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Loving…Ikat Pillows

You should probably get used to me mentioning decor around these parts, because from here on out, I will be in full decoration mode. Once I get my apartment all squared away in L.A., I plan on filling it up with all the goodies that’ll make a house a home…and some of those may include some gorgeous Ikat Pillows like these!

Look at all those wonderful colors! I’m more of a “color” rather than a “theme” decorator, so while I have no idea what colors I’ll want in my new place, I know for sure something like these pillows would be really neat. Perhaps I’ll have to incorporate some Ikat (and Batik!) prints in my humble abode…we shall see 🙂 !

Artist of the Day…Slinkachu

Hello all! Hope you had a good week last week. Sorry about the quiet that’s been around here for the past 4 days. Withe the holidays (Thanksgiving – yum!) & with me prepping for my move, I had to focus on some other things for a bit. I feel bad about not have a Thanksgiving post (I wanted to post some lovely foodtography) but I’ll try and make up for that this week with some fun things.


I’ve got a great artist to share today…one that combines photography and installation work to create a neat work called “The Little People Project”. Since 2006, Slinkachu (real name not given) is a UK based artist that has been using figures that are usually reserved for model railroading in mini installations in the streets of Barcelona and Manchester.

Slinkachu says that he creates these works to give city dwellers a chance to stop and pay attention to their surroundings all while being aware of a sense of being small in such a large world. Slinkachu also helmed another installation project in 2008 called the Inner City Snail Project which involves decorating the shells of snails. The snails are then released back into the wild to surprise and delight people.

I love both of these installations because they’re fun, whimsical, and hold a nice element of surprise. I love coming across art in strange places or at unexpected times, so I would definitely love to come across one of these projects someday!


This little online boutique has caught my eye…and is about to catch my pocketbook!

The gorgeous pattern play you see in the accessories and garments above are all from Beklina, an online boutique that showcases the work of up and coming designers. Most specifically, designers that are focused on green and sustainable design. I love all of these for the fact that they are either made ethically or made of organic materials. I also LOVE the print and patterns. Amazing how simple silhouettes can be dressed up by just adding splashes of color or by adding a bold print.

I May Be…

…M.I.A. all week…I am training in the new guy that will be taking over for me come end of December, so I have no time to write (i.e. sneak posts at my desk 😉 I will try super hard to get some posts written up so that you guys can have some distraction from work, school, or whatever you need distracting from though!

In the meantime check out these neat collages by Marek Haiduk

Ya’ll know I love stuff like this!

Friday Flash…

Check out these gorgeous false color images of Earth from the Landsat 5 & Landsat 7 satellites!

How to become a fashion eccentric (oh, Simon Doonan cracks me up!)

An awesome time keeping concept – The Reflectus Clock

They Make Carpets (out of pasta…and bricks…and band-aids…)

Logan’s Run…re-imagined by Legos

This amazing site allows you to buy nifty things from museums around the world



I came across this image depicting the First Lady in a rainbow of colors...LOVE!



Digging this drool-worthy Lambo concept car



The awesome site "Letters of Note" has a neat memo from the casting process of Star Trek: The Next Generation...for all my fellow Trekkies, can you believe Wesley Snipes was considered for Commander LaForge?!



The Drop Bank by Rita Botelho



Digging this bag...what's even more amazing is that it's $70 & vegan friendly too!

Enjoy Your Weekend!!


[A-Z of Japan]…Illustrations by Yoriko Yoshida

Being a lover of all things Japan, I was thrilled to come across this collection of illustrations by Yoriko Yoshida. They are an A-Z of many things pertaining to Japanese Culture!

M - Manga

K - Karaoke

I - Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement)

Z - Zen

T - Takarazka (women's theater performances in which the women dress/act as men)

S - Soba

O - Origami

B – Bonsai

I love art sets like this. It’s always fun to illustrate things in an alphabetical sense…the fact that these are a Japan related is the icing on the cake! Be sure to check out Yoshido’s portfolio for all the other letters (except Q & X)!

Artist of the Day…Kate MacDowell

The work of Kate MacDowell can be argued to not be for the faint of heart. MacDowell’s work combines human features and themes with that of nature – either plant life or animal life. I wanted to feature her work because while I think it can be a bit unnerving to view, I find it fascinating in how well she melds all the organic elements of life to create these unique, slightly disturbing, yet beautiful sculptures.

MacDowell has lived an experienced life through many places and cultures of the world. In her artist’s statement, she uses the C.S. lewis quote “We do not want merely to see beauty…we want…to be united with the beauty we see…to become part of it.” I think this quote is a perfect summation of her work because that is exactly what her sculptures convey – the human need to be one with beauty…more specifically, the beauty of nature. I think that’s why I’m drawn to her sculptures. Especially the lighted ones. I think there’s something beautiful about displaying the natural elements of all living things. The branches and vines she uses in her works remind me of veins (which carry a being’s lifeforce) and I’m sure you could deduce your own conclusions about what the other elements could mean to you.

To learn more about MacDowell’s fascinating views on how her work is a reflection of how she perceives life, check out this article. I would actually love to go to an exhibit of hers (and she’s had many), to be surrounded by such intense work is bound to be enlightening!

Loving…Accessories by A Alicia

I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet. In fact, knitting and crocheting are the only “crafty” thing that I just cannot seem to grasp. So I’ve been forced into ooh-ing & aah-ing over the talents of others who do have a way with the yarn. I’m always delighted when I come across accessories or garments that are knitted/crocheted into perfection, so you can imagine how happy I was to come across the accessories of London based designer A Alicia.

While this collection of jewelry is a bit more low key than my normal jewelry tastes, I am really digging the knotting and rope elements of the necklaces. I also like that they look amazingly soft and are perfect for just jazzing up a simple tee or tank. Love!

[Bold Beauty]…Liu Wen for Vogue Germany

I’m digging this editorial featuring Liu Wen for Vogue Germany…it was shot by Greg Kadel.

Simply Stunning. Bothe the makeup and looks are just awesome!

Trio…Pop Culture Tees

I’ve posted before about my favorite typography tees and about my favorite tees for artsy folk. Today, I thought I’d resurrect my “Trio” series with a compilation of 3 tees regarding 3 of my favorite pop culture subjects – MJ, Super Mario, & Star Trek.

Michael Jackson Inspired Tees

Star Trek Tees

Super Mario Tees

"Magic Mushrooms"...this is hilarious!

Unfortunately, a lot of these are sold out…but it’s still cool to see what was once a really neat design!

After compiling this list, I realized that the world of graphic tees is far too large for me to just narrow this down to three subjects…lookout for 1 or 2 more lists like this!