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Loving…EM by Miri

I swear Etsy was put her on this planet to deliberately keep me from saving money. I come across several shops every week that make me wish I was a millionaire so I could spend, spend, spend! There is a little shoppe on there for every little niche…

Case in point? EM by Miri which has a multitude of lovely goodies for cat lovers!

CUTE!!! I love that embroidered piece above…it’s so sassy! Be sure to check out EM by Miri is you wouldn’t mind some kitty goodies in your life!

Loving…The World of Playing Cards

One of the things that has always fascinated me about playing cards is how many different designs of card decks you can get. They’ve been around for centuries and are sold anywhere you can imagine, from amusement parks to resorts to restaurants & bars. As a result, there are so many different card deck themes & styles, that they should be considered a form of art in their own right! I think this neat website I stumbled across, The World of Playing Cards, would agree. I spent quite some time perusing the site and I came across so many neat decks of cards that I had to share them with you guys…

Aren’t those neat? The World of Playing Cards not only has a visual archive of all sorts of card games, but they also have articles about the history of playing cards and how they vary in other countries. I think I’m going to start collecting card decks…this has proven to me that they can be really unique!

Loving…Filthy Home

I’m still in decorating mode, so it was nice to come across Filthy Home…especially their unique collection of wallpapers…

Of course, I don’t think I’d actually put any of these in my home, but I still enjoy them for the cleverness…especially in the naming.

For example, that first print above (with the guns) is aptly entitled “Shoot Your Load”. There are others by the names of “Landing Strip”, “Down Below Victorian” & “Popped Cherries”.

Gotta love those plays on words, huh?!


Got another awesome accessory label to share with you guys, this time by way of Australia! Polli has these amazing laser cut necklaces, earrings, brooches, and more that depict everything from a street in Amsterdam to a bright bouquet of flowers. Check these out…

I’m loving these pieces of jewelry! Polli also has a collection of housewares that has some really neat jewelry stands that mimic the style of the jewelry lines. On top of that, Polli’s manufacturing process is environmentally conscious. Each piece is made using recycled material and a portion of the proceeds of certain collections are donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Again, a label that offers great design AND an environmentally healthy product is always a star in my book!

Loving…”Forget Me Not” Scarves

I think I’ve stated before that one of my favorite parts of dressing is accessorizing. That’s why it’s always fun to come across neat scarves like these by Coco of Forget Me Not. These digitally printed scarves are very unique and showcase some awesome imagery…

These are just…stunning. They’re available online & at various high-end retailers around the world. Man…I love these!

Loving…Wood Stuff

I’m not usually a fan of things dealing with wood. Wood panelling makes me cringe and every piece of wooden furniture I have ever owned has been painted in some sort of way. I own wooden jewelry, but I very rarely wear it…so it’s weird to me that I now have a weird obsession with all things wood.

Here’s some examples…


Wood Puzzle (Vis General Store)

Wood (Cherry) Bowl

Teak & Pencil Light

Wooden Radio

Lace & Wood Ring

Paint Palette Ring

Weaving Wood by Rush Pleansuk

Perhaps I should stop painting the wood i my house and just let it’s beauty shine through…cause these objects above have certainly shown that!


Loving…Spring 2011 H&M Conscious Collection

The gorgeous and amazingly summery pieces above are from the spring 2011 H&M Conscious Collection. Last year H&M released a floral collection that was made entirely of organic cotton. This year’s trend collection adds renewable materials & an awesome crisp look to the mix. I think this one is my favorite so far because it’s got a pretty boho look to it. The menswear collection is also nice cause it’s perfect for being crisp & preppy. You can see the rest of the collection here!

Loving…Lanvin Fall 2011

Alber Elbaz is trying to bribe me into finally spending money on a coveted designer piece. While I appreciate and love great apparel design, I’m personally not a label snob…but I can see myself changing my mind for anything Lanvin – and that includes Menswear. Case in point, the collection that was presented a few days ago. I am swooning over the velvet blazers, wide leg pants, and architectural sweaters of the Lanvin Fall 2011 collection. And the fact that these are all pieces for a Menswear collection makes it that much better.


What I think I love most about this collection is the sheer androgyny of it. In fact, I think a few of these look blatantly like a woman’s suit. Especially the wide leg pant ensembles. I also love the dashes of color thrown in there…that yellow is fantastic. It always makes me giddy to see men play with silhouettes, so I’m hoping some of my favorite male fashion mavens may consider pulling some of these looks off – I know I’d love it if my man did!

Oh yes…and those fedoras? Carmen Sandiego would be proud.

Loving…Thom Browne Fall 2011

Thom Browne’s Fall 2011 show was a plethora of opulence and 18th century fashion porn. If you’re like me and love breeches, Thomas Jefferson-esque wigs, plaids, capes, and top hats, then you’ll love this collection. While a lot of the looks weren’t necessarily practical, the costumer in me was in sheer delight from all the historical nods this collection made to the era of hoop skirts and powdered hair…here are some of my favorites…

My only qualm with this collection is that Brown had the nerve to send one guy down the runway in a knit skirt/overall combo. It wasn’t the man in a skirt that bothered me…but it was the fact that it was a skirt with a bib overall front! Who (male or female) would wear that?! *Shudders

…the rest of the collection gets a design thumbs up from me though! See the rest here.

Loving…I Heart Guts

The kid in me likes to resurface every so often. She definitely came out when I stumbled across these hilarious and super cute plushies of (you guessed it) – various organs!

It may sound morbid or gross, but who could pass up a soft, smiling pair of Lungs or a insanely happy Bladder? Check these out…

















Intestines (Complete with Appendix!)


Come on! How cute are these?! They make me chuckle and I actually think they could be good gifts for a graduating med student or an expecting mother (the Uterus of course). I Heart Guts also has t-shirts, pins, stationary, novelty jewelry, and a whole bunch of other little goodies pertaining to each organ. On top of that, the company has done numerous collaborations with various organizations like the American Liver Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of LA.

Cute & for good causes? Yes, please! The Bladder is my favorite personally, what about you?? 😀