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Just Because…Awesome Stick Bomb!

I didn’t even know these existed, but here’s a neat video of a Stick Bomb. It’s like a Domino Effect, but so much cooler…so here’s the Stick Bomb…Just Because.

Just Because…Sade on the Wanda Sykes Show

The amazing, but extremely reclusive Sade doesn’t usually do interviews, but none other than Wanda Sykes was able to get Sade to come out and do a hilarious bit which exposes a side of the jazzy singer that we don’t usually get to see. So here’s Sade on The Wanda Sykes Show…Just Because.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out Sade’s new album, Soldier of Love, you definitely should. The album is beyond amazing!

Just Because…Orange Slice iPhone Charger & T-Shirt War!

If you’ve got a cat like mine, then you’ve probably experienced the horror of coming home to chewed up cell charger, video game, and computer charger cords. Never fear! Cause if you’ve got a crapload of oranges – you can charge at least your iPhone. So here’s the video…Just Because.

And because it’s everywhere now…here’s the really cool stop-motion video T-Shirt-War…Just Because.

I wonder how much all those t-shirts cost…?

Just Because…How to Store & Organize Cats

I came across these adorable photos from The Daily Tail featuring adorable kitties in various boxes and such. It’s called “How to Store & Organize Cats”, so here are a few photos…Just Because.

I have NO idea how the owner managed to get all 8 of those cats to stay in one place during these photos. Edvard (my cat) would have been a total male diva and uncooperative! And they’re all looking so intently at the camera…

You can see more photos of this cuteness at the link above.

Just Because…Seniors Dancing to “Billie Jean”

Three guys dance to Billie Jean as a part of their senior center talent show!…Just Because

I hope I can still dance and be this cool when I’m their age!

Just Because…Skynet Symphonic

The Terminator series are one of my favorites (well minus Terminator: Salvation) so I was quick thrilled to come across this surprisingly cool techno mix made entirely of sounds from the movies. So here’s Skynet Symphony…Just Because

Just Because…Mechad Brooks for Calvin Klein

Yes, this is another post glorifying the beauty of the male physique. And this one includes a face…and body…that I have been missing for quite some time. You see, since True Blood went off for the season, I haven’t had my weekly eye candy of the beyond sexy Mechad Brooks. He played Eggs on this past season and even though he ended up getting killed off (*tear), I can now enjoy him on the show The Deep End and modeling in his Calvin Klein undies. So here’s a photo from Mechad Brook’s CK photoshoot…Just Because.

Um…yeah…so…can I have that please???

Photo via [Just Jared]

Just Because…Prince Charles’s Aston Martin = Cufflinks

So, I found out recently that Prince Charles of England once had an Aston Martin that he converted to run not on the peon fluid of gasoline…no, no, no, the Prince decided that he wanted his Aston Martin to run on wine. Yes…wine. Now, I realize that this gratuitous customization of wealth is probably much healthier for the environment, but something about that is just pointless to me…anyway, spare parts were left over from that conversion, so TMB Artmetal decided to take the leftover pistons and make cufflinks out of them! They retail for about $1,600 and also contain 16K gold. So here are the Princly, pricey cufflinks…Just Because.

Oh the things that money (and stupidity) can buy. They are nice though.

Just Because…”Why Did I Get Married Too” Trailer

I have a love/hate relationship with Tyler Perry films. I really like some of them, but then I really hate some of them. Why Did I Get Married? Was one of the ones I liked – and not only because Janet is in it. It actually had a good story and was insightful into relationship stuff.  Anyway, here’s the trailer for the sequel (which comes out April 2)…Just Because.

Ah, yes…I think this one is definitely bringing in the drama…and cry-fests?

Just Because…MJ’s Kids Accept the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

As I mentioned in an earlier post today, The Grammy Awards were in full effect last night and this would have been the year in which Michael Jackson would’ve won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Unfortunately, Michael is no longer with us, but he did still get the award. The sweet part was that his children, Prince and Paris accepted the award on his behalf, along with their cousins, the guys from 3T. It was really nice…so here’s the clip from the Grammy’s…Just Because.