Hiatus Terminated.

The trip out West was a success! I found a place to live and I’m getting super stoked about the beginning of my “new life”. As scary as things are, I’m super excited about my move…so excited in fact that I was all abuzz with creative energy, so I decided to give SparkleShock a little makeover. It’s the same layout, but isn’t as busy. I really liked how simple I made the layout for my other blog (Jade Pheenix), so I wanted to sort of keep that idea going with the new layout & header for SparkleShock. It still has some “crazy” elements, but is a bit more subdued as to not be a color/pattern overload. Tell me what you guys think…I hope you like!

I’ll be back to some regular posts tomorrow (well somewhat regular…things are still crazy), but until then, check out these vintage travel posters that I found…

The posters above were designed by David Klein back in the 50’s for then popular airline TWA. I LOVE the colors and I love how each one depicts the destination in such an interesting way. He now does ads for Orbitz, so you may recognize some of his illustration. Be sure to check out Klein’s site for more of his awesome travel art.

Oh! And just a friendly reminder you can…

…Follow the randomness of my mind over at Twitter.

…Follow the creative randomness of my mind at my Tumblr

…Delve into my lifestyle blog (and see some of my work!) at Jade Pheenix

…email me (to chat, suggest post ideas , or just to say hi!) at ksmason1@hotmail.com

…and friend me on the “Facespace” (what my mom calls Facebook, haha)

Hope to see you guys in one of those places…I want to meet all my fellow readers!!


About missheree

Greetings! I am Sheree, a fashion and costume designer from Miami, FL and Minneapolis, MN respectively. While fabric is my personal medium of choice, I find inspiration is all areas of art and this blog is a representation of that. From fashion to illustration to graphic design to architecture, Sparkleshock is here to do just that - add sparkle to your mind and shock your senses.

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  1. congrats on finding a place!
    oh you’re so lucky to be getting to live in So Cal…i want to go down there so bad haha

    keep us updated!
    im anxious to see what your new place looks like too 😀

  2. I would love to have one of these posters in my room or living room area.

  3. @ Gwen – thanks Girl! If you ever do come to So Cal, you’re welcome to drop me a line…I’m sure once I explore it a bit, I could show you some great spots to shoot 🙂

    Decorating is already overwhelming…you can bet on all my frustrations and triumps on one of my two blogs though, lol

    @Joy – Me too! Aren’t they just gorgeous. I love retro illustration.

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