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Hot Track…”That Was Just a Dream” by Cut Copy

I’ve got another dreamy, synth-pop musical confection for you to check out, this time by one of my favorite bands, Cut Copy. This song is also on one of my mixtapes because the melody is really nice and I just love how somewhat soothing the song is. It has a stong sound, but it isn’t loud…it’s more so dreamy.

I’d suggest giving this song a listen if you’re experience a sunny day today (like I am!)…it’s perfect for just looking outside and letting your mind wander 😀

Hot Track…”You” by Plej

I hope by now you’ve realized that my musical tastes are all over the spectrum, but my stand by will always be a groove-tastic lounge or trip-hop beat. That is why I wanted to share this awesome track by the amazing Swedish chillout band Plej. It never ceases to amaze me how much R&B and the Blues have influenced musicians worldwide and “You” is no exception. It’s the perfect song for a lazy Sunday morning with your lover or a peaceful drive along the coast.

Let the song make love to your ears…it’s a good one!

[Hot Track]…Akufen – “The Dragonfly Who Thought He Was a Mockingbird”

Today’s Hot Track is what I like to call Brain Music. If you aren’t really familiar with glitch-hop, then listening to this track by the amazing Akufen is a good way to ease into the genre. I have this song on a mixtape I made and let me tell you it is amazing to bump at night while driving for a long while. Plus it’s pretty damn cool how this song was constructed – it’s made completely out of radio & music snippets.

While I’m suggesting things, let me also suggest that you check out the film that this song is featured in – Appleseed. It’s a stunning anime filled with action, female heroines, and CGI costumes designed by Prada. I loved it so much I even designed a collection inspired by it.

Go ahead, give the song a listen – it’s 5 minutes that are totally worth it.

Hot Track…Kid Cudi “Pursuit of Happiness (Megaforce Version)

I’ve been vibing to Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon album for sometime, but I hadn’t checked out any of his videos until I was referred to this one…

Crazy amazing artistic music videos always get me every time. I love a video that’s interesting and different – and I think this one is both. And the wardrobe pieces?! Some of them are really neat. Plus it doesn’t help that Kid Cudi is a Kid Cutie – le sigh 🙂

Random facts about this vid- Josh Hartnett (yes, the actor) produced this! And a member of MGMT is in it as well…

…props go to my sister for turning me on to this – and therefore bringing back the Hot Track feature in full effect!

Hot Track…”Buzzwing” & “Toyz Noize” by Pogo

Check out these 2 new tracks by Pogo (whom I’ve been obsessed with for quite some time now…). This time, he’s taken snippets from the Toy Story films!

Ah yes! I love these as well…this guy is awesome!

Hot Track…Chromeo “Don’t Turn the Lights On”

Ah yes…my boys from Chromeo have a new single out to get the hype started for their upcoming album – Business Casual. The song is classic Chromeo and oh so funky…can’t wait for this album to drop!

Trio…Nujabes Tracks

Nujabes is one of my favorite lounge/downtempo producers. I discovered him back in college when I watched Samurai Champloo – a really amazing anime that pits hip-hop analogies and culture against a backdrop of fuedal Japan. The music in the series was outstanding, so I was quite pleased when I was able to do some research and add Nujabes to my music collection. I was amazed that such soulful, jazz-influnced music was coming from Japan! Check these out…they’re my top 3 favorite tracks…

1) Moon Strut

2) A Day By Atmosphere Supreme

3) Kumoni

The way he crafts such mellow beats AND adds a touch of Asian musicality really makes for the best study or thinking music. Unfortunately, Nujabes died in a car accident back in February but I’m really looking forward to hearing whatever tracks he left behind – the man was a genius.

Hot Track…”Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun

I have had Empire of the Sun on repeat on my iPod for the past two weeks…I am totally digging their crazy mix of electro, synthpop, and pop folk…especially this song…and video!

I totally picture myself driving down the PCH with this blasting out the window. One of these days….
*Bonus!!! This track “Country” is crazy amazing too…

Hot Track…Alicia Keys “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)”

Check out the new video for Alicia Keys’s song “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)”…it’s really poignant…

…this definitely hits home for me on so many levels right now…I love music videos that make you think.

Hot Track “Afternoon Love-In” by Prefuse 73

This track is so sexy to me. Awesome use of samples…I love the ethereal and hip-hop fusion of Prefuse 73.