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Loving…Kikka & Kitten

I came across these adorable kitten shaped plushies and upon further investigation found out that they are by Kikka&Kitten and have been getting quite the publicity…

I haven’t been able to find out much about these cute kitties except that the designer, Ericka Olaya Andrade, uses organic materials to create the Kikka in a rainbow of colours. The final 3 images are from a collaboration with Japanese cosmetics line Shu Uemura that has the Kitta modeling Shu Uemura’s latest eyelashes. I wish i could find out more about these guys – they’re so cute!

[Shu Uemura images via Design Milk]

Just Because…Pantone Cosmetics Concept Designs

I came across these neat concept designs by Renata Viega for Pantone (should they ever produced cosmetics)…Just Because!

I actually would buy this. Imagine all the colors Pantone has in every eyeshadow you could imagine! I think it would sell…what do you think?

The Boom of “Ethnic” Beauty Products

Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter Lotion - I love this stuff...always leaves my skin very moisturized

I read an interesting article this morning at work about a supposed boom amongnst “Ethinc” hair and beauty products. The article highlighted the fact that use of organic and natural beauty products has increased to profits of over $2.7 billion dollars a year and that the largest group of people drawn to these products were Asians followed by Hispanics and the African-Americans. I found this article really intriguing because the author stated that this trend is headed by the fact that minorities are now focused on “…focusing on their individual hertitage” rather than “…wanting to belong to American society and use the same brands”. What? Is that saying that the reason “Ethnic” (and I’ll explain my use of quotations in a bit) beauty products are selling well now is that minorities no longer want to use “White” beauty products? This statement doesn’t sit well with me for the sheer fact that I do not believe that using ingredients that come from the earth or have less chemicals is in way “Ethnic” based. If you ask me, no one should be using harsh chemicals or fake compunds on their hair and skin. To market these

Organix Teatree Mint - Super clean and smells delicious, I'll co-wash or shampoo cleanse my hair with this

products as “Ethinc” immediately does one of two things. First, it alientates those not in the minority pool by subconsciously telling them that “this isn’t for you” and secondly it clumps a group of people (minorities) together as an entirely seperate market that I think subconsciously says “these products are slightly inferior because they aren’t mainstream brands”. Perhaps I’m reading in to it, but the mere fact that the word “Ethinc” is used as a marketing tool for beauty products for people of color is not appropriate in my book. The use of cocoa butter, tea tree oil, fruit extracts, etc is not in any way “Ethnic” or specific to a certain group of people. Those ingredients are probably beneficial not to just Black humans or Asian humans, but to ALL humans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that there are more products out there that are taking into consideration that biologically, the skin and hair types of the peoples of this planet are different, but I do wish that discussions about the benefits and properties of these products didn’t turn into a discussion about the exclusion of certain peoples from something we should all want – healthy bodies. What about your thoughts after reading the article…am I just being overly sensitive??

SparkleShock Gift Ideas (La Familia)

In continuing with my Holiday gift selections, the following are gifts I think would be great for those people whom will never go away – your family! However, just because they may be family doesn’t mean they can’t live a life of SparkleShock and these gifts continue to help them do just that. 

For the Mom Who “Doesn’t Want a Gift” 


As a call-out, I would like to let my future family know that I most certainly WILL continue to ask and expect Christmas and Birthday gifts. That being said, most Mothers I know always say “Oh, no don’t get me anything…I have everything I need”. More often than not, they don’t mean it (and take it from me, I have actually listened to this lament one year – bad idea.), so always remember to get them a gift anyway. And make sure it’s thoughtful like a subscription to a Tea of the Month Club. Teavana offers a really nice one in which you can select a 6 or 12 month membership. The idea behind this gift is to make sure that mom takes some time out every month to relax and enjoy her new tea. It’s healthy too! 

 For the Dad You Can Get Anything for and He’ll Love/Use It 


Dad’s have to be the easiest people on the planet to shop for. First off, it helps that they’re men and men aren’t usually too picky about their gifts. Second of all, Dads really just care about getting a gift that will either make their lives a bit easier or give them the opportunity to completly slack off. That is why this silk PJ set from Brooks Brothers is perfect! Dads don’t really appreciate the luxury of an awesome fabric like cashmere or silk until they try it on and once he does, he’ll be hooked! 

For the Sister Whom Thinks Everything That’s Yours is Hers 


There must be some unwritten rule between sisters that not only are you supposed to share parents, but you’re supposed to share clothes, accessories, and everything else too! Well, this hair straigntener by Remington is the perfect thing to prevent that! Everyone knows, you’re not supposed to share hair accessories and once your sis sees this, she won’t want to! These are really cute because they come in 4 different patterns and are great quality flat irons. You can find them at Target

For the Annoying Brother 


Here’s an easy gift to get your bro to leave you alone for awhile, the Adult Swim In A Box DVD set. This set is a great collection of the 1st seasons of shows including Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Moral Oral, Sealab 2021, and many others. The set also has unreleased pilots of some Adult Swim shows that never got to make it to the small screen. This will shut him up…and make you both laugh at the same time! 

For the Lil’ Munchkin  

Kids and babies are so much fun to shop for because you can get them pretty much anything that lights up, makes noise, or can be played with and they’re happy. I personally always enjoyed magnetic refridgerator letters, so I selected these really cute stuffed felt letters for the little wordsmith on your list. They’re different because they’re made of felt instead of plastic and come in such cute colors! Adorable!

Christmas is now only 1 day away…Happy Shopping!

Loving…K By Beverly Knight Cosmetics

I admit I’m a product whore, so I’m constantly looking for the latest and greatest in cosmetics and hair care. So you can imagine the rush of adrenaline when I discovered this new cosmetics line by UK Soul singer, Beverly Knight. I first read about the line in Arise Magazineand when I found out the the cosmetics were made specifically for women of color, I was hooked. Knight said she was moved to create the line after constantly looking for colors that would complement her skin. Being in the entertainment industry, she found it appaling that with all the makeup artists and cosmetics, she still couldn’t find a product that catered to her skin tone. As a result, K by Beverly Knight was born to fill that niche for Black and Asian women. 

The great variety of colors of eyeshadow, the well blended foundations, and the sumptious lip colors allow women of darker skin tones the luxury of wearing georgeous, vibrant colors without looking like a clown. Its awesome that now there’s an option for us women of color that finally addresses our cosmetics needs.

Check out K by Beverly Knight online or if you’re over the pond in the UK at the Selfridges department store.