago. Threadless is my favorite site for community based art tees, but some other sites that have the same kind of idea are Design By Human and Tee Fury.

Here’s some tees that I own!

Artist of the Day: Gui Borchert

Today’s artist is Gui Borchert a graphic designer from Brazil. Borchert is known for implementing typography in his works. He has done advertisements, posters, and illustrations of everything from iconic figures to brand work for companies such as Absolut Vodka, Nike, and Dell. I love when advertisements spark interest for a product through the use of art and Borchert’s work is no exception. Ch-Ch-Ch Check it out!