[Maps of Colored People…]

So, I came across this article on the Daily Mail in which digital maps feature the breakout of the racial communities of major US cities. It is a VERY interesting looks at just how integrated (or not in some cases) our cities are…

San Antonio, TX


Los Angeles, CA

Houston, TX

Detroit, MI

Washington, DC

San Francisco, CA

The data used to compile these maps is from the latest US census (2000, I believe) and each colored dot represents 25 people. Caucasians are represented by the pink dots, Asians are the green dots, Afro-Americans are the blue dots, and Hispanics are the orange. I find this fascinating for many reasons. Firstly, I can help but to look at it through the eyes of a designer. It was genius idea to use dots (instead of say blocks of color) because it’s visually interesting and is easier to numerically comprehend communities of people. However, a large part of me can help but see the clear racial divides that some cities have (DC & NY) and then how intergrated others (Houston, TX) are. I’m really surprised that cities that are more ethnically diverse are also the most, well, segregated. And then cities like Houston surprised me because it’s in the South and is actually quite integrated. I also would like to look at these in terms of  income level because I am not familiar with the economic status of the parts of these cities. Do the minorities live in mostly the poorer areas? Or not? It would also be neat to see these maps for major countries around the world too. When looking at these, I also think about how these seem to be a microcosm of all the racial tension that’s going on in this country now. With all the attacks on the President, the Tea Party Movement, infighting amongst Democrats and Republicans, and the need to “get our country back” I find that these are just another example of how much further this country needs to go so that we can all truly “live as one”.

What do you think about these maps??


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  1. This is so crazy and interesting. It is so interesting to look and see how all of the different races are disbursed through these major cities.

    • Isn’t it? I know its normal to congregate in areas where one’s community is better represented, but it still astounds me how its still appears so separated…I guess I just thought it’d be a more integrated picture for the data being 2000 and all.

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