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The Keybag

Technology is a part of every facet of our lives, so its no wonder that tech components would carry over into fashion and accessories. I came across this really neat bag made of computer keyboard keys made by Joao Sambino. It’s totally geek chic, so here’s the Keybag!

I actually like them!

Artist of the Day…Darren Hopes

Today I’m featuring graphic designer and illustrator Darren Hopes because I really like the style of his imagery. Hopes is an British designer whom has done ad work for Sony Playstation, Harper Collins, Time Warner, and many others. Themes include current events and hints of erotica.

I love the color and brush use in his illustrations.


Hot Track…Lemon Jelly ” ’90 A Man Like Me”

I recently discovered awesome British electronic duo Lemon Jelly and I’m totally loving their ’64-’95 album which contains tracks sampled from various hits from ’64-’95. My favorite is this Hot Track which samples Ralph Tresvant’s “Sensitivity”. Totally head-bopping.

Optimus Prime In a Dress?

Those in the Sci-Fi and Comic book circles are certainly trying to spice it up! The Star Wars burlesque show is one ideas of this, but I’ve now come across these sexy costumes inspired by Transformers, G.I. Joe, X-men, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Bumblebee (Transformers)

Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)

Optimus Prime (Transformers)


Wolverine (X-Men)

I really like that TMNT one…ninja’s are way sexier than robots!

Gotta Have It…Maria Dahlgren Tray

I love this serving tray by Scandinavian designer Maria Dalhgren. The retro design is very appealing and it’s made of Swedish birchwood that comes from a sustainable forest. Cute and eco-friendly?! I must have this! It can be purchased at the Scandinavian home decor retailer, Huest.

Designer of the Day…Nuj Novakhett

Today’s designer features the beautiful silhouettes and fabrics of Nuj Novakhett. I couldn’t find too much information about this Thailand based designer – her “About” page on her website is a collage of pictures showing the evolution of her collections, but I do know that her work appears to channel that sophistication that’s seen in cities like Paris and Manhattan.

I really love her use of fabrics. The brown satin dress above is one of my favorites because of the nice surprise of the quilted accents. I also love the nods to menswear she has in the looks of her Fall ’09 pieces.

Great work. I love it!

The New Apple iPad

Firstly, let me state that I adore Apple products…in fact, I’ve owned numerous iPods, I would die without my Macbook, and I keep my iPhone with me at all times. I think the company is innovative and their devotion to aesthetic quality and appeal are amazing. That being said though, I’m also enough of a fan to know that Apple is not perfect. Nothing is more apparent (in my opinion) of this that the new Apple product that was revealed today, the iPad.

Features include:

  • Customization of 16-64 GB of memory
  • $499-$699 price range
  • Optional 3G capabilities and built in WiFi capabilities
  • 10 hours of battery life

From what I’ve gathered the iPad basically sounds like an 10″ iPhone. It will be able to run apps and provide a larger viewing size for the internet and movies. I think the one cool feature is that the iPad will be big on e-reading, so much so that Apple has created a bookstore – iBooks.  I suppose this will be a device that’ll mean more to me once the world completely does away with physical books, newspapers, and magzines, but until then, I’d much rather have a collection of actual books than digital books.

Cool product, but I think I’ll hold out on this one.

Photo via [Gizmodo]

Organically Radical Jewelry by Nervous System

I’ve discovered some more awesome unique jewelry that I’m really enjoying. These pieces are by Nervous System, the design duo of Jessica Rosenkratz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. There inspiration are the organic pathways of life – veins, dendrites, etc. A lot of their pieces also draw inspiration from general sources of life including algae and plant life. 

The pieces are made using many materials such as stainless steel, rubber, sterling silver, and gold. Nervous System jewelry has been seen in The Washington Post and various design magazines. I’ve always thought that medical renderings of dendrites and nerves looked awesome, so I love this collection of jewelry! You should definetly take a look at these georgeous pieces.

Artist of the Day…Kim Hebst

Today’s artist is illustrator and comic artist, Kim Hebst. I really enjoy her work for the vibrant colors and awesome imagery. She’s done work for many magazines and even some game illustrations for Nickelodeon, VH1, and MTV.

I really like how some of her illustrations have an anime overtone. Neat!

Designer of the Day…Serial Cultura

 Today’s designer Serial Cultura is awesome because they have the cutest dresses with the most amazing prints. A lot of the garments are made of silk that then has the graphic images digitally printed on the fabrics. Serial Cultura is the textile and fashion collection of Jen Jennings whose collections merge printed art with organic fabrics and silhouettes.


This is definetly me because I love silk and I love bold prints.