The Life of Ms. Sheree (4.5.10)

Goooood morning everyone! Happy Monday and happy April! I hope your weekend was fabulous and filled with sunshine. Mine certainly was…the weather was warm and even though it was a bit cloudy on Friday, I was just content to be able to wear a tank top! I’m starting to think this great weather is hopefully here to stay.

My weekend was really nice. After a very productive week at work – (*sidenote – as much as I still hate my job and cannot wait until August when I will be quitting, it has actually become tolerable now that I have a much better idea of what I’m supposed to be doing here every day) I had a date with Mr. Midori Eyes in which we went to see Why Did I Get Married Too? That movie was outstanding. That being said though, I do think Tyler perry needs to continue working on his writing (I hate when characters give a backstory through conversational dialogue) and I do think the ending was a bit rushed and untidy, but for those of you that haven’t seen it, I won’t give anything away. I will say though that if I ever costume for Janet Jackson, I will make sure to never be in a room with her and golf clubs, LOL! Oh! and speaking of costumes, I loved them in this film. I don’t usually rave about the costuming of present day films, but the way each characters wardrobe was COMPLETELY like their character was so totally on point. That is my favorite part of costuming – getting to tell the character’s story through their attire.

The rest of the weekend was quite nice as well. I did work all day at the fabric store on Saturday (of course, it was busy) but that was all forgotten at the bonfire I attended that night. I haven’t had a decent s’more in years so I was totally in heaven with my gooey, chocolatey treat. Plus it was so nice to be around great company…my friends are a hoot! I love bonfires! Even the fiery smell you leave with afterwards.

Sunday, of course, was Easter. Now, this is the first Easter in which I wasn’t morbidly stuffed with good home cooking…I suppose that’s how it gets as you get older and away from the nest…anyway, a great friend of mine and I went to this delicious Chinese Buffet – and while it wasn’t Mom’s home cooking, it was nice all the same.

This week will be filled with more costuming for Legacy…not to mention the fact that I need some summer skirts, so hopefully, I’ll be productive and make those. I purchased my ticket to Florida, so it’ll be nice to get away for a bit at the end of the month. Enjoy your week! Enjoy the sunshine!


If I were a tool, I’d be a Paintbrush.

If I were a flower, I’d be Chrysanthemums…or maybe Cherry Blossoms.

If I were a kind of weather, I’d be 80 degrees with a light breeze.

If I were a musical instrument, I’d be a Harp.

If I were a color, I’d be Leaf Green.

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox


About missheree

Greetings! I am Sheree, a fashion and costume designer from Miami, FL and Minneapolis, MN respectively. While fabric is my personal medium of choice, I find inspiration is all areas of art and this blog is a representation of that. From fashion to illustration to graphic design to architecture, Sparkleshock is here to do just that - add sparkle to your mind and shock your senses.

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