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[Chalk & Fashion]…Illustrations by Zoe Taylor

I’m not even going to begin to explain why I’ve been absent. There’s no point when I know full well that good blogging etiquette is to let readers know that there’s going to be a hiatus. I apologize. Other things more important than blogging just happen sometimes. Anyway, I’m back now with some new cool stuff. I can’t promise posts will be as frequent as they used to, though, so I suppose it’s nice to just savor them when they occur 🙂


I’m loving these illustrations by London based illustrator Zoe Taylor….

These illustrations are striking to me because they look as if they could be made of crayon and children’s drawing paper. They are made using pastel & newsprint. I love them all the same though!


Loving…EM by Miri

I swear Etsy was put her on this planet to deliberately keep me from saving money. I come across several shops every week that make me wish I was a millionaire so I could spend, spend, spend! There is a little shoppe on there for every little niche…

Case in point? EM by Miri which has a multitude of lovely goodies for cat lovers!

CUTE!!! I love that embroidered piece above…it’s so sassy! Be sure to check out EM by Miri is you wouldn’t mind some kitty goodies in your life!

Friday Flash…

Yay! It’s back!! Anyway…


If you love Adult Swim like I do, then you’ll love Bump Worthy which catalogues every single bump that AS has released. Prepare for a nice trip of trippy, jazztastic nostalgia.

10 Lessons for Young Designers

Baked Kale Chips? YUM!

This is a neat DIY – create artwork using your own fingerprints!

You really can do anything with Legos

Greg Bogin’s work needs to be on my walls.

While we’re on the subject of artwork, check this out. Bespoken Art makes artwork out of the sound waves of words of your choice.

Haunting images of how Tokyo is conserving power in the wake of the earthquake/tsunami disasters.


Beautiful illustration by Conrad Roset

Loving this Kitty Tee by Miri (tons of cat stuff for us kitty lovers!)

Neat Illustrations by Carlos Aponte

I love this photo of Elizabeth Taylor...may she Rest in Peace 🙂

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

[Electric Beauty]…Photography by Krentz

These stunning images are by Dutch photography duo, Ulf & Denise Krentz. I LOVE the vibrant colors and styling in these photos. It’s so eye-catching.

Besides editorial work, Krentz has also done a lot of beauty and advertising shoots – and while the subject matter may be different, they always seem to find a way to add that pop of futuristic color. Great work.

Gotta Have It…Gorgeous Wood iPhone Cases by Signimade

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Gotta Have It post. I’ve missed this little feature, so I think it’s time to bring it back, yes?


These really tickle my fancy! I’ve been really into wood accents a lot lately, so coming across these by Signimade just may make me break my “no case” rule. It would also be the one excuse I’d need to upgrade to an iPhone 4!

Loving…The World of Playing Cards

One of the things that has always fascinated me about playing cards is how many different designs of card decks you can get. They’ve been around for centuries and are sold anywhere you can imagine, from amusement parks to resorts to restaurants & bars. As a result, there are so many different card deck themes & styles, that they should be considered a form of art in their own right! I think this neat website I stumbled across, The World of Playing Cards, would agree. I spent quite some time perusing the site and I came across so many neat decks of cards that I had to share them with you guys…

Aren’t those neat? The World of Playing Cards not only has a visual archive of all sorts of card games, but they also have articles about the history of playing cards and how they vary in other countries. I think I’m going to start collecting card decks…this has proven to me that they can be really unique!

[Cut & Paste]…

Awesome editorial for Dazed & Confused magazine. It was photographed by Damien Blottiere & styled by Robbie Spencer. I love how futuristic this feels & looks…very neat concept!

[Fifty & Fifty]…A 50 States Design Project

One of my favorite parts about going on road trips is the “Welcome To..” signs that you past when entering a new state. It always gives me a sort of nostalgic feeling for the old US of A and it reminds me how different each state is. So, with this in mind, I was thrilled to come across the 50 & 50 project, which gives artists & illustrators the chance to illustrate their state’s motto. The only restraint is that the illustration must be in red, white, & blue…

Arizona (God Enriches)

Minnesota (Star of the North)

Maryland (Manly Deeds, Womanly Words)

Georgia (Wisdom, Justice & Moderation)

Florida (In God We Trust)

Oregon (She Flies With Her Own Wings)

This is cool…although Maryland’s motto is sort of odd to me…

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the one for California…a new illustration is released every day, so check it out!

Loving…Filthy Home

I’m still in decorating mode, so it was nice to come across Filthy Home…especially their unique collection of wallpapers…

Of course, I don’t think I’d actually put any of these in my home, but I still enjoy them for the cleverness…especially in the naming.

For example, that first print above (with the guns) is aptly entitled “Shoot Your Load”. There are others by the names of “Landing Strip”, “Down Below Victorian” & “Popped Cherries”.

Gotta love those plays on words, huh?!

…In Which I Stay True to My Word


You guys giving me the side eye for not posting for two weeks...

(painting by Dawn Dudek)


So a week ago I’d mentioned that the unannounced hiatus that I had taken here on Sparkleshock was going to be over…unfortunately, that was not the case because I ended up working on more week on the feature I was working on during the previous week. I apologize for that sort of “girl who cried wolf” moment. The truth of the matter is, I really had a hard time balancing this new gig, and my other job, other creative endeavors, AND writing for this blog. So sadly, the thing that got neglected the most was Sparkleshock.

Luckily for you (and me), I’ve made a few personal & business decisions for the month of April that will allow Sparkleshock (and my life!) to be back on track with how it used to be. I’ve missed this blog & all the fun art, design, fashion, & culture research that comes along with it.

So…If you didn’t get anything else out of that babbling mess, all you need to know is SparkleShock is back! (for real this time :P)