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Friday Flash…The Merry Christmas Edition!!

Maybe Mistletoe isn’t so romantic after all…

How different age groups celebrate Christmas (that 30-somethings with kids bit is totally everyone in my neighborhood.)

Adventures with Eggnog

Christmas tree fashion fads. (keep your tree looking spiffy!)

Um…a Klingon Christmas Carol?! Where do I get tickets?!

The gift guide for the crafter in your life (wink, wink, haha!)


Oh my goodness! A reindeer Guinea Pig!!

Nifty & colorful trees from Treetopia!

Have a Great Christmas!!


Trio…Jewelry Mavens

I love jewelry. I think accessories are the best way to jazz up an outfit, so I tend to buy any piece of jewelry that tickles my fancy. My tastes include everything: beading, metal, fabric, precious stones, anything really! I’m currently looking for something unique to jazz up a New Years Eve outfit (in case I go out)…and these 3 lines by 3 fabulous ladies caught my eye…

Peace Images Jewelry

Frank & Myrrh

 The Looksee

There’s something awesome about every single one of these pieces…I should add them to my Christmas list!

[2010 + Win!]…Listen Up

As a lover of music, I would be doing the yearly “Best of” lists an injustice if I didn’t share with y’all what I thought were the best albums of 2010. They aren’t in any particular order…and they are not coming from the perspective of a *serious* music critic…they’re just albums that made my 2010 musically awesome.

1) Tron Legacy: Soundtrack (Daft Punk) – It’s Daft Punk + amazing cinematography. I have not seen the film yet, but the soundtrack has already gotten me glitched out!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West) – Couple this with the visually interesting short film “Runaway” and you have the Kanye West that won me over with “College Dropout”

Body Talk (1-3) (Robyn) – I love Robyn. And I love the Body Talk series because every single track just makes you wanna go out any dance. Plus the album artwork is hella cool.

Michael (Michael Jackson) – Though I question the authenticity of some of the tracks on here (namely “Breaking News”)…I do know that most of the tracks are by MJ because they all show that versatility (folk to funk to hip-hop) that only Michael can do. I really do enjoy this album, though it makes me miss him more.

Doo Wops & Hooligans (Bruno Mars) – Bruno Mars is so cute. And that’s not the only reason I like this album. It’s fun, unique, and has some really sweet lyrics.

Head First (Goldfrapp) – I play this album at least once a week. This electropop group has some of the best melodies around. Youtube “Voicething”. You will not be disappointed.

Senior (Royksopp) – This is the more melancholy sibling to 2009’s Junior (which is a really fun album).  I think the album was the best atmospheric one I listen to this year and is perfect for mellowing out.

The ArchAndroid (Janelle Monae) – This girl is talented. She combines an amazing voice with some amazing production. I love albums that carry a concept and The ArchAndroid is definitely that. If you love work about the social philosophy of man & machine, then you’ll love this!

New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh (Erykah Badu) – “Window Seat” was hands down one of my favorite songs this year. The rest of this album is just as good & is my favorite since “Mama’s Gun”. Plus she enlisted the awesome talents of Madlib…this is some good, chill stuff right here.

So there you have it…my favorite albums of 2010. I’m so picky about music (I think most if it is just awful these days), but when I hear albums like the ones above, I have hope that 2011 will have some good stuff too!

Loving…Mini Clutches by The Dainty Squid

One of my favorite craft blogs to read is The Dainty Squid because the crafty lady that writes it, Kaylah, always seems to come across the most adorable things. From neat thrifted objects to colorful cotton fabrics, there’s always something on The Dainty Squid that catches my eye…especially these handy mini clutches that are made using really neat fabrics…

Now, I have a pattern to make something like this myself…but I do not have the neat fabrics, so I’m itching to possibly buy one of these. They’re perfect for stashing your cards and your phone and are really unique. Be sure to check out some more cute clutches over at Kaylah’s Etsy site…there’s something for everyone!

[Black Swan]…Film Posters by LaBoca

I haven’t seen Black Swan yet (although I really want to…I hear it’s a great film), but after checking out this set of posters by British design firm, LaBoca, I’m really determined to see it now…

I love the vintage feel of these. And the red, black, & cream color scheme conveys the feeling of the film perfectly (from what I’ve read/seen of it anyway). Great work!

[Vintage Food…Gone Bad]

Christmas is almost here and like Thanksgiving, Christmas day is filled with delicious foods and dishes that are almost as awesome as the presents themselves. But what if the food wasn’t so delicious? What if you just so happened to time travel back to the 50’s where gelatin ruled the kitchen and anything could come as a loaf. If that were possible, then you’d be feasting on these…interesting…vintage food dishes…

Aren’t those just hideous!? I have no idea why every dish seems to have been forced into a mold of some sort…and who on earth would ever eat a Lima Bean casserole?? Ick! This is still really interesting to me though…I want to get a hold of a vintage cookbook to see what other deathly concoctions were dreamt up. If you can stomach it, you can see more over at the “Gee That Food Looks Terrible (Vintage)” flickr pool.

Artist of the Day…Morgan Blair


Bold, graphic, and super colorful, Morgan Blair’s work is crazy amazing to me. I am LOVING her illustrations because I find them interesting & also somewhat nostalgic…they have a vintage feel to them.

As you look at some of her work, be sure to check out this article where she draws the answers to the interviewer’s questions (what a neat idea!).


Blair, a Brooklyn native, says she draws inspiration from fonts, Legos, nostalgia, & vintage VHS tapes. As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she plans to make art forever…I certainly hope she does because I totally dig her stuff!

Friday Flash…

Gorgeous jewelry by Lucy Hutchings.

 These guys built a scale model of a destroyed Manhattan skyline…on the floor of their apartment. (NEAT!)

Really, Pantone. Honeysuckle?!

Regardless of what you use a lighter for, the Lighter of the Month club is sure to keep your fire starter looking spiffy!

Behold the tape art of Mark Khaisman. He uses every sort of tape from packaging tape to duct tape!

Furniture for vintage video game lovers.

Gorgeous Paper Crafting by Oey.

The Geometry of Pasta (helpful for those like me that have no idea what their favorite pasta type is called)

Willy Wonka would be proud.


The cyclops watch by Mr Jones Watches...telling time with colors is right up my alley!

This is a bedroom from a decaying castle in Europe. I'm not sure how old it is, but it's amazing that the textiles are still intact!

Digging this fun print by Yumalum

“Paper City” by Beat Street (Fun!)

“What’s under your Mask?”

Have a Great Weekend (try and wrap up that last minute Christmas shopping!!)

[2010 + Win!]…Feline Frenzy

Those that know me well know that I probably have the tendency to become a crazy cat lady in the far (or maybe near??) future. I love cats! I think they’re super cute and I love how they don’t give a damn about rules and just do their own thing. On top of that, their quirky ways and personalities make them great fodder for humorous videos, lists, photos & websites.

Here’s my favorite cat related things of 2010 (well, some have been around since before 2010, but I discovered them this year so yeah…)

(Click the photos for more!)

Twas the Night before Chrismas Told by Cats

Cats Just Chillin’

Cats in Sweaters!!

How to Best Organize Your Cats

Stuff on my Cat

Squeeee! …anyone with a  heart has got to find these kitties cute!

Loving…Nicholas Kirkwood A/W 2010

Oh, Nicholas Kirkwood…you really know how to tempt someone into debt, don’t you??…

Wow. Now…I don’t own too many flashy shoes, but if I did, these from Kirkwood’s A/W 2010 collection would be in my closet in a heartbeat! My favorites have to be those metallic saddle shoes and those gray satin stiletto pumps! While that last pair above is a bit too avant garde for my taste, I do really love that color!