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Loving…NASA Cat Prints by ZipporaLux

Pure Love…

Kittens + NASA’s Photo of the Day = these amazing prints by Boya of ZipporaLux. I am IN LOVE with these prints…space and cats??!!?? I mean what gets better than that? I will be buying one of these next payday.

[The Machinist]…Fashion Editorial

This editorial is gorgeous. The styling and photography is quite glamorous and the models are stunning. In fact, one of them looks like a lady from Kanye West’s “Power” video…you can learn more about this editorial here.

[Basketball in Color]…Illustrations by Charis Tsevis

You may have seen these around the blogosphere, but check out these gorgeous works by Charis Tsevis. They are for the Turkey 2010 World Basketball Championships and are inspired by vector art, futurism, cubism, and movement in art…

These are all amazing. I LOVE the collage ones (of course!). Cubism is one of my favorite aesthetics, so I love when I come across works inspired by it. Great work Charis!

[Milan Fashion Week Hoopla]…Part 2

Egads! So it appears that Paris Fashion Week is already under way (when did that happen? The week isn’t even over!), so I’m a bit behind, but I have already started making notes of which collections I want to feature for my recaps of Paris Fashion Week. Until then, how about a wrap up of Milan Fashion Week, which features some great looks that are filled with color and pattern. There are also a ton of full silhouettes that make me super excited for the drape and fabric excess that S/S 2011 will have!

Gabriele Colangelo

Gianfranco Ferré

Georgio Armani

Trussardi 1911


Bally – this collection was small, but I LOVED the colors used. There’s this red dress that is just stunning.

Blumarine – although the dominating print was leopard (which I’m not much a fan of), I did love the pastels that were used in many of the looks

Versace – very sleek and ultra feminine fierce!

Versus – this was another collection in which I wasn’t too fond of the print choice (Tartan plaid), but I did love these 5 looks towards the end that had awesome colorblocking

Iceberg –  effortless comfort (full silhouettes), but still totally figure flattering and breezy

Dsquared – tons of variety! I loved the trouser and jacket combos. Great inspiration for weekend errand-running looks

[Prototypes]…Original Models of Iconic Gadgets

In the beginning, man created water powered guns and computers named after fruit….

Super Soaker

Cell Phone (Motarola Dynatac)

Apple I

Moog Synthesizer


Push-Button Telephone

You know, they say you can’t go forward unless you address the past, so it was nice to come across these photos of what some of our most common or innovative gadgets looked like before they were historical. Can you imagine carrying that cell phone around though?? Definitely not party friendly! You can read more about these gadgets over at Wired.

Artist of the Day…Valerie Chua

I’ve noticed that most of the art I’m drawn to is usually bold, avant garde, or busy in some sort of way. I’ve always found that really funny because my own personal design aesthetic is more simple and minimalist. Regardless, what I do love about art is that you can find a plethora of inspiration and work that suits the many sides of your artistic personality, so when I come across works like these by Valerie Chua, it makes me very happy. Chua’s watercolor paintings appeal to the softer side of myself. They are extraordinarily pretty and have a nice combination of fashion illustration and life drawing.

Valerie Chua is based in Manila (Philippines) and is a self-taught illustrator and painter…which floors me because illustration comes so hard to me. I really admire her work because she wasn’t taught how to do this…rather she wasn’t taught professionally. I suppose through trial and error, she learned how to create her gorgeous works, but regardless, the girl is talented! I love this series that she did of various fashion bloggers and their sense of style. That was neat idea!

Her paintings are just so calming and delicate…yet still really striking. Great, great work!

[Fancy Foods]…Creative Food Design by Bouchees Doubles

What do you get when you take the awesomeness of kaleidoscopes and mix it with gourmet food? Well, you get these images by French food agency, Bouchees Doubles!

Mmmmm…two of my favorite flavors are savory and sweet (although I’m trying to become a vegetarian…but that’s a Jade Pheenix post for another day!), so I really like these. In case you missed it, those 1st 5 are of desserts and the final 4 are of meats. Neat! You can see some images made with edible gold octopus (I did say this was gourmet food…) here!

[African Afternoon]…Photography by Elisabeth Toll

These photos by Elisabeth Toll are absolutely captivating…

 I LOVE the lighting and choice of location in this set. The men are gorgeous and I just love the story that’s being told…sort of a martial arts/African safari adventure I guess? (Go here to see the rest) I was going over some more of Toll’s work and I think I’m going to be posting some more of her photography because I love pretty much every set she has in her portfolio.

[Read My…Chest?]…Creative Typography Graphic Tees

Awhile back I posted a compilation of various graphic tees that I had been collecting as inspiration. That set had to do with artistic tees. Today, I wanted to share with you guys a compilation of graphic tees that I’ve been digging that are all typography related (still on this typography binge I guess!)

Yes...that's braille!

Just click the tees to get more info about them. Not only do I like the type in a lot of these, but I also really like the sayings. This could go on and on so I’ll just send you to the list that inspired this post…I took from it all my favorites…what are some of yours?

[Milan Fashion Week Hoopla]…Part 1

The next stop on the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion train is Milan. And thus far, I’m thinking that the collections presented so far seem to be the classiest and most glamorous out of the bunch. (SN – I’m noticing that some of the collections on Style indicate as one city, but are filed under another, so if any of these (or past posts) contain collections for the wrong city, I apologize! ) We still have Paris to go, but as of right now, Milan collections are the ones that I think are the prettiest. I’m still waiting for Viktor & Rolf (and I really hope they show!!) but until then, here are my faves out of Milan thus far.

Bottega Veneta

Dolce & Gabbana


Salvatore Ferragamo


Brioni – LOVED the sleek, sexy, yet classy sportswear looks. Plus there was a beautiful melon color in 3 of the looks

Just Cavalli – Lots of pattern. Lots. (& fringe, but I don’t like fringe so I decided to just focus on the pattern play!)

Emporio Armani – GREAT collection of sleek, gray futuristic, yet chic looks