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“I’m Out Having Fun In the Sun, With My Friends…”

I’m taking a much needed break to Florida…in fact, I think I’ll let this video speak for me…

I’ll be back soon…enjoy your weekend, All!


This Coloring Book – My Wonderful World of Fashion – Would Be Perfect If I Had A Daughter!

Designer of the Day…Milk From a Thistle

Yay! Bold graphics! Cute silhouettes! Milk From a Thistle! I wanted to feature this amazing line because I’m really enjoying the great prints that designer, Danielle Atkinson, uses for her whimisical collection of trapeze dresses, flow tanks, and shirtdresses. This Australian native uses her love for screenprinting and fabric design to create this one of a kind collection of easy, but unique pieces.

The designs you see on MFaT garments are both hand drawn and hand printed…which is amazing to me because I love how one simple shape can create a one-of-a-kind look.

I’m so loving this label. Great Stuff!

A Little Nip N’ Tuck…

Just in case you’ve noticed…Sparkleshock is currently undergoing a little revamp. I found the perfect theme to showcase all the awesomeness that I can’t help but share, so please be patient…greatness awaits!

Artist of the Day…Ricky Allman


I am in love with today’s artist, painter Ricky Allman. I’m drawn to his unique subject matter and crazy amazing works that have an 80’s flair. This Utah native has been featured in many exhibitions around the contry and he has also done print work for various magazine. I think I like his work so much because it reminds me of book jacket art work from ci-fi novels of the 70’s and 80’s…


I love this kind of work because it so vibrant and interesting. Great stuff! 


The Top 10 Weirdest Songs From Superhero Movies

(Haha…R. Kelly…)

Button Up…

I love embellishing with buttons…

Le sigh…!

Designer of the Day…Virginia Johnson

Today’s designer is a great one for light and fluffy – Virginia Johnson. This really amazing textile designer combines her awesome illustrations with feminine tunics, scarves, and bags to create some really airy and fun pieces. I wanted to feature Virginia Johnson because I like the colors she uses in her prints and I love bold graphic prints anyway. Here are some examples of her illustration work…

And here are some of the amazing tops and accessories that come out of them…

Johnson studied at Parson’s School of Design and has also worked as an accessories designer for Helmut Lang and as a staionary designer for Kate Spade. These pieces are so pretty!


Google Search Tricks

Hot Track “Afternoon Love-In” by Prefuse 73

This track is so sexy to me. Awesome use of samples…I love the ethereal and hip-hop fusion of Prefuse 73.