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Trio…SparkleShock’s Picks for Best Dressed at The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Last night marked the evening of the 83rd Oscars award ceremony and as usual, the celebs came out in droves to help celebrate professional accomplishments in the world of film…

Sidenote #1 – I really only enjoy watching the Oscars for the following categories: Best Art Direction, Best Original Score, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup, & Best Visual Effects. In my personal opinion, I feel that those categories are the ones that showcase the meat of a film…without the visuals, there really is no cinematic masterpiece. Click here to see the winners & nominees in those categories (hint: my Costume Design inspiration, Colleen Atwood won her 3rd Oscar!)

Sidenote #2 – Last night, a tweet from someone I follow stated (in short) that instead of idolizing/celebrating the celebrities at the Oscars, we should be celebrating ourselves. This tweet rubbed me the wrong way because I felt that this person was saying that The Oscars is all about celeb worship. I do not agree with this. I think that The Oscars are one of the few awards that reward excellence in professional accomplishments – a profession that just so happens to include many who are famous. While I wholeheartedly agree that our culture does have an obsession with celebrity, I do think that credit should be given when there is a true and actual talent in the realm of entertainment. Celeb Worship isn’t okay in any way in my opinion, but it really feel that it’s wrongness is more warranted when a celebrity is acclaimed despite the fact that they really have no outstanding talent or are just famous for being famous (see: Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton).

Okay, now that I’m off my soapbox, haha, I must say that wasn’t really impressed with too many of the gowns from last night. I feel that while one should be elegant at the Oscars, it is also more than likely the highlight of one’s film career, so there should be more fashion experimentation. If, when, I go to the Oscars, you can best believe that I will be in something extremely elegant, but not in something you can find standard at any prom or black tie event.

Anyway, here’s my picks for the 3 dresses I thought were the most gorgeous…


Camilla Alves in Kaufman Franco

Jennifer Hudson in Versace

Halle Berry in Marchesa

I like each one of these ladies dresses for many reasons. Camilla’s is very commanding in my opinion. I love the huge bell skirt and the plunging neckline and empire waist are very sexy, yet elegant. Halle’s dress has sort of the drama that I was talking about…and while I think some of that tulle at the bottom is haphazard, I think overall the dress & beading is stunning. Jennifer brought the perfect amount of color (and I’m not just talking about the dress…but that’s another post for another day) to the awards with this gorgeous iridescent orange. I love that it fit her perfectly and it was very pretty.

Overall, I think the Oscar dresses were a bit too safe and drab. I think there should have been more color (like The Golden Globes), but who am I but a lowly freelance designer to suggest that, haha. Tell you one thing, let me design dresses for Hollywood’s elite – they will certainly make the night more memorable! Head here if you’d like to see more looks from last night.

Trio…Pieces by Thomas Wold

My adventures in decorating my new place continue as I finally get around to working on my dresser (inspired by this GORGEOUS one). I finally have all the furniture I need (well except for a kitchen table…that one’s still hiding from me), but I still find myself browsing for unique and cool furniture designs. So you can imagine my sheer delight to stumble across the work of  furniture designer Thomas Wold…his stuff speaks to my love for color and kitschy 50’s furniture silhouettes. The following 3 are my favorites of his creations.


"Mixed Breed"

"Small World"

"Block Party"

Yes…these are the types of furniture that need to be in my home. I think it’s also cool that a lot of furniture that Wold makes is actually made of multiple pieces of furniture. If I had more space, I’d create furniture like this…it’s so cool!


Trio…Golden Globe Beauties

The Golden Globes this past Sunday was the usual affair of celebrity self-appreciation. It was also quite boring in the sense that you knew what films were going to dominate (I’m looking at you Black Swan & The Social Network) and you knew which actors & actresses were going to be honored (anyone involved with the aforementioned films). I only really watched to see the dresses that were to sashay down the red carpet, so here are my picks for the best 3 of the night.


Kyra Sedgewick in Emilio Pucci



Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

The dresses above were my favorite for many reasons, but there were also other dresses that were worn that I like as well for various reasons. I loved the fact that a dark emerald green dominated the red carpet. Besides Mila Kunis, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Elizabeth Moss & Angelina Joile wore the gorgeous color. In fact, color was just everywhere at the Golden Globes (see here, here, & here). I love evening gowns that aren’t your traditional black, white, or navy. Also, if it has sparkle (here, here, & here!) or even a crazy interest factor (here & here), then it could possibly be fab in my book!


Trio…Jewelry Mavens

I love jewelry. I think accessories are the best way to jazz up an outfit, so I tend to buy any piece of jewelry that tickles my fancy. My tastes include everything: beading, metal, fabric, precious stones, anything really! I’m currently looking for something unique to jazz up a New Years Eve outfit (in case I go out)…and these 3 lines by 3 fabulous ladies caught my eye…

Peace Images Jewelry

Frank & Myrrh

 The Looksee

There’s something awesome about every single one of these pieces…I should add them to my Christmas list!

Trio…Pop Culture Tees

I’ve posted before about my favorite typography tees and about my favorite tees for artsy folk. Today, I thought I’d resurrect my “Trio” series with a compilation of 3 tees regarding 3 of my favorite pop culture subjects – MJ, Super Mario, & Star Trek.

Michael Jackson Inspired Tees

Star Trek Tees

Super Mario Tees

"Magic Mushrooms"...this is hilarious!

Unfortunately, a lot of these are sold out…but it’s still cool to see what was once a really neat design!

After compiling this list, I realized that the world of graphic tees is far too large for me to just narrow this down to three subjects…lookout for 1 or 2 more lists like this!


I haven’t posted a Trio in a hot minute, so I thought I’d get back into this feature by posting 3 images from my food photography inspiration folder…that and the fact that it’s lunch time…

Mmmm...Delicious Indian Food!


Mmmm...a delicious cake!


Mmmmmm...Heirloom Tomato Olive Tarts


Food photography is so enticing! I’d actually like to take a class or read a book on some of the techniques involving photographing food because I think there’s got to be something that photographer do that just make you want to stuff your face 🙂

Trio…New -Ish From Fred & Friends

One of my favorite kitschy, unique home goods (and such) stores, Fred & Friends has had a new catalogue come out and while many things caught my eye, the following 3 have really got me wanting to make an order…

Ninjabread Men

…Because one can never have enough ass-kicking cookies…


…Because I have to own anything that’s ‘color-change’…


…Because robots are cool. That’s really the only reason why I want these…


Trio…3 Random Songs I Can’t Get Enough of at the Moment

I’m constantly listening to music…so whenever I find songs that I really love, I try not to play them repeatedly. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done and since I’ve been listening to a pretty eclectic stream of music lately, I thought I share the 3 current songs that I must play anytime I’m near my iPod or Laptop…

1) Kylie Minogue – Too Much (From Aphrodite) (please excuse the audio…this was the best copy I could find :()

2) Janet – Put Your Hands On (B-Side From Damita Jo)

3) Janelle Monae – Many Moons (From Metropolis: Suite I) (I’m actually on an entire Janelle Monae trip right now!)

Of course, this list could go on…but trio is only about things in 3’s so I had to limit myself, haha…trust me though, there’s tons more musical melodies bouncing around in my head that I plan on sharing with you guys.

Trio…In Heavy Rotation (Part II)

1) Scissor Sisters – Night Work

So I’d been hearing about  Scissor Sisters for awhile, but I never really took the time to check out their music until I read a rave review about their latest album, Night Work on another blog that I read….and now, I’m so totally hooked! I love their fusion of glam rock and 70’s falsetto – it’s like the BeeGee’s meets Queen. Night Work in particular has some really great production and a nice mix of new wave, a hint of electronica, and a whole lotta sexy glam. I must say that their other two albums, Ta-Dah & Scissor Sisters have been on repeat as well.

Tracks to Check OutNight Work, A Whole New Way, Fire With Fire

2) DJ  Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie – Summertime: The Mixtape

Wherever there’s something free, there’s me, so I was thrilled to discover this mixtape link over at Fly. DJ Jazzy Jeff has put together another great mixtape and this time he enlisted the help of Mike Boogie as well. The outcome is a smooth mixtape that covers every great summer hit from the 70’s up through the 90’s. The way they cut and ordered the tracks takes you on a really great trip and totally invokes some nostalgic feelings of summers from the past. There’s everyone on this mixtape from MJ & Kool & the Gang to Pharcyde & Mos Def. You should definitely download this 49 track groove fest – you will not be disappointed!

Tracks to Check Out – All of ’em!

3) Namie Amuro – Past<Future

Japanese hip-hop sensation Namie Amuro has done it again with her latest album, Past<Future. Now, this album came out in November of last year, but unfortunately it’s a nightmare trying to get music imports from other countries without paying an arm & a leg, so I wasn’t able to listen to it until now. It was certainly worth the wait because the album is filled with danceable tracks from beginning to end. I wish I could understand what she’s saying though (because of course, the lyrics are mostly Japanese). Regardless, I love her music (I have most of her other albums) and I would love to see her in concert – they say that she’s like the Japanese Janet Jackson…that would be so awesome!

Tracks to Check OutBad Habit, Dr., Wild, Copy That

Trio…MJ Favorites

Seeing as today is the 1 year anniversary of Michael’s death, I wanted to dedicate a Trio post of my top 3 favorite MJ related subjects…This list could go on and on, but that would make this post even longer than it’s already about to be. All I’ve listed above is by no means an exhaustive list…but I could only list 3 because, well, that’s what Trio posts are all about!


Human Nature – I first heard this song during a scene in the ’92 TV film The Jacksons – An American Dream. From the moment I heard the dreamy melody, I was hooked…but I had no idea what the name of the song was or which album it was on. It wasn’t until 2001 when I bought my first copy of Thriller when I was pleasantly surprised by track #7. I love everything about the song – the production, the lyrics, the emotion in MJ’s voice…simply perfection. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the songs that sample Human Nature, some of which include “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” by Nas and “Right Here” by SWV. You must also check out John Mayer’s acoustic version (which was played at his memorial) – it is stunning.

We Are Here to Change the World – This was from Captain EO…one of the 1st 3D films I ever saw way back in the day at Epcot. I rediscovered it when I bought The Ultimate Collection…I love how cheesy 80’s goodness this song is! By the way, Captain EO is back at Disneyland in case you happened to miss seeing it back in the 80’s and early 90’s – it’s certainly a treat!

Rock With You – This song gets me nostalgic everytime I hear it. Obviously, I wasn’t around in the 70’s. but there’s something about the timeless melody and lyrics makes me feel like I could have been in love to this song back in the day. Again, the production on this song is magic as well and that sparkly suit MJ is rocking in the video is so awesome 🙂

Music Videos

Scream –

Things I love:

The colors, concept, and choreography

The fact that Janet’s in it AND they’re performing together

Those latex leggings they’re rocking

Smooth Criminal

Things I Love:

The choreography (Especially “The Lean”)

The 1920’s concept – excellent costuming!

The fact that the scene in this video is in the Moonwalker video game

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Things I Love:

Michael is so cute in this video

The marbles that whizz around in the background

Live Performances

Dangerous – This was performed during the Dangerous World Tour and during various music award shows in the mid 90’s. The dancing in this number is fire and the costuming is on point. I love the fedora’s and red gloves. This was my favorite number to costume during Legacy.

Motown 25 Performance – I wish I could have been alive to see this live. Why? Because this is when MJ performed the Moonwalk for the first time ever. Plus this is when the iconic sparkly black jacket was worn…which (FYI!) was actually his mother’s.

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversay Special – I love this because this was basically the last time the brothers performed together. It was on Sept 10, 2001.


The man always had a sense of style like no other…and even though they were opulent, I loved how he dressed…here are some of my favorite looks…

Some other random favorites?

My top 3 favorite albums are Off the Wall, Dangerous, and Triumph.

My favorite part of the song Tabloid Junkie is when MJ beatboxes at the beginning of the track…so cool that he can do that!

My favorite tour to watch is The Dangerous World Tour.

I do apologize about the length of this post, but you must understand that I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was 6 years old. Literally. I made my Dad play the Dangerous cassette (yes, cassette) anytime we went anywhere in his car. I never bought into the “Wacko Jacko” mess and I get infuriated at the people whom feel that he committed inappropriate acts with children. To me, he’s simply the greatest entertainer of modern times. But more than that, I honestly feel like he was a good human being with a beautiful spirit. I realize he was human and I’m sure he was a jerk at times and made tons of wrong decisions, but at the end of the day, his music and legacy are some of the things I consider influences on my life. As strange as this may sound, I miss him and I hate that his life had so much darkness. But at least he’s in a better place and his legacy truly will go down in history…Rest In Peace King of Pop – you’re still, and always will be loved.