The Life of Miss Sheree (8.2.10)

Morning! Can you believe it’s already August?? Oh my stars, does time fly by. I cannot believe that there’s only 4 months left of the year! I hope your last bit of July was a good one…mine was quite nice. I didn’t do much, but I did get a chance to check out a comedy show at The House of Comedy at the Mall of America (about which there will be a recap over at Jade Pheenix later today.) Besides that I didn’t do much but clean, sew a bit, and work at the fabric store. I did get a surprise in finding out that my sister and mom (of whom have been in Florida for the past month) will be coming back home this week…that had totally slipped my mind…and I got used to having the house all to myself, haha. Last night was True Blood Night of course, and let me tell you…they certainly upped the ante on the gore! There were vampires exploding every which way…which is a really bloody mess, haha. The show is getting a bit better, but it’s not as good as it seemed to be last season. Sookie is still dense, Tara is still “the angry Black woman”, and Alcide (a new character that’s a warewolf) is still hot.

Oh! I don’t think I ever mentioned the white water rafting adventures I went on two weeks ago with my co-workers. Now, if you know me, you know I don’t really do the people at work like that…due to my true feelings about my job and the atmosphere, I kind of keep to myself. But, I had to go on this day trip because it was a required “team bonding experience”…and you know what? I actually had a lot of fun. My past mindset about work is that it was an experience in which I allowed myself to sort of clam up because I didn’t like the circumstances – but being around my team outside our office building really gave me a chance to see how they really are…and I realized that they aren’t so bad after all. That being said though, I still have no plans on telling them my business (if you’ve never worked in a corporate environment, believe me, “watercooler talk” is so real…) but I will make much more of an effort to be more “around” instead of holing up in my cube for most of the day.

Well, the rest of my week seems to be pretty uneventful…I will probably finish a top I was working on this past weekend. I hopefully will make it to the movies to see Inception (mostly because I need to see what all the fuss is about). Besides that, who knows! 🙂

Have a great week, all…let’s make the beginning of August great, yes!?

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” -Paulo Coelho


About missheree

Greetings! I am Sheree, a fashion and costume designer from Miami, FL and Minneapolis, MN respectively. While fabric is my personal medium of choice, I find inspiration is all areas of art and this blog is a representation of that. From fashion to illustration to graphic design to architecture, Sparkleshock is here to do just that - add sparkle to your mind and shock your senses.

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