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[Inspiration of the Day]…Tron (+ A Mini Update!)

Hey everybody! I’m now writing to you not from my work cubicle (as I have been for the past year), but from my new place & space in Los Angeles, CA. My move went relatively smoothly and I’m slowly getting used to driving everywhere, seeing mountains, and having to pay 5 extra cents for a bottle of soda, haha!

I hope your new year has started off well! Mine is starting off quite productively and while last week’s post were all scheduled, I’m now back to writing “live” ones like before. I’m still working out a routine here where I allow time for blogging, so things may be a bit sporadic for a spell. It’s a bit different having time all to myself to spend “doing me” rather than “working for the man”!

Anyway, I’m going to try and bring back my “Inspiration of the Day” feature that I had way back when I started Sparkleshock. Basically I just posted about the ideas, art, colors, seasons, etc that have help my mindspace as of late. I really enjoyed doing those posts and since I’m surrounded by creative energy here in LA, I’d like to get back to them. Today’s feature is all about Tron. I realize I’m sort of late in seeing the film, but with things so hectic, I hadn’t gotten a chance to see the movie until now. In short, it was


The costumes were breathtaking. Michael Wilkinson designed them and they are STUNNING. This is the same guy who did the costumes for Watchmen (of which I also loved), so I expected nothing short of great. I loved the entire feel of the film. The color use was spectacular. How they decided to use warm colors for the antagonists (CLU & his henchman) was quite clever. Cool colors were used for the protagonists which was also neat because anytime they were on the screen, a sense of calm cut the tension that the action scenes created.

After seeing this film, I think I want to be something Tron like for Halloween this year. I’d only have to figure out how to get the light up elements…

The soundtrack was also amazing. Daft Punk KILLED it (as they always do)….but they were the PERFECT choice to score this film because they’re so otherwordly themselves…

My favorite tracks off the OST are Solar Sailer & End of Line…

Seriously, this soundtrack has been on repeat all weekend.

Here’s some more Tron or Tron inspired stuff that has got me in a designgasm…





LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I heard Daft Punk held a rave on set one night because shooting couldn’t occur…I would have LOVED to costume this!!

Designer of the Day…Devani

Every so often I come across a designer that may not reflect my personal style, but is one that I really admire in terms of design aesthetic. Today’s designer, Devani, is one such designer. These pieces are actually very similar to the types of things I would create when I began sewing (back in middle school). They’re super creative and very literal. Not to mention full of cartoon characters and lots of color…

Devani is based in NYC and focuses on custom designs. Some of these like the lip print skirt and the (believe it or not!) bubblegum dress I would actually wear!

Aren’t those whimsical!? To be honest, some of these would be great for a theme party…or even for when you just want to be different. I need to get back into this part of my design self…you don’t always have to create things that are conventional. Awesome work!

[Ensemble: The Style of Music]…

This is genius…

These prints by Moxy Creative House have totally made my day! What a cool idea to make a set of posters of iconic musician clothing…and they are totally recognizable at first glance. My favorites include Kiss  (look at that arm details!), Run DMC (they even added the spectacles!), MJ (big surprise, huh ;), & Kanye (mostly for the little heartbreak pin). My absolute favorite though has to be Prince, mostly because when I first looked at it (well really anytime I see this outfit of his) I think of pancakes*!

Head over to Moxy Creative House to see more musicians and more of this awesomeness

*If you do not get that at first read, you need to click the link AND brush up on your comedy, yo.

Sparkle, Style, and Substance at the 2010 Met Costume Institute Gala

Last night was the night to be at the Met…why you ask? Because last night was the night of the annual Costume Institute Gala and the stars came out in droves for the current exhibition which is the “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity”. The exhibit pays homage and looks at the historical impact the American fashion designer has had on the look of the “American” woman. The exhibit sounds very interesting, but what I love about the gala is all the amazing looks that abound!

Here are my absolute favorites…along with the stunning ladies wearing them…

Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs

J.Lo in Zuhair Murad

Chanel Iman in Michael Kors

Ms. Jackson in Lanvin

Blake Lively in Marchesa

Eva Mendes in Dolce & Gabbana

Camilla Belle in Jason Wu

Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage

These 8 looks were definitely the most stunning to me. I loved the color of Blake Lively’s dress and I thought the princess-ness of Jennifer Lopez’s was great fun. I also loved the creams, golds, and nudes in her dress as well. My two favorite looks hands down had to be that awesome metallic jumpsuit of Chanel Iman’s and that fierce one-armed dress of Janet’s. Both ladies brought the right amount of edge and classiness and that Lanvin dress is so totally Ms. Jackson! I’m not usually a fan of Michael Kors (he usually bores me), but that jumpsuit is just stunning! I also loved Nicole Richie’s sparkly gown. The empire waist gave that perfect touch of vintage without being too much.

I give the award for best looking couch fabric to Eva Mendes…and I actually mean that in a good way! Normally, bold, big roses scream SOFA! to me, but this mermaid dress came out totally beautiful and classic. I loved it as well. Finally, I have to give Camilla Belle and SJP an enthusiatic 2 thumbs up on their gowns of choice. That red is stunning with Camilla’s dark hair and I think the silhouette of the gown is fabulous. SJP’s dress is fun and not as dressy to me, but still formal because of the great sheer, sparkle fabric that was used. I also love the volume of the bodice…I would own every single one of these dresses!

If you’d like to see the other looks from the fun night you can go here and here…I would have loved to go to this gala…one of these here days, I’ll be in one of these photo galleries!

Designer of the Day…Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

I’ve got a fun designer I wanted to feature today – the amazing conceptual Jean-Charles de Castelbajac – also known as JC/DC. You all already know how much I love concept designers, so I’m really excited to share the awesomness that is JC/DC. This French designer is known for his “object dresses” that have featured everyone from Pikachu, Princess Diana, Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, and Snoopy. He’s designed a line for MaxMara and he also has costumed concerts, tv shows, and musicals.

Besides fashion, JC/DC also has his hands in other design fields like jewelry and tableware. He’s also been known to do web design, interior design, and art installations. I’m most drawn to his fashion lines though because they speak to the costumer in me. I love designers that aren’t focused on selling to the masses. JC/DC creates art for only the fiercest to wear and I so love him for that…I would wear half of his stuff to events!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.




I LOVE these collections…Love ’em!

Designer of the Day…Tina Kalivas

I am extremely excited about today’s designer Tina Kalivas because she is another designer that has an amazing gift for creating awesome concept collections. I am a bit biased since this is my personal design aesthetic, so perhaps that should be taken into consideration, but anyone that can create entire collections inspired by such things as outer space, Aztec and African geometric art, and Rubik’s Cubes is automatically amazing in my book.

Kalivas is from Wales and has worked with such greats as Alexander McQueen and Russell Sage. I was also really stoked to find out that she’s done costume design for film as well!

I love every bit of her work and her design aesthetic is so similiar to mine…it’s so awesome to know there’s another designer out there who loves to mix fashion and costume to create other worldly pieces! You can read an interview with Kalivas here…great, great work!

Sketches: Legacy…A Tribute to the King of Pop

As promised…albeit a bit late…here’s some of my sketches for Legacy: A Tribute to the King of Pop.

"Remember the Time"


 I’m so excited to be working on this and it’s such a learning experience to costume such an active production. You think about things in more of an ease level for the dancers rather than soley looks. Thoughts??

Concept Art from Ironman 2

Chris Kawagiwa is a storyboard artist and illustrator who also does some extra work. While on the set of Ironman 2, he was able to do these sketches of Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman and some ladies who are apparently called the “Ironettes”.


Pretty cool…I can’t wait for this movie to come out!

Celebrating Black Designers: Ruth E. Carter

Here’s another awesome African-American costume designer. I’d always wondered who designed the beautiful 40’s costumes in the film Malcolm X, and I was thrilled to find out that it was Ruth E. Carter. Carter has done a lot of work over the years include 2 other Spike Lee films (Do the Right Thing, School Daze), B.A.P.S., Love & Basketball, and Four Brothers. She also costumed the Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got To Do with It. I read that she worked closely with Turner to get the performance costumes and wigs perfect. Carter was also nominated for an Oscar in 1998 for Amistad.

I love many of these films and it’s awesome that the costumer designer is a Woman of Color!

Celebrating Black Designers: Zelda Wynn Valdes

February is Black History Month and since Black History is everyone’s history, I’m going to take time out every few days to celebrate Black artists and designers.

I figured I’d start out with someone in a profession that’s close to my heart – Costuming. This legend is Zelda Wynn Valdes, a fashion and costume designer whom outfitted such beauties as Dorothy Dandridge, Marian Anderson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Gladys Knight. Valdes was also the owner of the first Black business on Broadway in NYC back in the 1940’s. She got her start by making patterns out of newsprint, studying her grandmother’s seamstress, and working in her uncle’s tailoring shop. Pretty soon, Zelda’s work was catching all the right eyes including Hollywood and even Hugh Hefner. Did you know Zelda designed the first Playboy Bunny uniforms? She also designed the uniforms for the Dance Theater of Harlem. And she created the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers! This woman was amazing…I hope I can one day be a part of the legends of costuming like she is.

I’m really upset I’d never heard of Zelda before now…thanks to a friend of mine for writing about Zelda on Facebook!