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Artist of the Day…Mara Caffarone

Today’s artist, Mara Caffarone, certainly has an eye for color and whimsy. I really enjoyed looking through her work, so I decided to share her as an artist of the day because her paintings combine the color & collage style that I love so much. Caffarone hails from Buenos Aires and uses acrylic on paper to create many of her awesome works.

I could tell you more about Caffarone, but I’ll leave you to take a look at her paintings…and then head over to Little Paper Planes to read an interview where she was recently interviewed & featured!

Very pretty, aren’t they? Caffarone has said that colors are fundamental to her because of the relationships they can have to each other & the viewer. I think her work certainly lets color take the stage and do their magic, don’t you agree??

Artist of the Day…Killian Eng

The work of Killian Eng is certainly something I really dig. I’m excited to share him because I’m really enjoying hsi sort of 80’s retro illustration style and I also think it’s really awesome that many of these are storyboard art for various concepts of his.

Eng is based in Stockholm, Sweden and churns out many of his works through his design studio DW Design. He combines graphic design, illustration, and animation to create a variety of short films that are quite visually stunning. (See a trailer for his short film Marchmounts here.). I love his work because it has an obvious vintage Anime style aesthetic, but it’s also quite vivid – even though many of his images utilize a dark color scheme.

It appears that Eng has also designed some film and event posters as well.

Very amazing…I would love to see a compilation of all his short films – they certainly look like they’d take you on a trip!

Artist of the Day…Kevin Mackintosh

I’ve got a great photographer to share today – the work of Kevin Mackintosh. I am blown away by his subject matter and location use…both of these qualities make his work insanely interesting and immensely striking.

This African native is influenced by art, architecture, interiors, and classical photography and has shot numerous editorials for many high fashion glossies. He’s also done a multitude of ad work for such brands and labels as Kenzo, H&M, & Aveda. I am really impressed because Mackintosh’s work has this almost surreal, hyper-real quality that is an obvious reflection of the vibrancy of his native Africa.

Along with fashion editorials an advertisements, Mackintosh has also held exhibitions around the world.

Stunning, isn’t it? It’s no wonder that The National Portrait Gallery has put images of his work in their permanent collection. Simply beautiful.

[Artist of the Day]…Anne Charlotte Menegaux

I feel like I’m easily wowed and amused, but sometimes I’ll see the work of someone and I’m just blown away. Today was a moment like that when I came across the illustrations of Anne Charlotte Menegaux – a fashion illustrator that has an uncanny ability with photorealism…but with drawing!

Menegaux is based in France where she has been commissioned for work by the iconic French jeweler Chaumet. Unfortunately, the info on Menegaux is quite scarce. I wish I could find more info about whom else she may have worked with or what she may have coming up…I suppose these great images will have to suffice!

It still stuns me that these are all illustrated. How amazing is that? Very.

Artist of the Day…Roselina Hung

I’ve got a really unique visual artist to share with you guys today. I’m captivated by the bold colors of the work of Roselina Hung, a Vancouver based artist that combines somewhat fanciful subject matter with gorgeous prints & patterns.

Hung’s medium is oil based painting (which explains why the colors in her work pops). Her artist’s statement says that she uses her work to evoke common memories and personal experiences. For example, she has an artwork series’ named “Of Myth & Men” which combines a male figure with the head of various animals. For me, I immediately thought about Greek mythology (probably not that deep, but it is what it is!).

There’s also a series of self portraits in Hung’s body of work. Those are my favorites because they are of real people and remind me of people that I know or could know. Her style is almost photorealism…which I love!

Great work…it’s no wonder that Hung has shown in exhibits around the world!

Artist of the Day…Sanna Annukka

Today’s artist is a fun one, Sanna Annukka. I stumbled across her work while perusing various interior design blogs, and I was really happy to see how neat her woodblock inspired prints are. I love her use of color as well.

This Finnish/English illustrator has done work for Marimekko, Vogue, and she’s also created prints for album covers and press kits. She says a lot of her inspiration is drawn from folklore, nature, and childhood memories. I can definitely see that in her prints because a lot of them remind me of Russian patterns.

Yep…one of these prints would be excellent in my apartment…definitely check out Annukka’s blog for some more great stuff!

Artist of the Day…Morgan Blair


Bold, graphic, and super colorful, Morgan Blair’s work is crazy amazing to me. I am LOVING her illustrations because I find them interesting & also somewhat nostalgic…they have a vintage feel to them.

As you look at some of her work, be sure to check out this article where she draws the answers to the interviewer’s questions (what a neat idea!).


Blair, a Brooklyn native, says she draws inspiration from fonts, Legos, nostalgia, & vintage VHS tapes. As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she plans to make art forever…I certainly hope she does because I totally dig her stuff!

Artist of the Day…Micci Cohan

Today’s artist, Micci Cohan, has some really awesome work. Her paintings and collages are really something special because they combine awesome colors and imagery to create some piece that I consider decadent art, eye candy.

Cohan has been making art for over 25 years. She has a background in printmaking and worked under several prominent painters at the beginning of her career. She has utilized all these skills to create the timeless and eclectic works you see here. A lot of her paintings seem to be inspired by classic artists like Rembrandt and Matisse, but you can also see the pop culture elements of the 80’s, 90’s, and today – which makes her work especially timeless.

Cohan has held exhibitions in galleries around the world and has commissioned out several works for private collectors. I would LOVE to own the print above. It reminds me of…well, me! Actually, she sells some of her prints at really affordable prices on her Etsy site. Be sure to check out Cohan’s site for some really great inspiration….I love this!

Artist of the Day…Slinkachu

Hello all! Hope you had a good week last week. Sorry about the quiet that’s been around here for the past 4 days. Withe the holidays (Thanksgiving – yum!) & with me prepping for my move, I had to focus on some other things for a bit. I feel bad about not have a Thanksgiving post (I wanted to post some lovely foodtography) but I’ll try and make up for that this week with some fun things.


I’ve got a great artist to share today…one that combines photography and installation work to create a neat work called “The Little People Project”. Since 2006, Slinkachu (real name not given) is a UK based artist that has been using figures that are usually reserved for model railroading in mini installations in the streets of Barcelona and Manchester.

Slinkachu says that he creates these works to give city dwellers a chance to stop and pay attention to their surroundings all while being aware of a sense of being small in such a large world. Slinkachu also helmed another installation project in 2008 called the Inner City Snail Project which involves decorating the shells of snails. The snails are then released back into the wild to surprise and delight people.

I love both of these installations because they’re fun, whimsical, and hold a nice element of surprise. I love coming across art in strange places or at unexpected times, so I would definitely love to come across one of these projects someday!

Artist of the Day…Kate MacDowell

The work of Kate MacDowell can be argued to not be for the faint of heart. MacDowell’s work combines human features and themes with that of nature – either plant life or animal life. I wanted to feature her work because while I think it can be a bit unnerving to view, I find it fascinating in how well she melds all the organic elements of life to create these unique, slightly disturbing, yet beautiful sculptures.

MacDowell has lived an experienced life through many places and cultures of the world. In her artist’s statement, she uses the C.S. lewis quote “We do not want merely to see beauty…we want…to be united with the beauty we see…to become part of it.” I think this quote is a perfect summation of her work because that is exactly what her sculptures convey – the human need to be one with beauty…more specifically, the beauty of nature. I think that’s why I’m drawn to her sculptures. Especially the lighted ones. I think there’s something beautiful about displaying the natural elements of all living things. The branches and vines she uses in her works remind me of veins (which carry a being’s lifeforce) and I’m sure you could deduce your own conclusions about what the other elements could mean to you.

To learn more about MacDowell’s fascinating views on how her work is a reflection of how she perceives life, check out this article. I would actually love to go to an exhibit of hers (and she’s had many), to be surrounded by such intense work is bound to be enlightening!