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[Fashion Mixer]…Fashion Illustrations by Natalea

Amazing fashion illustration always reminds me of my I love the art of dress. There are some artist that just make you fall in love with color and silhouette all over again. This flickr stream that I came across by Natalea have done just that for me…

I LOVE these. If you look closely, you can see that Natalea also includes elements of collage in her work as well. I spy a doily, pieces of lace, & graph paper. Those little elements make these illustrations that much more gorgeous to me. Add that to the gorgeous color washes and the neat elements of illustration and you have some pretty damn good stuff.


[Technicolor Silhouettes]…Paintings by Judith Linder

I want one of these on my wall…

Those amazing paintings are by Judith Linder. The colors are bold. Which means I dig this. A LOT.

[Dreamy Ladies]…Illustrations by Peggy Wolf

These prints by Peggy Wolf are gorgeous to me…

I love the color & line use in these. Wolf uses a combination of watercolor, gouache, & pencil to create these dreamy depictions of women who I think would be fun to know…that one of the lady with the fruit tree on her back is my favorite. Love these!

[Beautiful Desolation]…Photography by Nadav Kander

The hauntingly gorgeous set you see above is from Nadav Kander’s, Yangtze: The Long River. I love photography like this because it’s real and somewhat raw. I also like the lighting and colors that are used…it gives this dusty, aching quality that really conveys that sort of desolation that the word “long” connotes.  Check out Kander’s site for more…you won’t be disappointed!

[Natural Art]…Prints by Miles of Light

Some calm & collective prints by Miles of Light

These are just so simple, but yet really interesting to me. There are tons of ideas that could use this theme..a row of pine cones…different sized palm fronds…I’d love one of a variety of tropical flower leaves! I think I’d put a print like this in my bathroom (by the tub)…it has a soothing effect that would be the perfect drop back to a bubble bath!

Designer of the Day…Jessalin Beutler

Jessalin Beutler is not only a designer, but she’s also an artist. While her drawings and paintings are super neat, I am most enthralled with her collection of graphic tees & dresses. It’s the perfect things for a lover of geometry & symmetry like myself…

Yes, these are very simple, but there’s something really bold about them. The designs just command your attention and I really like that. Beutler is based in Seattle & has a background in printmaking & drawing. In her Etsy profile, she says that she really enjoys playing with line, color, & movement…which is really apparent in her graphic designs. Many of them almost seem to pop off the garment!

Oh how I really love these! Like I said, they are simple, but I just love the shapes element of them. I got rid of a lot of my graphic tees because they just weren’t me anymore…I now prefer a simple design rather than words or a busy print. Beutler’s stuff is just perfect…I need to have one of these in my life.

[Tremendous Tribal]…Textiles by Vlisco

One of these prints by European based Vlisco must go in my apartment…

Aren’t those simply stunning? I am in love with bold Ikat, Kente, or Batik wax prints right now & these are definitely feeding that. I’m so overwhelmed with deciding how I want to decorate, but I know I love the look of all of these. Vlisco has tons of other gorgeous textiles, so be sure to see the rest of their wonderful African prints.

[Crystals & Lasers]…Paintings by Matt W. Moore

You’ve probably seen this ad for the Ray Ban’s “Rare Prints” collection…

If so, then you’ve gotten a glimpse of the awesome work of Matt W. Moore. When I saw this print, I had to find out who designed it, so I did my research and was led to Moore’s site. While browisng, I found images from his “Crystals & Lasers” exhibition. In his signature style, MWM’s artwork is filled with colorful geometric explosions (which I love). Check this out…

Here’s some photos from the process…

And here’s details of the awesome finished works!

I always love to take a glimpse into the process of when artists create. It makes the final work that much more neat because you know where it came from and how it came to be. Be sure to explore the rest of  Matt W. Moore’s site – the guy has A LOT of great stuff.

[Cotton Lights]…Decor by Cable & Cotton

My love for great lighting elements has led me to discover these awesome cotton lights by Cable & Cotton. Here are my favorite colorways…

And here’s just a glimpse into how neat these lights can look in the home…

Man! I really like these! I have always loved how string lights can be such a simple, yet chic way to jazz up a room. And these are really neat because you can order from their pre-selected strand or build your own out of over 20 colors!

These are yet one more thing that I’ve come across that I must have in my apartment…goodness, with all these neat decor ideas, I’m going to go insane!

Loving…Paintings by Moa Lindqvist Bartling

These vintage inspired watercolors by Moa Lindqvist Bartling have me thinking of lazy Parisian afternoons…