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Gotta Have It…Cat Mask Necklace

This necklace is so totally me, it’s not even funny…I would definitely splurge for this super cute and coy Cat Mask Necklace by Honey in the Rough.

It comes in gold as well…I am so in love with this necklace right now!

Trio…Current Female Musician Happenings

My top 3 musical happenings pertaining to female musicians as of late…

1) Behind the scenes of Janet’s “Nothing” Video (song for Why Did I Get Married Too?)…This song remings me of “Again”…a lot.

2) Christina Aguilera’s new song “Not Myself Tonight” (from her upcoming album Bionic)…I love the album artwork too!

3) Erykah Badu’s song “Window Seat”…the video is causing a bit of controversy…I ‘m not offended by it, but I have yet to analyze the symbolism of the nudity.


4) I could not leave out the new song and video by Kelis…I have always loved her music and I am so loving this vibrant song and video!


Who’s That Guy?? (For Those That Always Notice The Same Random Actors But Can Never Place Their Names)


I came across these prints by Crystal Jackson’s Polymorphia. I love the symmetry of these pieces the best…

Check out her Etsy if you’d love to own one of these serene and almost Rorschach-esque prints. I know I want one!

Artist of the Day…Dzmitry Samal

Time Shelf

I’ve got a great concept and industrial design artist to share with you all today, Dzmitry Samal. I wanted to feature his works because I think they are revolutionary and very interesting. This Italian designer has studied in Iceland, Milan, and France. He has also shared his knowledge through teaching and has competed in numerous design competitions. Many of his works are furniture pieces that are more than what they seem. Take the “Time Shelf” for example, not only is it a clock, but it can also double as moveable shelving units.

"Human Furniture"

"Structure Eyewears"

Concept Bag for Louis Vuitton

Dome Lamp

Coke Can Concepts

Parallel Worlds


Samal calls his designs ““New Retro-Futurism”, mix of retro design with futuristic and advanced elements.”. I call it innovative and eye-catching. The Parallel Worlds collection can really be used as is…I love works that make you look at something in a completely different way!

Trio…Wooden Desks

Since the big move to Cali is getting closer I’m already thinking about how I want to furnish my new place. The one thing I know for sure is that I’d love to have a heavy wooden desk…it’d be totally old school to me. Here are 3 I have my eyes on…

The California Desk (J Rusten Furniture)
Arbor Desk (Outofstock)


The Mind’s Eye is More Important Than You May Think.

Just Because…Pantone Cosmetics Concept Designs

I came across these neat concept designs by Renata Viega for Pantone (should they ever produced cosmetics)…Just Because!

I actually would buy this. Imagine all the colors Pantone has in every eyeshadow you could imagine! I think it would sell…what do you think?

Designer of the Day…Tina Kalivas

I am extremely excited about today’s designer Tina Kalivas because she is another designer that has an amazing gift for creating awesome concept collections. I am a bit biased since this is my personal design aesthetic, so perhaps that should be taken into consideration, but anyone that can create entire collections inspired by such things as outer space, Aztec and African geometric art, and Rubik’s Cubes is automatically amazing in my book.

Kalivas is from Wales and has worked with such greats as Alexander McQueen and Russell Sage. I was also really stoked to find out that she’s done costume design for film as well!

I love every bit of her work and her design aesthetic is so similiar to mine…it’s so awesome to know there’s another designer out there who loves to mix fashion and costume to create other worldly pieces! You can read an interview with Kalivas here…great, great work!

Maxwell Does GQ

I’ve been a Maxwell fan for many years, so it was nice to come across a photoshoot of him for GQ. I also enjoyed this photospread because Maxwell is modeling an amazing selection of blazers that every stylish guy should have.

Oh, I do love Maxwell…and him wrapped in lux and stylish blazers is even better!

Oh! GQ also recently did this article on the 20 pioneers of Black style. It includes such fashion icons as Sammy Davis Jr, Langston Hughes, and Sidney Poitier. It’s an interesting read…I would have put Andre 3000 on the list cause he definitely has pulled some inspiration from the guys aforementioned.