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Artist of the Day…Trisha Krauss

Watercolor has always been one of my favorite methods of paintings so I was really pleased to come across the work of Trisha Krauss. Krauss’s paintings are one part fashion and two parts whimsy and have great color too!

Krauss works and lives in London and also does a great collection of work on plywood. She has exhibited in many galleries and had her work printed in magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living, and Travel & Leisure. She has also done work for Nordstrom and Ann Taylor Loft.

These are so pretty and light! I love the buildings, maps, and animals she paints…great stuff!

[Repetitive Fun]…Prints by Judy Kaufmann

I love these pattern-like prints by Judy Kaufmann

The colors in these are really fun! The subject matter is cool too – how could you go wrong with twins and dancing!?

[Fresh Money]…US Banknote Redesign by Dowling Duncan

If you haven’t heard about or seen these banknote concepts by Dowling Duncan, then you’ve been missing out on a really well thought out and surprisingly solid idea (I think anyway) for US bills…

There are some really great elements that came into play when these were being designed. For example, the reason why the notes are vertical is because Dowling Duncan determined that most people handle and deal with money vertically rather than horizontally. The different colors are used to easily distinguish which notes are which…in fact I almost feel like the US is one of the few countries with mono-color banknotes…there’s way more info about the images presented on each bill so be sure to read up on that too!

Designer of the Day…Little Ocean

I really like these light and summer-y looks by Janelle Gramling of Little Ocean. Perhaps its the fact that summer is nearly over, but I’m loving her flirty shorts and hand painted belts. The dresses, necklaces, and skirts are super cute too.

Gramling started Little Ocean about 6 years ago after a lifetime of sewing. She creates the unique looks of Little Ocean using vintage and rare fabrics and hand sews every piece to impeccable quality and fit. These looks are just perfect to me for having that one piece that is soft and dainty…love it (and her blog too!)

[Washed Out]…Images by Andrew B. Myers

The colors are what have caught me the most from the work of Andrew B. Myers…I love this sort of analog, vintage feel they have…

That broken glass one is my favorite and the one of the skyscraper looks like a building from The Matrix…these are really striking to me for some reason..even though they’re really simple images.


This Swedish lifestyle brand has got some great looks and styling…I’m especially loving their Autumn/Winter 2010 lookbook…

Acne is most known for their unisex collection of denim…which I find very interesting because denim is one of the most complex garments in terms of fit and proportion…the fact that Acne has unisex varieties is really impressive. Acne also has its hands in advertising and graphic design….this label has some great stuf…I think you should check it out!

Friday Flash…

9 years ago this week, one of my favorite R&B songstresses passed away, so to commemorate Aaliyah, I’d like to share with you my 3 favorite videos/songs of hers here, here, & here. (another talented soul who left far too soon…)

Does your prison have behavior problems? Well with the Pain Ray, kiss those troubles goodbye! (This is some comic book -ish righ here…)

Check out this spa in London that uses the Garra Rufa fish to aid in pedicures. (The decor is great here as well!)

I love the Art Nouveau era. If you do too, then you MUST check out these.

I read about The Lost Boys of Sudan this week – a group of Sudanese boys who lived through a very harrowing , yet inspirational journey during the Sudan wars in the 80’s. John Bul Dau’s story hit me the most.

I’m loving the label Lorick. (The fall 2010 color palette is gorgeous!)

I’m also loving the badass mixed media work of Evan Roth.

If you live in Brooklyn NY, you should check out the creening of the documentary, The Black Girl Project. (I would totally go if I could).


A neat Bracelet by Cheap Monday

This. Is. Awesome.

The "Rememberme Chair" (its made out of clothing with sentimental value)

Did I post about these ADORABLE kitty clothes (by Opening Ceremony) before?? Oh well if I it is again!

Band Aids by Cynthia Rowley!? Yes, please...these are cute!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Loving…Learn Something Everyday

Trivia + color + fun doodles = the awesome site Learn Something Everyday

This is such a great idea…people from around the world can submit random trivia facts and then the people at Learn Something Everyday draw little doodles to go along with them. I’ve been following this site for awhile and there’s always something to make my day 🙂

[Raeburn Ink]…Printed Goods by Jennifer Cooke

I REALLY like these totes and tees by Jennifer Cooke’s line, Raeburn Ink. This artist and designer hand prints her designs on organic cotton tees and draws inspiration from pattern and color. Here recent collection of tees was inspired by her recent trip to India and is filled with really great patterns. I love that first tee – the ombre color of the pattern really has caught me…great stuff!

Check out her Etsy site or blog for more!

Artist of the Day…Imke Klee

I’ve got a neat photographer to share with you guys today – Imke Klee. I really like her photography style because it’s really vibrant and has interesting subject matter like…pigeons!

Klee is a stylist and photographer based in Germany & Paris. She has held exhibitions all around Germany and has an Etsy site where you can buy prints of her work and other cute things like brooches and fabric necklaces.

This type of my photography has always caught my eye – most specifically her still life images. I love the colors and layout of those…they’re available as a postcard set if you like them too!