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I found a catalogue of gorgeous photos from the Russian country side…and keep in mind when you take a look at these that things aren’t always what they seem…

Very pretty aren’t they? And so vibrant…as if they were taken yesterday. And that, my dears, is why I say that things aren’t always what they seem…because these photos were taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (photographer to the Tsar of Russia) in THE EARLY 1900’s.

Yes…you read that correctly. These are full color, vibrant photographs from over a century ago. Around a time when color photography was still a bit underdeveloped (haha, check that pun!! :D) In my spare time I like to browse the online archives of The Library of Congress because I always seem to find neat things from history – like this compilation of Gorskii’s photographs.

Gorskii's Self Portrait

These images were taken between the years of 1909-1912 when Gorskii was commissioned to take a survey of life in the Russian Empire by Tsar Nicholas II. The way Gorskii was able to get these color photographs was by taking 3 photos of a subject using 3 different color filters (red, green, & blue). He would combine the shots to get the gorgeous photos you see above.

I find this fascinating. I love looking at old photographs and I’d even like to start collection them one day (especially ones of landscapes or women of a certain era). The fact that these photos are so crisp is amazing! Plus it’s really neat to see people form a century ago just living their lives. Very, very awesome!


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