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Friday Flash…

THIS blog is a fun read about one lady’s goal to go thrifting in all 50 states.

Alice In Wonderland, I Am Love, The King’s Speech, The Tempest, & True Grit are all nominated for Best Costume Design for this year’s Oscars…I’m rooting for Alice In Wonderland and The Tempest, but I’m surprised Black Swan didn’t get a nod at all…you can see the rest of the categories and nominees here.

New trend alert? The Half-Tucked Shirt. (I have personally been rocking this look for years…so it gets two thumbs up from me!)

Here’s a neat way to unify mismatched furniture pieces.

Everybody Loves Cephalopods!!


This acapella cover of MJ’s “Rock With You” is the best I have ever heard.


LOVE this. (Adidas M Attitude Logo)


I dig this cute print by Nan Lawson.


“The Modern Standard” for Vogue Hommes Japan (This image is my favorite from the editorial)


“Braided” by Teagen White


Mobile Phone Evolution by Kyle Bean (Neat!!)

Have an awesome weekend!!

[Blueprint of Beauty]…Artwork by Jason Thielke

These anatomical blueprint inspired mixed media pieces by Jason Thielke have got me in a tizzy….

They’re made of wood, ink, lacquer, laser cut techniques and just plain talent.

I dig these. A Lot.

Inspiration of the Day…Cold Beauty

Happy Tuesday ev’body! I’m writing to you from the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah where I’m volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival. I’ve got a day of working and one film under my belt – Another Earth which was BEYOND amazing. I’ll be writing a review about it on Jade Pheenix in a few days so be on the lookout for that.

Anyway, this is my first time seeing snow capped mountains in such a majestic way. I feel I will never tire of the ones I see in CA daily, but these top the cake because they are just so awe-inspiring. So much so in fact, that I wanted to share some photos from my inspiration folder that I’ve been collecting of mountains and really pretty wintry scenery…check these out…

(Akos Major)

(Matthias Heiderich)

(Kim Holtermand)

(Daniel Espirito Santo)

Gorgeous huh??? Images like this help me appreciate snowy climates more.

By the way…those last two images are by…Me! Yep! You can see the rest of that set here 😀

Friday Flash…

If you’re a Sci-Fi fan like me, then you will love these spaceship concept sketches by Kar’s Art.

Also, if you’re a horror or gore fan, then you’ll find this list of the top 10 creative kills, quite interesting.

Since I’m up to my ears in decorating inspiration right now, I thought I’d share these awesome sites that I currently check out daily: Decor Demon, Bright Bazaar, & Decor 8.

Fabric wall decals?? Yes Please!

Pantone Chip Cookies (so cute!)



This chadelier is made of Eyeglasses! Click the photo to see more awesome ideas of upcycled artwork.



This was one of my favorite house tours in Apartment Therapy this week. The colors are gorgeous!



Love this dress.



I must own these Gucci velvet sandals...(something similar cause I'm sure these are out of my budget...)


Have a great weekend!

Trio…Golden Globe Beauties

The Golden Globes this past Sunday was the usual affair of celebrity self-appreciation. It was also quite boring in the sense that you knew what films were going to dominate (I’m looking at you Black Swan & The Social Network) and you knew which actors & actresses were going to be honored (anyone involved with the aforementioned films). I only really watched to see the dresses that were to sashay down the red carpet, so here are my picks for the best 3 of the night.


Kyra Sedgewick in Emilio Pucci



Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

The dresses above were my favorite for many reasons, but there were also other dresses that were worn that I like as well for various reasons. I loved the fact that a dark emerald green dominated the red carpet. Besides Mila Kunis, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Elizabeth Moss & Angelina Joile wore the gorgeous color. In fact, color was just everywhere at the Golden Globes (see here, here, & here). I love evening gowns that aren’t your traditional black, white, or navy. Also, if it has sparkle (here, here, & here!) or even a crazy interest factor (here & here), then it could possibly be fab in my book!


[Racy Messages]…Tart Cards of London

In my never-ending quest for learning about random things, I somehow stumbled across Tart Cards. What are tart cards you may ask? Well, to put it plainly, they are the business cards of London prostitutes. But surprisingly, tart cards can also be really interesting aesthetically. Many of them use neat fonts, great color combinations, or clever imagery. Using these as a template, Wallpaper* Magazine reached out to graphic designers to design their own ideas of Tart Cards. Check these out…(and they are safe for work, don’t worry!)

I think a great designer is able to use subtlety to get a point across and many of the submissions in this project do that very well. You clearly know what many of them are advertising, but it isn’t blatantly in your face (like say…the cover of an adult film.). Head over to Wallpaper* to see the rest of the 450 designed cards. There is also a blurb about the project that highlights how one of the artists used his design to call attention to the dark side of the sex industry (human trafficking, etc) Keep in mind that some of the designs are way more suggestive than the ones I picked out so those may be NSFW.

[Colorful Calm]…”My Fine Garden” Photography

I love dreamy photos like these by My Fine Garden….

Aren’t these light, fluffy, & ethereal? The remind me of spending days at county fairs or carnivals…very soothing!

Friday Flash…

THIS fan of Twilight has got to be the craziest one I have ever seen. Like for real.

A Job a Week. (Awesome story, an a really neat idea!)

Places to NOT visit (don’t add these to your bucket list!)

Wonder Woman x MAC  = AWESOME.

HOT TRACK ALERT!! You’ve got to hear this awesome dance jam by Martin Solvig & Dragonette.

So the zodiac signs may have changed…but I’m staying loyal to my Arian roots! UPDATE: Nevermind, they haven’t changed at all.

For those of you that look at footwear as artwork, I present to you, Shoelust.



Some interestingly clever duvet covers by Vadim Cherniy

Collectible figurine of the President (complete with a gold Lamé suit!)


I'm actually digging the new Starbucks Logo (click the image to read more about it)


LOVE this illustration by artist Sveta Dorosheva (for a book she's illustrating)


Loving the prints & patterns of Proenza Schouler's Pre Fall 2011 collection

Enjoy your Weekend, All!!


[Images in Music…& Film]…Art by Iri5

These are amazing…

Stunning, right?? Even more so because these are made COMPLETELY out of cassette tape, film tape, and the 5th image is even made of sheet music! Crazy that someone can take those elements and create such striking and unique works. Plus, what better subjects to portray using film and cassette tapes than great actors & musicians of our time?? I would love to have one of these pieces by Iri5…be sure to check out his site for more and his flickr to see some of the works during the process.

Artist of the Day…Roselina Hung

I’ve got a really unique visual artist to share with you guys today. I’m captivated by the bold colors of the work of Roselina Hung, a Vancouver based artist that combines somewhat fanciful subject matter with gorgeous prints & patterns.

Hung’s medium is oil based painting (which explains why the colors in her work pops). Her artist’s statement says that she uses her work to evoke common memories and personal experiences. For example, she has an artwork series’ named “Of Myth & Men” which combines a male figure with the head of various animals. For me, I immediately thought about Greek mythology (probably not that deep, but it is what it is!).

There’s also a series of self portraits in Hung’s body of work. Those are my favorites because they are of real people and remind me of people that I know or could know. Her style is almost photorealism…which I love!

Great work…it’s no wonder that Hung has shown in exhibits around the world!