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Loving…Learn Something Everyday

Trivia + color + fun doodles = the awesome site Learn Something Everyday

This is such a great idea…people from around the world can submit random trivia facts and then the people at Learn Something Everyday draw little doodles to go along with them. I’ve been following this site for awhile and there’s always something to make my day 🙂

Loving…Totally Severe

I am throughly enjoying this awesome design site, Totally Severe. It’s ran by graphic designer, illustrator, and textile maker Sarah and it features some really witty and fun embroidery designs, wallpapers, fabrics, and fonts.

A lot of the wallpapers come for both desktops and iPhones…they’re really vibrant! Check out Totally Severe…you won’t be disappointed! I mean really – who wouldn’t want an embroidered design of Tim Gunn?

This & That From Japan

I found this awesome Etsy site that sells imported fabrics, crafts, books, and kick-knacks from Japan…here’s a look at some of the awesome stuff they sell!

Alice in Wonderland Fabric


Cake shaped erasers

Book on making felt bread shapes

Squirrel trim

Book on making plushies

Japanese stickers

This is why I love Japan! So many unique goodies…the prices are amazing at This & That from Japan – Im totally buying some stuff!

Tokyo Fashion

I came across this really cool website the other day called I’m a lover of exploring other cultures and Japanese culture is one that I find extremely interesting. I do enjoying learning and reading about the historical aspects of Japanese culture, but I also find modern Japanese culture extremely fascinating. Lucky for me, Japanese fashion and art is at the forefront of worldwide art and fashion, so discovering was an awesome surprise for me.

This website is sort of like the Japanese version of The Sartorialist in the sense that it complies photos of Tokyo street fashion, which is really cool because the sense of individuality on the streets of Tokyo is so varied that its like being in a living art gallery. However, the thing that makes different is that the website also has articles and interviews pertaining to fashion, accessories, and style in Japan. The world of fashion as a whole is extremely fast-moving, but the trends change even more rapidly in Japan, so this website is constantly updated with new photos, articles, and information.

One of my favorite parts of the site is the Fashion Map which provides information for finding all of the fashion districts/streets (Harajuku, Cat Street, Ginza, Shibuya, etc). It also provides information for shopping and the best places to find the best pieces for which ever trend you follow, whether it be Lolita, Gothic, or otherwise. I must keep this in mind when I finally visit Tokyo!

I love this site because its a nice glimpse into fashion that I personally think is more creative than most American street fashion. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got some awesome style out there as well, but it just seems way more organic in other counties, including Japan. Anyway, check out It’s an awesome source of inspiration and information.

Brainfood (10/12)

Being an artist, I try and put myself around people, places, and info that feeds both my artistic and personality needs. My ‘net surfing activity is a pretty good reflection of this so every so often I figured I’d share some of the websites and blogs that I’m digging for inspiration and knowledge. Maybe you’d find ’em pretty interesting too!

1. Abduzeedo


I love this site because its like a daily does of design crack for design crack addicts! Seriously though, Abduzeedo covers every aspect of design from graphic design to illustration to industrial design. This blog is the brainchild of graphic designer, Fabio Sasso. He also includes articles from contributing writers and graphic design software tutorials on the site.

2. Design You Trust

Design You Trust. World's Most Provocative Social Inspiration

Design You Trust is an open design blog that’s updated daily and by various contributors. This is one of my favorites because it also covers an array of topics and I really like the minimalist website design. It allows me to focus on the articles better, haha. You can join the blog for free and contribute articles as well I believe.

3. Lookbook

collective fashion consciousness._1255355168660

Lookbook is a fashion site in which people from all over the world send in photos of what fashion is to them. The photos are a reflection of the individuals personal style and many of them are great photography inspiration as well. Once you join, you can upload photos of your own style and then the community ‘hypes’ (votes on) your photo. If you receive enough votes then it gets posted on the site. The nice thing is there isn’t any way to vote negatively because the site promotes diversity and creativity. It’s really cool to see styles from all over.