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[Color Explosion]…”Rare Prints” by Ray-Ban

The awesome images above are a part of Ray-Ban‘s new Rare Prints line of sunglasses. This line is a crazy, fabulous collection of printed Ray-Ban’s. The company teamed up with top printmakers like Matt W Moore and Valhalla to create ad posters. The 5 above are my favorites, but you can see the rest here.

Photo Shop…[Ruche] “Country Dreams”

*New Feature Alert! [Photo Shop] is a new series of posts in which I’ll be posting an inspiration image along then what I would wear to recreate the style or feel of the photo. Right now, I’ll use garments & accessories from a great store or designer I like to recreate the looks. However, the main goal is to make this series my own “wardrobe pics”. It’s an attempt to start showing you guys more of my personal style 🙂


I found another great online shop that I’d like to think was created just for me 🙂 Ruche is an online based boutique that handpicks trendy looks with a vintage flair.


Artist of the Day…Jan Von Holleben

From "Dreams of Flying"

Jan Von Holleben‘s photos are really great to me because they’re whimsical, imaginative, and even inspiring in a way. You see, Von Holleben’s images are created utilizing the people around him, places, around him, and found objects to convey the worlds and themes of whatever project he’s working on. I like most of his images that depict people as being larger than life – the illusion is created by having the subjects lie down while Von Holleben shoots above them..

From "The Theatre"

From "Dreams of Flying"

The same technique is utilized to create images that place everyday people in impossible situations. In some cases, everyday objects like duvet covers are used to create a world that would be impossible otheriwse…

From "Dreams of Flying"

From "Journey to Everywhere"

From "Dreams of Flying"

Von Holleben’s images aren’t always fanciful though. For example, his “Where We Laughed” series depicts various locations around Berlin where people go to have non-monogamous sex…and possibly infecting themselves with HIV at the same time. The goal here was to highlight a normal part of human interaction while bringing awareness to the importance of being safe and healthy.

Von Holleben picked up a camera at 13 and began learning through creating “magical tricks” with the camera. After obtaining a degree in the theory and history of photography, Von Holleben has made a name for himself in commercial photography. He’s done numerous group and solo exhibitions and his work has been in many magazines and books.

His work is self-described as ‘homo-ludens’ which means ‘a man who learns through play’. That is certainly evident in his photography style…it’s wonderful & creative – I thoroughly enjoy this!

[Full Moon Story]…Kim Kyung Soo For Vogue Korea

Aren’t those simply stunning?? These shots are by famed Korean photographer Kim Kyung Soo for Vogue Korea. I’ve always wondered if editions of Vogue in other countries reflects the women in those countries (unlike US Vogue…but I won’t get into that in this post.) and I think I have my answer! I love the colors and beauty of the traditional Korean garments in the images…actually I love everything about these images!

Gotta Have It…maSh Leggings

I do not wear leggings as pants because that is an atrocious fashion statement. I however do wear leggings as an accessory, so I certainly want these two pairs by M.I.A. inspired label maSh

I cannot get enough of how patterns are getting such love in fashion these days!

Hot Track…Chromeo “Don’t Turn the Lights On”

Ah yes…my boys from Chromeo have a new single out to get the hype started for their upcoming album – Business Casual. The song is classic Chromeo and oh so funky…can’t wait for this album to drop!

Designer of the Day…Anita Quansah

It never ceases to amaze me all the things you can do with textiles. The obvious example are garments and quilts, but I sometimes feel that the world of accessories doesn’t get as much credit as it should. Especially when the accessories are ornate, gorgeous pieces of jewelry like these necklaces by Anita Quansah. This London based textile designer has got some awesome, awesome statement necklaces that use everything from fabric to stones, to chains.

Quansah was educated at the Chelsea Colleg of Art & Design where she obtained her BA in textile design. Since then, she has worked with such designers as Christian LaCroix and Ischiko to create embroidered textile pieces that are just as intrictae as they are beautiful. Her technique is what amazes me the most. She uses hand embroidery, machine embroidery, and a mix of vintage and modern fabrics to create multi-dimensional necklaces and in some cases garments. She calls it “painting with texture”.

She draws inspiration from such greats as Monet, which is very apparent in her use of floral textiles. These works simply blow me away…the necklaces are so in-your-face. And in a good way, in my opinion. Check out her flickr to see some more great pieces…Great, great work!

[Concept Clash]…Dior Homme Spring 2011

Kris Van Assche must have been watching The Matrix and Prince of Persia when he came up with Dior Homme’s Spring 2011 collection. My first thought when looking at this collection was that this is what Neo would wear if he was in Arabia. Nonetheless, I do love the silhouettes and cuts of these looks…

I read that the inspiration was North African dress which was done up to look urban European. I can see where all that comes into play (especially from the caftans). I like the spin on the tuxedo (first image) the most. Plus, the tan looks sort of remind me of Jedi attire

Check out more here.

[Beautiful Glow]…Light Living Pixels

The gorgeous lamps above were made in Hong Kong out of discarded advertisement banners. The designers, Kay Chan Wan Ki, Shai Chai Chen Siu Wa, & Catherine Suen Ka Hei, sewed hundreds of squares (“pixels”) of the banner material together to create irregular lamp shapes that look nondescript when turned off, but like gorgeous crystals when turned on. The result of this project was a collection of 8 beautiful lamps that were made by up and coming designers AND utilized green concepts by upcycling.

I think these are so pretty. Read more about the project here.

Loving…Tops by daviddavid

Brush strokes + summer blouses = awesomeness by daviddavid

I’m loving the colors and homage to hand painting that these tops have. David David used to hand paint all his tops and that is what the ones above are meant to symbolize. They remind me of 1980’s Miami for some reason…cool!