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Loving…EM by Miri

I swear Etsy was put her on this planet to deliberately keep me from saving money. I come across several shops every week that make me wish I was a millionaire so I could spend, spend, spend! There is a little shoppe on there for every little niche…

Case in point? EM by Miri which has a multitude of lovely goodies for cat lovers!

CUTE!!! I love that embroidered piece above…it’s so sassy! Be sure to check out EM by Miri is you wouldn’t mind some kitty goodies in your life!


Loving…Filthy Home

I’m still in decorating mode, so it was nice to come across Filthy Home…especially their unique collection of wallpapers…

Of course, I don’t think I’d actually put any of these in my home, but I still enjoy them for the cleverness…especially in the naming.

For example, that first print above (with the guns) is aptly entitled “Shoot Your Load”. There are others by the names of “Landing Strip”, “Down Below Victorian” & “Popped Cherries”.

Gotta love those plays on words, huh?!

[A Typography Reincarnation]…Letter Revamps by Character

So here’s a neat idea…how about giving signage that’s dismantled another life by giving it new lights and a new home? That’s exactly what Finnish company, Character does. The goal of Character is to save dismantled logos and give them a new life by replacing the fluorescent bulbs with LEDs and then selling them as neat design objects…

This is such a neat idea. I have always wondered what happens to signs on buildings when stores go out of business or something, and now I know that many of that signage gets destroyed. That’s unfortunate because clearly there are tons of people who would love to have those letters as decor. I know I would!

Loving…Wood Stuff

I’m not usually a fan of things dealing with wood. Wood panelling makes me cringe and every piece of wooden furniture I have ever owned has been painted in some sort of way. I own wooden jewelry, but I very rarely wear it…so it’s weird to me that I now have a weird obsession with all things wood.

Here’s some examples…


Wood Puzzle (Vis General Store)

Wood (Cherry) Bowl

Teak & Pencil Light

Wooden Radio

Lace & Wood Ring

Paint Palette Ring

Weaving Wood by Rush Pleansuk

Perhaps I should stop painting the wood i my house and just let it’s beauty shine through…cause these objects above have certainly shown that!


Trio…Pieces by Thomas Wold

My adventures in decorating my new place continue as I finally get around to working on my dresser (inspired by this GORGEOUS one). I finally have all the furniture I need (well except for a kitchen table…that one’s still hiding from me), but I still find myself browsing for unique and cool furniture designs. So you can imagine my sheer delight to stumble across the work of  furniture designer Thomas Wold…his stuff speaks to my love for color and kitschy 50’s furniture silhouettes. The following 3 are my favorites of his creations.


"Mixed Breed"

"Small World"

"Block Party"

Yes…these are the types of furniture that need to be in my home. I think it’s also cool that a lot of furniture that Wold makes is actually made of multiple pieces of furniture. If I had more space, I’d create furniture like this…it’s so cool!


Inspiration of the Day…Decor Frenzy

Things are slowly but surely coming together with my new place. When I have days off from work, I’ve been painting, staining, thrifting, and sewing this place into my own little slice of home heaven. I’m always down for a nice DIY project because I can never seem to find exactly what I want in stores. In this post, I wanted to share some images that I’ve come across that I may try in my own space. They include some wall art and some neat ideas for furniture. (Click the image for more info)

DIY Projects

This is a neat idea involving flower frogs. I may try this using unique soap dishes. I always see so many that I like, but I don’t have a use for them in their intended purpose, so I may just display them in this nifty way.

I love this sunburst mirror made using sticks from Ikea and a thrifted mirror.

Inspiration Images

Images via Isabella & Max Rooms, Apartment Therapy, & Bright Bazaar

As you can see, my tastes are all over the place. I know I have a small space, but I’d like to incorporate an art deco feel in the foyer, an opulent, regal feel in my “bedroom area”, and a bright, eclectic feel in my “living room” and kitchen area. I think I can accomplish all this if I just divide the room using fabrics and such. Stay tuned to see my progress!

[Tremendous Tribal]…Textiles by Vlisco

One of these prints by European based Vlisco must go in my apartment…

Aren’t those simply stunning? I am in love with bold Ikat, Kente, or Batik wax prints right now & these are definitely feeding that. I’m so overwhelmed with deciding how I want to decorate, but I know I love the look of all of these. Vlisco has tons of other gorgeous textiles, so be sure to see the rest of their wonderful African prints.

[Cotton Lights]…Decor by Cable & Cotton

My love for great lighting elements has led me to discover these awesome cotton lights by Cable & Cotton. Here are my favorite colorways…

And here’s just a glimpse into how neat these lights can look in the home…

Man! I really like these! I have always loved how string lights can be such a simple, yet chic way to jazz up a room. And these are really neat because you can order from their pre-selected strand or build your own out of over 20 colors!

These are yet one more thing that I’ve come across that I must have in my apartment…goodness, with all these neat decor ideas, I’m going to go insane!

Loving…Ikat Pillows

You should probably get used to me mentioning decor around these parts, because from here on out, I will be in full decoration mode. Once I get my apartment all squared away in L.A., I plan on filling it up with all the goodies that’ll make a house a home…and some of those may include some gorgeous Ikat Pillows like these!

Look at all those wonderful colors! I’m more of a “color” rather than a “theme” decorator, so while I have no idea what colors I’ll want in my new place, I know for sure something like these pillows would be really neat. Perhaps I’ll have to incorporate some Ikat (and Batik!) prints in my humble abode…we shall see 🙂 !

Loving…Johnny Vintage

Loving these whimsical and clever pieces by Johnny Vintage

Stuff like this has always caught my eye and Johnny Vintage has got some great, kitschy stuff. The pieces above are handmade by the shop owner, but there are also some really great thrifted and found vintage pieces in the shop as well. I do love that ampersand pillow…I may have to buy it!