A Lackadaisical Sunday…

I cherish my Sundays..I really do. Why? Cause they are the only day of the week I can spend completely to myself. Which is exactly what I did. I didn’t go out. I didn’t have my phone nearby. I didn’t think about work. And even though I love my current costuming obligations, even that took a backseat to what I wanted to do today – which was eat and sew…for myself! It was super nice to go through my extensive fabric collection and re-discover what my paychecks happily went to. So that being said, I wanted to share what I churned out over the day…which happened to be a dress and 3 super cute tops…

Here’s a photo of the vintage patterns and fabric that inspired this sewing binge…

And here are the finished products…

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I totally strayed away from the pattern for the 80’s/geometric print top. I love  to play with volume, so I decided to make it really puffy by adding a band at the bottom. I plan on wearing it with a pencil skirt or shorts. I just threw together these combos…I’m not sure what I’ll really end up wearing the tops with…any ideas??

I’m so glad I took the time out to do this. I know my creative juices have been building up lately, so I needed to take the time out, release them, and focus on some stuff for me. Now that that’s out, I figure I won’t be able to sew for myself until after Legacy is done…which is all good, cause that has tons of satisfaction wrapped up in it too!



**I noticed a lot of “In My Bag” posts on the blogs I frequent so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and post one too!...

1. Make-Up Bag 2. March 2010 Nylon Magazine 3. Satin Nights by Karen E. Quinones Miller 4. iPhone 3Gs 5. Nintendo DS Lite 6. iPod (160GB) 6. Metropass/Work ID Card 7. Sunglasses 8. Wallet (from Len) 9. Suave Cocoa Butter Lotion 10. Legacy Flyers 11. Haribo Gummy Bears 12. Keys

Compared to what I’ve seen, I travel pretty light!

**Me In Threes..

I saw this over on the awesome Under Lock & Key…I wasn’t tagged, but I thought I’d post it and get a little game of tag going myself!

Three names I go by:
Three jobs I’ve had:
Fry Cook at Wendy’s (back when the Value Menu was known as the 99 cent menu…those were the days, man.)
Cashier at Express (that job lasted a god 2.5 weeks…I never made my quota on pushing the Express card on people)
Laundry Route (kinda like a paper route, but I picked up laundry and dropped it off at the laundromat for kids who lived on campus at FSU)
Three places I’ve lived:
Three favorite drinks:
Sweet Tea
Amaretto Sours
Three TV shows I watch:
True Blood
Army Wives
The Tudors
Three places I’ve been:
New York City
Three places I’d like to visit:
London, England
New Zealand
Three favorite old TV shows:
The Babysitters Club
Power Rangers
Land of the Lost
Three favorite dishes:
Sesame Chicken
My dad’s homemade Shrimp Fried Rice
My Mom’s Pot Roast
Three makeup products I cannot live without:
Strawberry Scented Chapstick
Mary Kay Bronze 300 Loose Mineral Powder
My variety of MAC and Mary Kay eyeshadows
Three things I’m looking forward to:
Weekend Getaway to Florida (this week!!)
Opening Nite of Legacy (June is just ’round the corner!)
Moving to Los Angeles (August!!)
People I’m tagging: (Because they have awesome blogs, of course)
These are fun! I hope the lovely ladies above check out this post…I’d love for them (and anyone else!) to do their own. It’s so fun learning about people!!

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