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Friday Flash…

iPads in hospitals (I always thought this is the direction this whole tablet CPU thing should go.)

Good commentary on that Baracka Flacka video that has people all up in arms. (My opinion? We need to focus on the real underlying message of this parody – the fact that there’s even material to satire is what’s TRULY alarming.)

Someone on Facebook has too much time on their hands (I still really enjoyed this rendition of Star Wars: A New Hope though)

Famous Rivers Around the World (simply stunning…I MUST see each and every one of these in my lifetime – even the Mississippi cause up here in MN it’s not so pretty haha)

I was never a fan of school lunches…always had an odd taste to me. This mom has a fascinating blog in which she has been eating her kids school lunches for every day this year. You’ll be surprised at what she’s discovered!

Weird (but neat) iPhone motion photos.

Gorgeous design by Hemma.

Some Halloween fun – still need costume ideas? How about Whiplash from Ironman 2? No? How about a hot internet meme? Still not it, huh…I’ve got it!!…why not just dress up as every kid’s nightmare??


I’m loving the colors and lighting in these photos by Gemma Booth



Cute print by Yonil



Death Star Pumpkins (HELL. YES.)

..No we don' least I don't...but this is still a neat tee anyway!

I. WANT. (I gotta figure out a way to recreate something similar for my apartment...I REALLY like this giant gem!)

Cute top by Paul & Joe

Have a Fun (and Safe!!) Halloween Weekend, Ya’ll!!!

[Hot Track]…Akufen – “The Dragonfly Who Thought He Was a Mockingbird”

Today’s Hot Track is what I like to call Brain Music. If you aren’t really familiar with glitch-hop, then listening to this track by the amazing Akufen is a good way to ease into the genre. I have this song on a mixtape I made and let me tell you it is amazing to bump at night while driving for a long while. Plus it’s pretty damn cool how this song was constructed – it’s made completely out of radio & music snippets.

While I’m suggesting things, let me also suggest that you check out the film that this song is featured in – Appleseed. It’s a stunning anime filled with action, female heroines, and CGI costumes designed by Prada. I loved it so much I even designed a collection inspired by it.

Go ahead, give the song a listen – it’s 5 minutes that are totally worth it.

[Ensemble: The Style of Music]…

This is genius…

These prints by Moxy Creative House have totally made my day! What a cool idea to make a set of posters of iconic musician clothing…and they are totally recognizable at first glance. My favorites include Kiss  (look at that arm details!), Run DMC (they even added the spectacles!), MJ (big surprise, huh ;), & Kanye (mostly for the little heartbreak pin). My absolute favorite though has to be Prince, mostly because when I first looked at it (well really anytime I see this outfit of his) I think of pancakes*!

Head over to Moxy Creative House to see more musicians and more of this awesomeness

*If you do not get that at first read, you need to click the link AND brush up on your comedy, yo.

Designer of the Day…Sylvia Toth


So winter has definitely come to the MN. Snippy gusts of wind are starting to become more prominent and I’ve finally had to break out the scarves and gloves. That is why I’m am IN LOVE with the knitted pieces from Warmi – a knitted goods line by Sylvia Toth. She has a variety of traditional knitted items like scarves and sweaters, but even many of those have a twist – like a sweater with a vibrant rooster knitted on it. She also has adorable knitted headbands and this really unique pair of knitted shorts.


Toth has worked under Kenzo and Christian LaCroix, so it’s obvious that she has honed and crafted her skills. She works with Colombian artisans to created the knitted pieces that dominate her collections which is not only economical but it also adds a handcrafted look to the pieces. Warmi is based in France and can be bought in retailers around Europe & Asia and online.

I love that she plays with the idea of using knits in a unique way. It isn’t everyday that you see a pair of knitted shorts. It also isn’t everyday that you see sweatpants and oversized sweaters that actually look presentable for everyday use. I’m really digging Warmi!


I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that every other day I’ll either post a designer of the day or an artist of the day. From now own, the designer of the day post will be a bit more sporadic. I find it sort of difficult to find & discover new, upcoming, or lesser known designers and those are the types I want to feature as a designer of the day. On top of that, so many fashion sites are made in Flash and I don’t have the time to sneakily crop screenshots of my browser in order to get photos of the designers’ looks. In place of the bi-daily designer of the day posts, I will more likely be posting a designer or collection that I love. Doing it this way still allows me to feature fashion in a steady manner and it is less work on my part. When I do feature a designer of the day, it will be in more of a “spotlight” sort of way. Just one of a few changes coming to Sparkleshock 🙂

[Tron-ified Superheroes]…

Pure awesomeness…

Tron + Marvel Superheroes = AMAZING, yes? These are some of the covers from the upcoming special edition variant issues of various Marvel comics series. All this is for the upcoming release of the remake of Tron. I want to get my hands on one of these…most specifically the one of Moon Knight – Bad. Ass.

Oh and for more awesomeness, check out this teaser video featuring a lovely minute or so of Daft Punk Tron-soundtrack goodness (the song is called Derezzed) – I cannot WAIT for this film and the music that goes with it 🙂

Loving…For Strange Women

In middle & high school, I was a fiend for Bath & Body Works. I’ve always been into discovering new fragrances, but at that time, B&BW was my go to for all things perfumery. My tastes have since matured (although I will still buy my beloved Japanese Cherry Blossom) and expanded, especially since I now have added a great variety of essential oils to my perfume repertoire. That is why I was thrilled to discover For Strange Women – a really cute and Victorian inspired boutique that sells hand crafted and natural fragrances, bath salts, spices, and other dainty materials. The lady behind all this, Jill McKeever, is also an artisan in many other aspects – she creates music, illustrates, and does graphic design.

Besides the fact that everything is natural, I am also loving the visual merchandising of this shop – the photography is so enchanting…

The bottles are so gorgeous…and I really dig that the bath salts are made using salt from the Dead Sea and the Jaded perfume is made using essences of Rose and Jasmine. I also like that the Winter Kitty fragrance is said to invoke memories of felines and snowflakes…Plus all the products are eco-friendly AND aren’t tested on animals. Gotta love it when you can smell gorgeous (cause that’s what I imagine these smell like  – not just good, but gorgeous) and help the environment!

Artist of the Day…Luis Blackaller

Today’s artist is another fun one – Luis Blackaller – and illustrator and graphic artist who’s work I’m really enjoying because it’s bold, somewhat seedy, and has a really neat comic style to it. It’s also pretty funny – case in point – Dr. Manhattan below…

Blackaller has spent the artistic parts of his life doing everything from art direction and motion graphics in the Mexican film industry to teaching animation at MIT. He’s also held may exhibitions around the world that showcase his interest in culture, technology, and media through his artwork.  Blackaller is also an avid photographer, so be sure to check out his flickr account for the products of his experimentation with various films, locales, and techniques.

The art of Luis Blackaller is another example of how awesome it is when artist love color. I think that’s what draws me into his images – they are eye catching, which draws you in…then you get surprised when you see all the details that go in his work…very nice!

Designer of the Day…Eley Kishimoto

I am in love with the silhouettes, patterns, & colors of today’s designer, Eley Kishimoto. The colors are quite vibrant, but the silhouettes are perfect for the colors because they are simple – lots of A-line dresses, frocks, A-line skirts, and fitted jackets.

Eley Kishimoto is designed by Mark Eley & Wakako Kishimoto. The label began as a surface decoration company that specialized in furnishings and wallpapers, but expanded to include fashion in the 90’s. Eley Kishimoto is known for being “the Patron of Prints” for their bold, unique, and intelligent print designs.

Eley Kishimoto is based in London & Paris but pieces can be bought online and in boutiques worldwide. Not only does the label do fashion, but they also have expanded into automotive and packaging design…amongst the other realms of creative design. I love designers that are able to put their hands in many different pots so to speak…these are some great pieces of work!

[IKEA: Long Live Diversity]…Illustration by Charis Tsevis

I’ve mentioned Charis Tsevis before, so I was really thrilled to come across this Ad campaign he designed for Ikea called Long Live Diversity

Neat aren’t they? I’ve always loved photomosaic images and these are even more interesting because they’re made using Ikea products! I love how clean these are…they aren’t overcrowded, but they are also still really captivating. I also like that the ads do live up to the title – they are quite diverse. I should point out that Tsevis has created other photomosiacs – one of Steve Jobs made using Apple products and one of Pres Obama made of imagery from the campaign…you should check those out too!

Artist of the Day…David Sykes


Today I’m featuring the creative and colorful work of photographer David Sykes. Many of his images involve food, but there are also a great deal of advertisement work. The common line that seems to run through his work is that what ever image is being presented is usually represented in a unique way or is filled with bursts of color.

Sykes has been commissioned to produce Ad work for such companies as Heinz, Kellogs, Honda, and Monocle. I really like his series especially the Faux Food one above!