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[Foot-itecture]…Shoes by Benoit Meleard

Check out these stunning architectural footwear pieces by French footwear extraordinaire, Benoit Meleard….

While I normally detest over the top footwear (I’m looking at you Jeffery Campbell), I do love it when it’s more for art’s sake rather than trying to actually be wearable. I think that’s what these are supposed to be – art. Meleard has designed shoes for Alexander McQueen, so it’s no wonder that these would be sculptural masterpieces.


Trio…SparkleShock’s Picks for Best Dressed at The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Last night marked the evening of the 83rd Oscars award ceremony and as usual, the celebs came out in droves to help celebrate professional accomplishments in the world of film…

Sidenote #1 – I really only enjoy watching the Oscars for the following categories: Best Art Direction, Best Original Score, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup, & Best Visual Effects. In my personal opinion, I feel that those categories are the ones that showcase the meat of a film…without the visuals, there really is no cinematic masterpiece. Click here to see the winners & nominees in those categories (hint: my Costume Design inspiration, Colleen Atwood won her 3rd Oscar!)

Sidenote #2 – Last night, a tweet from someone I follow stated (in short) that instead of idolizing/celebrating the celebrities at the Oscars, we should be celebrating ourselves. This tweet rubbed me the wrong way because I felt that this person was saying that The Oscars is all about celeb worship. I do not agree with this. I think that The Oscars are one of the few awards that reward excellence in professional accomplishments – a profession that just so happens to include many who are famous. While I wholeheartedly agree that our culture does have an obsession with celebrity, I do think that credit should be given when there is a true and actual talent in the realm of entertainment. Celeb Worship isn’t okay in any way in my opinion, but it really feel that it’s wrongness is more warranted when a celebrity is acclaimed despite the fact that they really have no outstanding talent or are just famous for being famous (see: Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton).

Okay, now that I’m off my soapbox, haha, I must say that wasn’t really impressed with too many of the gowns from last night. I feel that while one should be elegant at the Oscars, it is also more than likely the highlight of one’s film career, so there should be more fashion experimentation. If, when, I go to the Oscars, you can best believe that I will be in something extremely elegant, but not in something you can find standard at any prom or black tie event.

Anyway, here’s my picks for the 3 dresses I thought were the most gorgeous…


Camilla Alves in Kaufman Franco

Jennifer Hudson in Versace

Halle Berry in Marchesa

I like each one of these ladies dresses for many reasons. Camilla’s is very commanding in my opinion. I love the huge bell skirt and the plunging neckline and empire waist are very sexy, yet elegant. Halle’s dress has sort of the drama that I was talking about…and while I think some of that tulle at the bottom is haphazard, I think overall the dress & beading is stunning. Jennifer brought the perfect amount of color (and I’m not just talking about the dress…but that’s another post for another day) to the awards with this gorgeous iridescent orange. I love that it fit her perfectly and it was very pretty.

Overall, I think the Oscar dresses were a bit too safe and drab. I think there should have been more color (like The Golden Globes), but who am I but a lowly freelance designer to suggest that, haha. Tell you one thing, let me design dresses for Hollywood’s elite – they will certainly make the night more memorable! Head here if you’d like to see more looks from last night.

Friday Flash…

You must check out the gorgeous work of Shilpa Chavan.

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From a new favorite of mine, The Art of Manliness – here’s 22 manly ways to reuse an Altoids tin!

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I’m probably really behind, but I was finally thrilled to find out who Domo is this week!

The NYT and I agree on these 10 looks that shouldn’t be seen again.

The $200 Microhouse.



I'm digging the photography of Josh Baker



Loving these DIY stamped Bangles (from Paper, Plate, & Plane)

I am quite envious of this camera collection by Monkey sure to click the image to see the awesome photos he creates with all these!

Neat! Fruit Wrapping Paper by Happy F&B

Awesomeness by Senor Salme



WANT. (By Pamela Love)


Enjoy Your Weekend, All!!


[Pure Elegance]…Badgley Mischka Fall 2011 RTW

There isn’t much I can say about the Badgley Mischka Fall 2011 RTW collection except that it is nothing but grace, elegance, and class – 3 adjectives that ALWAYS get a standing ovation in my book…

This is another collection that chose great bold jewel colors to work with. I also love the use of sheers and tulles to create a bit more of a fierce look. I think this collection has a great combination of sexiness and classiness that are about to be major inspirations for an evening dress I want to design. I love this entire collection…be sure to check it out to see the rest!

Loving…”Forget Me Not” Scarves

I think I’ve stated before that one of my favorite parts of dressing is accessorizing. That’s why it’s always fun to come across neat scarves like these by Coco of Forget Me Not. These digitally printed scarves are very unique and showcase some awesome imagery…

These are just…stunning. They’re available online & at various high-end retailers around the world. Man…I love these!

[The Four Icon Challenge]…Illustrations by Kyle Tezak

The following illustrations are pretty neat if I must say so myself…they are sort of in the vein of minimalist film posters, but they’re unique because the artist, Kyle Tezak, only used 4 icons to illustrate iconic films.

Check ’em out!

Gotta love stuff like this – it’s always cool to see a different spin on how something is represented.

[In Motion]…Paintings by Alessandro Botto

. You know those times when sometimes the windows on your computer start to freak out? Then when you try to minimize it, it creates a really neat repeated image of it minimizing? Well, that’s what these acrylic on canvas paintings by Alessandro Botto reminded me of, so I wanted to share them. I really dig the “in motion” sort of look…cool, aren’t they?

Loving…Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 RTW

This collection right here by Burberry Prorsum is everything I like about Fall when done right. Bold colors, sumptuous fabrics, and amazing pattern play are everything I want in my clothing (during an otherwise dull season), and Burberry Prorsum’s Fall 2011 RTW collection has all that and more. I’m usually impressed by the collections of this label, but this one certainly takes the cake in my opinion.


Wow! Check out those plaids and tweeds!!  really only like those two details during the Fall, so I am loving everything about this collection. I also really enjoy that Pea Green & Autumn Orange were prominent in this collection…color always makes things so much more interesting!

Artist of the Day…Killian Eng

The work of Killian Eng is certainly something I really dig. I’m excited to share him because I’m really enjoying hsi sort of 80’s retro illustration style and I also think it’s really awesome that many of these are storyboard art for various concepts of his.

Eng is based in Stockholm, Sweden and churns out many of his works through his design studio DW Design. He combines graphic design, illustration, and animation to create a variety of short films that are quite visually stunning. (See a trailer for his short film Marchmounts here.). I love his work because it has an obvious vintage Anime style aesthetic, but it’s also quite vivid – even though many of his images utilize a dark color scheme.

It appears that Eng has also designed some film and event posters as well.

Very amazing…I would love to see a compilation of all his short films – they certainly look like they’d take you on a trip!

[Pretty Words of Wisdom]…Prints by Megan Rene

…Because sometimes you just need your words of inspiration to look as good as they make you feel…

These prints by Megan Rene are pretty, no? And it doesn’t help that they use words to lift your spirits too!