Artist of the Day…Andy Gilmore

Today’s artist is amazing New York artist, Andy Gilmore. This stuff is an absolute sparkleshock! You know I love geometric artwork and his stuff does not disappoint. I’m just going to shut up now and let these images speak for themselves.

I can’t exactly put my finger on why I’m drawn to this stuff. I just love how the symmetry and color comes together to create such neat images. These would look awesome as a wall piece in my living room.

Simply cool.


Alice’s New Wonderland

I really like the movie posters for the upcoming Alice In Wonderland film.

It just looks so vivid and creepily spectacular!

Gah! I can’t wait! The movie hits theaters March 5, 2010

Costume Muses

I watched one of my favorite films last night, Titanic, and it never ceases to amaze me as to how beautiful the wardrobe is in that movie. So today, my inspiration comes in the form of three of my favorite costume designers: Colleen Atwood, Sharen Davis, & Deborah L. Scott. I suppose this list could be a bit biased because most of the work these designers have done has been featured in some of my favorite movies…something tells me the costuming has something to do with that!

Colleen Atwood

Colleen Atwood has designed for films including Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Memoirs of a Geisha, Edward Scissorhands, and the upcoming film, Nine. She’s done a number of films with Tim Burton which means that a lot of her best stuff has that over-the-top Gothic feel to it. My favorite costumes are the ones in Memoirs of a Geisha. The wardrobe was exquisitley detailed and extremely accurate. It goes to show that the best costumers are perfectionists as well as historians. Here’s a glimpse at some of my other favorite Colleen Atwood works:

Memoirs of a Geisha (Sayuri)


Sweeny Todd (Mrs. Lovett)

Sharen Davis

Sharen Davis designed the costumes to one of my favorite musical films, Dreamgirls. She is one of the few successful designers of color that I know of and I really admire her for her craft. She’s been in the costume and wardrobe department of films for years, but even she admits that Dreamgirls was one of her dream jobs. She has also done the costumes for Seven Pounds, The Nutty Profesor 2, and The Great Debaters.


Deborah L. Scott

Deborah L Scott has designed for a number of films including Titanic, Minority Report, Transformers, and Wild Wild West. Again, a number of my favorite movies include her work and I especially love her period films. I will never forget the opening scene of Titanic in which Rose gets out of the carriage, her ensemble caught my eye more than the ship did! These costumes are utterly stunning.


All these women are inspirations to me to continue to work my craft so that I can be where they are someday.

Just Because…The Oprah Scream

Since the Queen of Daytime’s long reign is swiftly coming to an end (in a year and a half, but that’s like a second in TV land), I thought it’d be fun to post this compilation of Oprah screaming her celeb guests names in that classic Oprah way.

Oh come on now, you know you’ve announced something like this at least once…Just Because.


“Charming” Jewelry

I recently discovered Wenlan Chia’s awesome fashion, jewelry, and home furnishing collections called Twinkle. I was especially enthralled with the jewlery line, “Twinkle Jewels”. These necklaces and bracelets are both dainty but with a fun edge. Take the above photo for example. That is the Avanlance Necklace and its made of acrylic but can fool anyone into thinking its glass. It’s pretty in a broken sort of way…

Twinkle Jewels” also has an awesome array of charm necklaces and bracelets – each fun in their own way.

Here’s what I mean:

Here’s some more:


Designer of the Day…Mango

Today’s designer is Barcelona import, Mango. Started in 1984, the brand has now grown to wordwide recognition for its use of world famous models and chic clothing. I choose Mango as a desgner of the day because I think the wardrobe pieces have that offbeat unique-ness that is quite apparent in European design. I also loved their ’09 knitwear collection which has given me lots of ideas for more winter wear!

Mango has awesome pieces for both men and women. There are Mango stores in California and Florida, but if you need a fix immediately you can shop online.

God, I love great design!

Loving…Jeffrey-West Shoes

Part of the qualities of a good man is a man that can dress. And I don’t mean just throwing on any old thing…I mean a man who dress with sophistication, class, and style no matter what the occasion. That’s why I’m loving this new shoe collection by UK designers Jeffrey-West . These shoes embody all those qualities I just mentioned, but without looking like something that would be standard in a pimp’s closet…

Instead, they have the elegance of a man with a purpose…and the sense of danger like Sweeney Todd. I think that’s sexy – just like these shoes. 

Just Because…The 2011 Audi A8

The new Audi A8 was unveiled in Miami this past week and it’s enough to make gadget lovers like James Bond, MavGuyver, and myself swoon. How? Oh let me count the ways:

  • The navigational system downloads full maps from Google Maps and translates them into 3D imagery
  • The multimedia interface recogizes your handwriting
  • The steering wheel cancels out any vibration coming from the motor
  • There are 16 speakers (totally right up my alley…)
  • Ambient lighting in the console and the interior
  • There are night vision, thermal imaging, AND, motion sensitive capabilities

…So yeah, you could practically drive this car with no hands while drinking a martini. Which I would totally do all while blasting Daft Punk as I go 120 down the freeway…

That’s the 2011 Audi A8…Just Because.

H1N1 Protection for Fashionistas

You know something has reached cult status when the fashion world starts to reference the idea. It happens with catchphrases, it happens with pop culture icons, it happens with fads, and it happens with…pandemics? Well, apparently so because I came across the surgical masks designed by Marjan Kooroshnia, a Swedish designer.

That’s right. A surgical mask. A surgical mask to protect you and all your fashionable loved ones from the dreaded H1N1. All joking aside, the technology behind these masks is actually quite neat. You see, the masks are Thermocromic which means that the ink on them changes color according to the wearer’s body temperature. Which means that you and everyone around you can be alerted to the fact that you may have a fever which of course can only be cause by what else? Swine flu.

I must admit that although I think a lot of the Swine Flu interest is slight paranoia, these masks are a neat idea.

 via The Coolist


Artist of the Day…Angel Perez Guzman

Today’s artist is Angel Perez Guzman a 25 year old graphic designer from Venezula. He mixes illustration and graphic design to create vibrant and detailed images that are fun, cheeky, and purely awesome. I love his use of line and how he uses geometric shapes to create all the little details that make up the awesome images.

Here’s more: