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Friday Flash…

If you haven’t already, please do check out my other baby, Jade Pheenix…it’s new, but just as interesting ūüôā

Cityscapes reimagined.

These 3¬†blogs are really awesome…and they’re written by¬†3 awesome ladies…Apricot Tea and Think and Grow Chick and The Moptop Maven. Check them out!

Another great designer label – Hemma.

Comforting Robots?¬†(Seeking empathy from A.I?…interesting…)

The Colour of Beauty (If you haven’t seen this mini documentary about what it’s like to model as a woman of color, you need to. As much as I love fashion, this pains me to see it still exists.)


If I had this, I wouldn't have to buy Gummy Bears for weeks!

Loving these colors.

This is from passingmoments's flickr have to check out the other goregous photos she has!

Artwork by Aakash Nihalani (Neat.)
The new Apple Store in Shanghai…doesn’t this look so awesomely futuristic!?
The very pretty Terranium Necklace by Erica Weiner
Elle Top by Annie Havlicek…love the sheer/polka dot combo!


I’ll be continuing 30 Days of Truth over at Jade Pheenix…so head over there for that and more!

Have An Awesome Weekend, Lovlies!

Artist of the Day…Colin Henderson

Colin Henderson is being featured today because I am totally digging his use of pattern and color…he draws his inspiration from various ethnic art. This was another great artist that I couldn’t find too much info on (*sidenote – perhaps I should start asking for interviews when this happens), so I’ll just let his work speak for itself!

Be sure to check out his blog¬†for more awesome-ness…that print above as an all-over pattern for a dress would be pure hotness.

[Ka-Blam!]…Vintage Batman Onomatopoeias

I came across these title cards (?) from the Batman show that aired back in the 1960’s…they’re of the various onomatopoeias that were often used during fight scenes and what not…

I like the colors and fonts of these…that’ really the only reason I wanted to feature them. It would be cool if shows employed these types of title cards (again, I’m not really sure if that’s what they’re called…) again…I think they’re pretty neat.

Designer of the Day…Kenzo

I can’t believe that I haven’t yet¬†featured the colorful and beautifully cultural work of the legendary Kenzo¬†Takada! He is also one of my favorite designers because his use of fabrics, silhouette, and the inspiration he seems to draw from so many different ethnicities has always drawn me in.

The man would come to be known for his perfume, skincare, and fashion lines …and even more so, by one name – Kenzo…got his start in the fashion world back in the 70’s when he presented his first show at the Vivienne Gallery in Paris. From there he took off with his designs gracing models in the pages of Elle. Today, the Kenzo brand is known for its quality and impeccable attention to fabric choices that are usually varied, but quite beautiful together. I believe there is a new creative director for the brand, but it’s also nice to see that the Kenzo aesthetic is still embraced.

In my research on Kenzo, I read that when he 1st started out, he could only afford to buy fabric from flea markets Рwhich is where he had to learn to mix and match fabrics. I think that turned out to be a good situation because the variety of the pieces that grace every Kenzo collection are just stunning!


Before we get its started for the day, I wanted to say that I have opened up a Formspring account. There’s more information over at Jade Pheenix…and since all things more “me”¬†are over there, I will be posting any questions and answers there!¬† Check it out and ask away, good people!


Th ADORABLE flats and slippers above are from Molly over at HydraHeart. These slippers (which are quite popular amongst brides) are 100% vegan and they’re handmade! They look super comfortable…and I love those spring green ones…cute!

[Da Bomb]…Bomb Shadowboxes

Here’s something fun…I came across these “Bombs-In-A-Box” by someone who that goes by the name Plundercorp2. There’s a lot of oddities that he/she sells, but I actually really like these clever bomb shadow boxes…

Ha! I really like the Steampunk one…these are nifty – in a I-Love-Mayhem sort of way. There’s more where these came from…so take¬†a look!

[Dead Ladies]…Figurines by Jessica Harrison

For our WTF! moment of the day, I have these interesting little knick knacks by UK artist Jessica Harrison….

…Yeah…so…interesting yes??

You know, I cover art and there is usually things I come across that it’s like “huh!”…I mean, that’s one of the fun parts about it…but sometimes, I just have to call something for what it is – and these are creepy…I’m sure it works for some people (oh, say like Ted Bundy…) but not for me! If these do tickle your fancy though, check out Harrison’s website – her work is…um…organic to say the least!


Since I’m a sucker for anything dealing with geometry…I just love these necklaces by Brevity

Yes…so I’d like one of each, please…especially the white acrylic ones!

Artist of the Day…Liselotte Watkins

Boy, have I got a GREAT fashion illustrator to share with ya’ll today! You must check out the work of Liselotte Watkins – it is superb! Her illustrations and editorials are filled with color, sensuality, fashion, and beauty.

Watkins got her start editorial illustrations when she was contracted to illustrate the make-up ads for Barney’s NY for the New York Times. Her unique style and use of color and line garnered much attention and she hasn’t looked back since. Other clients that have utilized her awesome works are H&M, Elle, Vogue, Volvo, Anna Sui, & Sephora (amongst many others).

Watkins is now based out of Milan and Stockholm (she’s a US native), so it’s no wonder that her illustrations would be so vibrant and powerful – those cities seem to be such inspiring places. I really, really, love her illustrations – I wish I could draw like this, haha! Be sure to check out her blog as well!

Jade Pheenix…

…Is my new blog!!

For awhile now, I’ve¬†had tons of¬†personal things that I’ve wanted to share (projects, photos, random life happenings), so¬†I thought it’d be a good idea to sort of start to separate them from Sparkleshock. So the new home for things that are a bit more personal is now over at Jade Pheenix. Don’t worry, you can still look to Sparkleshock¬†for all things fashion, art, and design related…and of course,¬†you’ll probably still¬†see¬†random babblings from my crazy mind, but please do check out Jade Pheenix¬†for more in-depth¬†posts about my design¬†adventures (or misadventures¬†in some cases, haha!) and my journey¬†called life. It’s still a baby blog though, so there are only like 2 posts..but be patient! More will definitely come ūüôā

In fact…you remember the photoshoot I’ve been mentioning?…some of the pictures from segment 1 of the shoot are up…so check ’em out!