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All Good Things…

…come to an end.

That bit above is the most succinct way I can express what I’m about to say. As many of you (if you’re still around!) know, I made quite a big move earlier this year. I decided to uproot myself & move across the country to pursue my dream of making it as a Costume Designer. When I came to LA, I had NO IDEA how much of my life would change…especially in such a short time. I had planned to come out here & keep up with my creative endeavors…Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case. I quickly had to learn that I had to prioritize my creative outlets…and as I’m sure you’re aware, Sparkleshock unfortunately became the one that was low on the list.

When I started blogging, I was a recent college graduate who’d moved back home & had nothing but time on her hands. When I got my job at Target, I became a recent college graduate that worked at a job where she made it so that she had time on her hands (ha!). I’m sure I mentioned to you all that I blogged from my desk at work. It became no secret to my cubicle mate that I always had tons of windows open for a reason…& that reason was so that I could blog. In all honesty, I’m not cut out for the cubicle world of corporate America, so I needed something to get me through the monotony of my day…and my blog helped me to do that.

Things are different now, though. I don’t have the time to make time like I used to. Last year, I didn’t have much going on professionally or personally, so SparkleShock was a way to make me feel useful to the creative world. Now, (literally since Jan 1, 2011), my life has been taken over by job hunting, decorating, getting acclimated to LA, working, networking, freelancing…all while finally taking steps to open my own business of designed goods.

The truth is, I don’t have time to blog anymore.

I never understood what people meant when they would tell me that “blogging is a lot of work”. At the time, it wasn’t for me because I was doing it when I was essentially using someone else’s time. Now, the only time I have is my own, and I hate to admit that I have to use my time for other endeavors right now. 90% of the content for The ‘Shock was fueled by my web-surfing. Now, I simply cannot devote 2-4 hours a day editing & sifting though the plethora of sites in which I draw my inspirations. Those 2-4 hours don’t include the time it takes to create the posts (of which, as you may remember, were 3-4 a day). I haven’t checked up on my google reader in months & I have no idea what some of my favorite bloggers are up to…

I’ve written about SparkleShock’s birth…so I suppose it’s only fitting that I write about its passing.

As corny as it sounds, it truly does sadden me to let you guys know that it’s going to be quiet around here for a while. Maybe indefinitely. Even as I write this, I’m not 100% sure what will happen, but I do know that I will only be posting when I absolutely feel the pull to. Churning out over 20 posts a week was exhausting & in all honesty, around Dec/Jan, I was kinda burned out with both of my blogs. It proved to be very time consuming…and my blog was never supposed to be one that became a source of stress for me. I not a blogger that started this blog to fund my livelihood. I started it solely as an outlet, so since it’s become a point of stress, I think it’s best that I stop for the time being.

Now, if you’ve been a follower of my blog, then you know I’m an artist…and the mind of an artist is always in flux. So I wouldn’t tell you to stop coming to Sparkleshock…I don’t think I could ever stop this sort of online visual journal indefinitely…but I do know that it will not be as it was. I will not be posting daily. I may not even be posting weekly. I guess what I’m trying to say is please don’t hold The Shock to any expectations anymore. Until I figure out a way to incorporate more time for SparkleShock in my life, it will be very sporadic around here. I do have plans to rework both Sparkleshock (& Jade Pheenix) because I do like blogging, but I cannot let you know when (or if) that will be. This the best I can offer you for now.

I want to thank all my subscribers & anyone that did/does read my blog on a regular basis. You guys really made me feel special. I mean that. On a personal note, I’m one of those people that struggles at times with feelings of being insignificant. Somehow, though, if I found myself in a moment of feeling down on myself, I would always seem to come across a comment, FB wall post, or tweet that said something good about my blog & my taste in art/design/fashion. It was an instant morale booster & I’m very grateful for those kind words from both strangers & friends.

In the lull that’s coming, I would like to invite you to check out/follow my tumblr. I post there very regularly & it has quickly become the easiest (& quickest!) way for me to somewhat purge myself of creative clutter. It’s quite similar to The Shock, but with less verbiage & more imagery. It’s also a bit more personal as I blog random thoughts and whatnot. And as always, you can always find my randomness & adventures over on Twitter.

SO! Let’s end this on a high note, shall we? Here’s something…for old time’s sake 🙂

I dig these drawings by Louise Despont

I love how these have an otherworldly quality to them…almost metaphysical. In fact, they actually sort of remind me of the art direction used in the Predator films. A lot of the design in the ships for the aliens kinda had motifs that remind me of Despont’s work. Awesome!

…P.S. This is a long shot, but I hope someone reading this thought about THIS when you read the title of this posting. It was my *geeky* inspiration 🙂


Artist of the Day…Mara Caffarone

Today’s artist, Mara Caffarone, certainly has an eye for color and whimsy. I really enjoyed looking through her work, so I decided to share her as an artist of the day because her paintings combine the color & collage style that I love so much. Caffarone hails from Buenos Aires and uses acrylic on paper to create many of her awesome works.

I could tell you more about Caffarone, but I’ll leave you to take a look at her paintings…and then head over to Little Paper Planes to read an interview where she was recently interviewed & featured!

Very pretty, aren’t they? Caffarone has said that colors are fundamental to her because of the relationships they can have to each other & the viewer. I think her work certainly lets color take the stage and do their magic, don’t you agree??

[Foot-itecture]…Shoes by Benoit Meleard

Check out these stunning architectural footwear pieces by French footwear extraordinaire, Benoit Meleard….

While I normally detest over the top footwear (I’m looking at you Jeffery Campbell), I do love it when it’s more for art’s sake rather than trying to actually be wearable. I think that’s what these are supposed to be – art. Meleard has designed shoes for Alexander McQueen, so it’s no wonder that these would be sculptural masterpieces.

Artist of the Day…Killian Eng

The work of Killian Eng is certainly something I really dig. I’m excited to share him because I’m really enjoying hsi sort of 80’s retro illustration style and I also think it’s really awesome that many of these are storyboard art for various concepts of his.

Eng is based in Stockholm, Sweden and churns out many of his works through his design studio DW Design. He combines graphic design, illustration, and animation to create a variety of short films that are quite visually stunning. (See a trailer for his short film Marchmounts here.). I love his work because it has an obvious vintage Anime style aesthetic, but it’s also quite vivid – even though many of his images utilize a dark color scheme.

It appears that Eng has also designed some film and event posters as well.

Very amazing…I would love to see a compilation of all his short films – they certainly look like they’d take you on a trip!

[Pretty Words of Wisdom]…Prints by Megan Rene

…Because sometimes you just need your words of inspiration to look as good as they make you feel…

These prints by Megan Rene are pretty, no? And it doesn’t help that they use words to lift your spirits too!

[Hazy Dream Landscapes]…Art by Brooks Shane Salzwedals

These landscapes of floating islands and hazy conifers  by Brooks Shane Salzewedals have got me feeling really relaxed & imaginative right now…

Aren’t those just dreamy? I also think they have a bit of a haunting side to them…almost like a beautiful, derelict forest. Alot of these works are made using a combination of illustration or painting and utilize different materials like resin, graphite, & tape. I love those portal like ones…it’s like looking into a window of a magical forest! There are prints available here if you’re just as enthralled as I am!

Trio…Pieces by Thomas Wold

My adventures in decorating my new place continue as I finally get around to working on my dresser (inspired by this GORGEOUS one). I finally have all the furniture I need (well except for a kitchen table…that one’s still hiding from me), but I still find myself browsing for unique and cool furniture designs. So you can imagine my sheer delight to stumble across the work of  furniture designer Thomas Wold…his stuff speaks to my love for color and kitschy 50’s furniture silhouettes. The following 3 are my favorites of his creations.


"Mixed Breed"

"Small World"

"Block Party"

Yes…these are the types of furniture that need to be in my home. I think it’s also cool that a lot of furniture that Wold makes is actually made of multiple pieces of furniture. If I had more space, I’d create furniture like this…it’s so cool!


[Blueprint of Beauty]…Artwork by Jason Thielke

These anatomical blueprint inspired mixed media pieces by Jason Thielke have got me in a tizzy….

They’re made of wood, ink, lacquer, laser cut techniques and just plain talent.

I dig these. A Lot.

[Images in Music…& Film]…Art by Iri5

These are amazing…

Stunning, right?? Even more so because these are made COMPLETELY out of cassette tape, film tape, and the 5th image is even made of sheet music! Crazy that someone can take those elements and create such striking and unique works. Plus, what better subjects to portray using film and cassette tapes than great actors & musicians of our time?? I would love to have one of these pieces by Iri5…be sure to check out his site for more and his flickr to see some of the works during the process.

Artist of the Day…Roselina Hung

I’ve got a really unique visual artist to share with you guys today. I’m captivated by the bold colors of the work of Roselina Hung, a Vancouver based artist that combines somewhat fanciful subject matter with gorgeous prints & patterns.

Hung’s medium is oil based painting (which explains why the colors in her work pops). Her artist’s statement says that she uses her work to evoke common memories and personal experiences. For example, she has an artwork series’ named “Of Myth & Men” which combines a male figure with the head of various animals. For me, I immediately thought about Greek mythology (probably not that deep, but it is what it is!).

There’s also a series of self portraits in Hung’s body of work. Those are my favorites because they are of real people and remind me of people that I know or could know. Her style is almost photorealism…which I love!

Great work…it’s no wonder that Hung has shown in exhibits around the world!