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Super Amazing Microscopic Photographs

I came across these really amazing images from the 2009 Olympus BioScapes competition. I didn’t even know this existed! Apparently,  Olympus has held this competition for the past 7 years and it is done to honor the best images in life science. I noticed that most of the entrants were doctors, so they’ve probably seen some really neat things under the microscope.  I don’t have any idea what half of the following images are, but they are certainly beautiful…

As I think about it, it’s almost like this intrinsic link between art, life, and beauty. At the very cell level of living organisms, there is this breathtaking beauty…I always enjoyed using the microscope back in school for this very reason. Perhaps the reason why is more philisophical than aesthetic – that at the heart of everything is true beauty…

Anyway, check out more of my favorite winners from the competition. I linked to the website at the beginning of the post if you’d like to see more.

Just Because…Itsa Mario Wedding Cake!

I think its a fair assumption to make that every bride (and sometimes groom) wants their wedding to be a reflection of them. Consequently, the world has seen a plethora of weddings ranging from Zelda themed to a good ole’  white trash wedding.

So I thought I’d post these neat photos of this Super Mario themed wedding cake…Just Because!

Aww! its so cute that they customized Mario and Peach to look like the bride and groom!

Gotta Have It…iPhone Cases

In continuing with my quest in protecting/customizing my new iPhone, I wanted to share these cases that I’m considering as the new home for my iPhone.

These are from Incase

These are from Case-Mate

And this one is from iSkin…(I actually like the red!)

And here are some random ones that I thought were neat, but probably a no go…

I am extremely picky about what I’m looking for in a case because I’m really not a case person. I feel they add to much bulk and take away from the aesthetics of the device. Therefore, I want a case that’s lightweight, somewhat translucent, and not bulky! I’m seeing that I’m drawn to the metallic ones…we shall see what I choose! 

Mr. West Does A Bathing Ape (Spring 2010)

Kanye West may flap off at the mouth far too often, but the man has always been a Fashionisto…at least to me anyway. Since “Taylorgate” a few months back at the VMA’s Kanye has been under the radar, but he’s surfaced and it turns out that he’s the poster boy for A Bathing Ape’s Spring 2010 lookbook. Seeing as that Kanye and I share an affinity for anything with a Japanese spin, I wanted to share what BAPE has to offer for this upcoming Spring:

I’m really liking what I’m seeing. BAPE has always had the knack for meshing Japanese urban wear with exceptional tailoring, which totally makes the cut and fit flattering. To me it’s so much better when urban wear can still have that unique flavor, but not look sloppy. I’m loving the Milo hoodie and the yellow/purple sweater. And even I must admit that Mr. West does not look half bad…hopefully he’ll learn to keep his behavior as neat as his wardrobe. 

Images via [Hypebeast]

Gaetano Pesce + Montanara Chair = Amazing

I discovered this amazing piece of industrial design while reading my Wallpaper* magazine this morning. It’s designed by furniture great Gaetano Pesce. It was inspired by mountains which is quite apparent in the craggy mountains of the chair back. I think this is great design because the chair is unique…I mean how many pieces of furniture have you seen that make you want to scale Mt. Everest??



Artist of the Day…eBoy

Today’s artists are masters of pixelated design, Germany’s eBoy which consists of Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. They create everything from graphic art to toys and have done limited edition posters and accessories for Amnesty International, Maker Faire, and Gola.

I really enjoy the retro-ness of pixel art…I need to have a poster or something from eBoy!

Gotta Have It…iPhone Skins

Merry belated Christmas! I hope everyone had a great Holiday. With all the hustle and bustle of the past few days, I haven’t had a chance to write like I usually do, but things have slowed down a bit (until New Years), so I’m back!

While I don’t believe presents are the most important part of Christmas, the fact is you usually get them anyway, so today’s Gotta Have It post is in relation to my new toy – my iPhone 3Gs. This was a present to myself and it is quickly proving to be worth every cent! Seeing as that I’m a gadget junkie anyway, this should come as no surprise, but now that I have one, I plan on giving it the utmost care – starting with getting a nice skin for it. There’s so many options out there, so here’s what’s caught my eye:

I do realize that skins are really only just pretty coverings for the phone. They provide no protection whatsoever, but it would be nice to have something unique on the back for all to see when I’m conversing. These are from Gelaskins


And these are from across the pond at Skinizi

And these are from iStyles…(there were far too many I liked from this site, so here’s a few)



Oh, there are so many choices!

Designer of the Day…Sandra Backlund

Today’s fashion designer is knitwear extrodinairre Sandra Backlund. I was introduced to her work back in design school when I was researching different knitting techniques. I was drawn to her work because I was amazed at her expertise in manipulating knits as if they were wovens. She also appeals to my taste in highly structured, futuristic type silhouettes.


Backlund, a native of Sweeden, says she creates her pieces by building each piece by hand and using those pieces as the building blocks by which she forms her structural shapes.

Anyone who sews knows how hard it is to get a knit to hold an extremely defined shape, but Sandra Backlund has mastered it well. And in the most stunning ways. Her work is more than just a barage of cable knits, its simply awesome:


6-Level Home by Belgian Architects CSD

Belgian architect trio Britt Crepain, Stefan Spaens, and Joep Debie have designed a 6 story home in which even the furniture was designed by the firm so that the entire dwelling was cohesive.

  I love the minimalistic, but warm look of this apartment, don’t you agree?

SparkleShock Gift Ideas (La Familia)

In continuing with my Holiday gift selections, the following are gifts I think would be great for those people whom will never go away – your family! However, just because they may be family doesn’t mean they can’t live a life of SparkleShock and these gifts continue to help them do just that. 

For the Mom Who “Doesn’t Want a Gift” 


As a call-out, I would like to let my future family know that I most certainly WILL continue to ask and expect Christmas and Birthday gifts. That being said, most Mothers I know always say “Oh, no don’t get me anything…I have everything I need”. More often than not, they don’t mean it (and take it from me, I have actually listened to this lament one year – bad idea.), so always remember to get them a gift anyway. And make sure it’s thoughtful like a subscription to a Tea of the Month Club. Teavana offers a really nice one in which you can select a 6 or 12 month membership. The idea behind this gift is to make sure that mom takes some time out every month to relax and enjoy her new tea. It’s healthy too! 

 For the Dad You Can Get Anything for and He’ll Love/Use It 


Dad’s have to be the easiest people on the planet to shop for. First off, it helps that they’re men and men aren’t usually too picky about their gifts. Second of all, Dads really just care about getting a gift that will either make their lives a bit easier or give them the opportunity to completly slack off. That is why this silk PJ set from Brooks Brothers is perfect! Dads don’t really appreciate the luxury of an awesome fabric like cashmere or silk until they try it on and once he does, he’ll be hooked! 

For the Sister Whom Thinks Everything That’s Yours is Hers 


There must be some unwritten rule between sisters that not only are you supposed to share parents, but you’re supposed to share clothes, accessories, and everything else too! Well, this hair straigntener by Remington is the perfect thing to prevent that! Everyone knows, you’re not supposed to share hair accessories and once your sis sees this, she won’t want to! These are really cute because they come in 4 different patterns and are great quality flat irons. You can find them at Target

For the Annoying Brother 


Here’s an easy gift to get your bro to leave you alone for awhile, the Adult Swim In A Box DVD set. This set is a great collection of the 1st seasons of shows including Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Moral Oral, Sealab 2021, and many others. The set also has unreleased pilots of some Adult Swim shows that never got to make it to the small screen. This will shut him up…and make you both laugh at the same time! 

For the Lil’ Munchkin  

Kids and babies are so much fun to shop for because you can get them pretty much anything that lights up, makes noise, or can be played with and they’re happy. I personally always enjoyed magnetic refridgerator letters, so I selected these really cute stuffed felt letters for the little wordsmith on your list. They’re different because they’re made of felt instead of plastic and come in such cute colors! Adorable!

Christmas is now only 1 day away…Happy Shopping!