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Designer of the Day…Jessalin Beutler

Jessalin Beutler is not only a designer, but she’s also an artist. While her drawings and paintings are super neat, I am most enthralled with her collection of graphic tees & dresses. It’s the perfect things for a lover of geometry & symmetry like myself…

Yes, these are very simple, but there’s something really bold about them. The designs just command your attention and I really like that. Beutler is based in Seattle & has a background in printmaking & drawing. In her Etsy profile, she says that she really enjoys playing with line, color, & movement…which is really apparent in her graphic designs. Many of them almost seem to pop off the garment!

Oh how I really love these! Like I said, they are simple, but I just love the shapes element of them. I got rid of a lot of my graphic tees because they just weren’t me anymore…I now prefer a simple design rather than words or a busy print. Beutler’s stuff is just perfect…I need to have one of these in my life.

Designer of the Day…Devani

Every so often I come across a designer that may not reflect my personal style, but is one that I really admire in terms of design aesthetic. Today’s designer, Devani, is one such designer. These pieces are actually very similar to the types of things I would create when I began sewing (back in middle school). They’re super creative and very literal. Not to mention full of cartoon characters and lots of color…

Devani is based in NYC and focuses on custom designs. Some of these like the lip print skirt and the (believe it or not!) bubblegum dress I would actually wear!

Aren’t those whimsical!? To be honest, some of these would be great for a theme party…or even for when you just want to be different. I need to get back into this part of my design self…you don’t always have to create things that are conventional. Awesome work!

Designer of the Day…Sylvia Toth


So winter has definitely come to the MN. Snippy gusts of wind are starting to become more prominent and I’ve finally had to break out the scarves and gloves. That is why I’m am IN LOVE with the knitted pieces from Warmi – a knitted goods line by Sylvia Toth. She has a variety of traditional knitted items like scarves and sweaters, but even many of those have a twist – like a sweater with a vibrant rooster knitted on it. She also has adorable knitted headbands and this really unique pair of knitted shorts.


Toth has worked under Kenzo and Christian LaCroix, so it’s obvious that she has honed and crafted her skills. She works with Colombian artisans to created the knitted pieces that dominate her collections which is not only economical but it also adds a handcrafted look to the pieces. Warmi is based in France and can be bought in retailers around Europe & Asia and online.

I love that she plays with the idea of using knits in a unique way. It isn’t everyday that you see a pair of knitted shorts. It also isn’t everyday that you see sweatpants and oversized sweaters that actually look presentable for everyday use. I’m really digging Warmi!


I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that every other day I’ll either post a designer of the day or an artist of the day. From now own, the designer of the day post will be a bit more sporadic. I find it sort of difficult to find & discover new, upcoming, or lesser known designers and those are the types I want to feature as a designer of the day. On top of that, so many fashion sites are made in Flash and I don’t have the time to sneakily crop screenshots of my browser in order to get photos of the designers’ looks. In place of the bi-daily designer of the day posts, I will more likely be posting a designer or collection that I love. Doing it this way still allows me to feature fashion in a steady manner and it is less work on my part. When I do feature a designer of the day, it will be in more of a “spotlight” sort of way. Just one of a few changes coming to Sparkleshock 🙂

Designer of the Day…Eley Kishimoto

I am in love with the silhouettes, patterns, & colors of today’s designer, Eley Kishimoto. The colors are quite vibrant, but the silhouettes are perfect for the colors because they are simple – lots of A-line dresses, frocks, A-line skirts, and fitted jackets.

Eley Kishimoto is designed by Mark Eley & Wakako Kishimoto. The label began as a surface decoration company that specialized in furnishings and wallpapers, but expanded to include fashion in the 90’s. Eley Kishimoto is known for being “the Patron of Prints” for their bold, unique, and intelligent print designs.

Eley Kishimoto is based in London & Paris but pieces can be bought online and in boutiques worldwide. Not only does the label do fashion, but they also have expanded into automotive and packaging design…amongst the other realms of creative design. I love designers that are able to put their hands in many different pots so to speak…these are some great pieces of work!

Designer of the Day…Dana Ayanna Greaves

I’m really excited about today’s designer – Dana Ayanna Graves of Artaya. This D.C. based designer is a jackie of all trades if you will – she illustrates, costume, and designs jewelry and apparel. I’m featuring her fashions because I love how colorful her looks are and I love that she infuses her designs with such multiethnic flair.

Artistic Aya (as she’s called) has apprenticed under the Shakespeare Theater costume crafts department (which is amazing I bet…) and has had her garments worn by Erykah Badu. She combines her love for the visual arts and music to create the things she does. This month she will be opening her first pop up shop which will showcase her chic jewelry pieces and garments.

I do love when Black creatives (especially women) get the recognition they deserve. It makes me super proud to be amongst them!

Designer of the Day…Emily Rothschild

Great accessory design is a weakness of mine. Especially when it combines a unique or creative quality with some sort of well thought-out concept. The designs of Emily Rothschild are one such example. She’s an industrial designer, but has created some really great accessories that run the range of rings to necklaces to bracelets. Many of these creations have a sort of purpose – either to bring awareness or to just pay homage to a part of life that isn’t normally celebrated. Take fer Medical ID Jewelry for example, they’re made of words like Penicillin, Type-O, and Nut Allergy to show that ones medical condition or necessity can be worn with pride…

Many of Rothchild’s designs do serve some sort of purpose. The USB Locket, Storage Ring, and Magnetic Key Ring all either can serve as a wearable pill or USB container or can serve as a wearable magnet. My favorite designs of hers are the Diamond Bracelet set, which are a set of bracelets that are made of the words sapphire, diamond, or ruby. The idea is to challenge the thought of whether we value the ring or the stone more.

Rothschild’s background lies in art history, fine arts, and industrial design so the fact that she seems to focus on accessory design is really cool to me. Plus I love how she really plays up the form vs function design technique. If you’d like to own a piece of this, the Pinky Wings rings (above) are available here!

Designer of the Day…Lalesso

Bold colors and beautiful graphic prints adorn the looks of today’s designer – Lalesso of Cape Town. I am so in love with their collection of dresses, tops, skirts, and shoes that are so colorful and full of African flavor.

Lalesso is the work of designers Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusseer and was started after a trip to Olivia’s hometown of Kenya. After seeing the beautiful colors and fabrics of the traditional African Khenga, the ladies decided to begin a lifestyle brand that’s just as socially conscious as it is fashion conscious. Lalesso is globally recgonized as a top eco and ethical clothing production company and utilizes local community members in its staff. They benefit from an above average wage and they get to use their handicraft for a great label.

These colors are just so gorgeous. I’m so glad bold patterns are going into the Fall season because every single one of these looks has inspired me to utilize some my own African fabrics (well African inspired…I don’t think any of them are authentic). So very pretty and unique!

Designer of the Day…Little Ocean

I really like these light and summer-y looks by Janelle Gramling of Little Ocean. Perhaps its the fact that summer is nearly over, but I’m loving her flirty shorts and hand painted belts. The dresses, necklaces, and skirts are super cute too.

Gramling started Little Ocean about 6 years ago after a lifetime of sewing. She creates the unique looks of Little Ocean using vintage and rare fabrics and hand sews every piece to impeccable quality and fit. These looks are just perfect to me for having that one piece that is soft and dainty…love it (and her blog too!)

Designer of the Day…Marimekko


I should probably start calling these posts something different because I’m noticing that many designers I’ve featured are more so labels than actualy designers…today’s feature “designer” is a good example of this – Marimekko because this label isn’t so much its own entity as it is a label that works with designers. I suppose that doesn’t matter so much because designers that work with Marimekko do have a certain aesthetic – one that is all about pattern and silhouette – 2 design concepts I love. Check out these looks from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection…


I’ve written about Marimekko’s designer collaborations before but this time, I wanted to focus on the other collabos this print design studio does. The above looks are by a variety of designers including Chary Westburg and Mika Piirainin and definitely showcases what Marimekko is about – prints. This Finland based company also has an outstanding collection of interior design prints and other wares.


Marimekko has got to have something for everyone – men, women, kids, kitchenwear, bed linens, towels, fabrics…the list goes on and on. Their aesthetic also reminds me of Ikea – which I love just as much!

Designer of the Day…Complex Geometries

Complex Geometries is one of those great sculptural labels that has looks that are more art than garments. Complex Geometries is the brainchild of  Clayton Evans, a Canadian that studies architecture in school. Obviously, this is very reflected in the intricate draping and silhouettes that make up the garments of Complex Geometries.

If you notice, the looks if Complex Geometries can be worn in many different ways – it’s like getting 8 dresses for the price of 1! many of the looks are monochromatic which in turn allows the shape of the looks to be better seen.

These are some great, versatile looks…again, the sculptural quality is just so amazing to me! Love this label!