Trio…In Heavy Rotation (Part II)

1) Scissor Sisters – Night Work

So I’d been hearing about  Scissor Sisters for awhile, but I never really took the time to check out their music until I read a rave review about their latest album, Night Work on another blog that I read….and now, I’m so totally hooked! I love their fusion of glam rock and 70’s falsetto – it’s like the BeeGee’s meets Queen. Night Work in particular has some really great production and a nice mix of new wave, a hint of electronica, and a whole lotta sexy glam. I must say that their other two albums, Ta-Dah & Scissor Sisters have been on repeat as well.

Tracks to Check OutNight Work, A Whole New Way, Fire With Fire

2) DJ  Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie – Summertime: The Mixtape

Wherever there’s something free, there’s me, so I was thrilled to discover this mixtape link over at Fly. DJ Jazzy Jeff has put together another great mixtape and this time he enlisted the help of Mike Boogie as well. The outcome is a smooth mixtape that covers every great summer hit from the 70’s up through the 90’s. The way they cut and ordered the tracks takes you on a really great trip and totally invokes some nostalgic feelings of summers from the past. There’s everyone on this mixtape from MJ & Kool & the Gang to Pharcyde & Mos Def. You should definitely download this 49 track groove fest – you will not be disappointed!

Tracks to Check Out – All of ’em!

3) Namie Amuro – Past<Future

Japanese hip-hop sensation Namie Amuro has done it again with her latest album, Past<Future. Now, this album came out in November of last year, but unfortunately it’s a nightmare trying to get music imports from other countries without paying an arm & a leg, so I wasn’t able to listen to it until now. It was certainly worth the wait because the album is filled with danceable tracks from beginning to end. I wish I could understand what she’s saying though (because of course, the lyrics are mostly Japanese). Regardless, I love her music (I have most of her other albums) and I would love to see her in concert – they say that she’s like the Japanese Janet Jackson…that would be so awesome!

Tracks to Check OutBad Habit, Dr., Wild, Copy That

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