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[Abandoned Pods]…The San Zhi UFO Houses

I’m not sure if I’ve posted about these before, but I was browsing through Flickr the other night for unique architecture and I came across these images of the abandoned San Zhi apartment complex in Taiwan. Apparently there’s this abandoned resort off the coast of Taiwan that was built in the 70’s. For some reason, the resort never really prospered, so these neat buildings were left to rot. Check it out…

(These photos are all from Flickr user Yusheng’s photoset.)

Now I think  these are pretty damn cool! They’re so reminiscent of the time when futuristic equaled round and bulbous. I would have loved to stay in one of these neat pods. I also like that they’re all different colors. This would be a GREAT place for a photoshoot…Neat!


[Vintage Food…Gone Bad]

Christmas is almost here and like Thanksgiving, Christmas day is filled with delicious foods and dishes that are almost as awesome as the presents themselves. But what if the food wasn’t so delicious? What if you just so happened to time travel back to the 50’s where gelatin ruled the kitchen and anything could come as a loaf. If that were possible, then you’d be feasting on these…interesting…vintage food dishes…

Aren’t those just hideous!? I have no idea why every dish seems to have been forced into a mold of some sort…and who on earth would ever eat a Lima Bean casserole?? Ick! This is still really interesting to me though…I want to get a hold of a vintage cookbook to see what other deathly concoctions were dreamt up. If you can stomach it, you can see more over at the “Gee That Food Looks Terrible (Vintage)” flickr pool.

[Dead Ladies]…Figurines by Jessica Harrison

For our WTF! moment of the day, I have these interesting little knick knacks by UK artist Jessica Harrison….

…Yeah…so…interesting yes??

You know, I cover art and there is usually things I come across that it’s like “huh!”…I mean, that’s one of the fun parts about it…but sometimes, I just have to call something for what it is – and these are creepy…I’m sure it works for some people (oh, say like Ted Bundy…) but not for me! If these do tickle your fancy though, check out Harrison’s website – her work is…um…organic to say the least!


Cats + Flowers = I Die.

(OMG…I can turn into such a crazy cat lady at times…)

Artist of the Day…Nick Van Woert


Nick Van Woert is an artist after my own heart. This sculptor and industrial artist just creates some really funky pieces – out of found objects, spitwads, and chewing gum no less! This Nevada native and Parson’s school of Design graduate has shown in many exhibitions wordwide and was even the valendictorian of his MFA class!

I’m really enjoying his collection of busts…

I’d so put that blue sculpture in my house!

Altered Antiques…

So…I stumbled across these altered plates by Beat Up Creations…and I love how random they are! These are real antique plates that have various pop culture images heat transferred onto them….Check the Chucky one!

Oh I do love these altered antique plates by Beat Up Creations…anything that melds Darth Vader with a vintage rose motif is automatically amazing in my book…


Farmville + $1,400 = One Angry Parent…(and one dumb kid)

Gotta Have It….Dripping Sunglasses by Ann-Sofie Back

I am so in love with these glasses by Ann-Sofie Back right now…they can be ordered at the Opening Ceremony website.

They are so deliciously creepy to me for some reason…perhaps the red color is what’s making me think of blood rather than something melting…or maybe I’m just weird!

Just Because…Fantastic Foodies

I love when people take food and turn it into something totally fun and quirky…so I thought I’d share these images I found. The first is the Death Star made out of a watermelon and the second is a series of images of Lady Gaga cookies (you’ll just have to see them to get it)…Just Because!

Death Star Watermelon

Lady Gaga Cookies (via Ohnotheydidnt)

Someone clearly had A LOT of time on their hands…neat ideas though!


…Because trees need to be warm too!