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Loving…The World of Playing Cards

One of the things that has always fascinated me about playing cards is how many different designs of card decks you can get. They’ve been around for centuries and are sold anywhere you can imagine, from amusement parks to resorts to restaurants & bars. As a result, there are so many different card deck themes & styles, that they should be considered a form of art in their own right! I think this neat website I stumbled across, The World of Playing Cards, would agree. I spent quite some time perusing the site and I came across so many neat decks of cards that I had to share them with you guys…

Aren’t those neat? The World of Playing Cards not only has a visual archive of all sorts of card games, but they also have articles about the history of playing cards and how they vary in other countries. I think I’m going to start collecting card decks…this has proven to me that they can be really unique!

Loving…Filthy Home

I’m still in decorating mode, so it was nice to come across Filthy Home…especially their unique collection of wallpapers…

Of course, I don’t think I’d actually put any of these in my home, but I still enjoy them for the cleverness…especially in the naming.

For example, that first print above (with the guns) is aptly entitled “Shoot Your Load”. There are others by the names of “Landing Strip”, “Down Below Victorian” & “Popped Cherries”.

Gotta love those plays on words, huh?!

[Fashion Frenzy – Part I]…Fall RTW 2011 Wrap Up

I may or may not have stated that it has proven to be next to impossible to keep up with the plethora of shows that come out of NY, Paris, London, & Milan. I tried to, but it seemed as if every time I found a new collection that I was in awe of, 3 more would pop up at the same time! The amazing creations that can come out of fashion week are really quite something, though, so I’ve been bookmarking the collections that a truly did love. They all had something that spoke to me whether it be outstanding color use, fantastic fabrics, or innovative silhouettes.

Hermes (There was a lot of leather in this collection & I loved the silhouette play)

Erdem (oh my gosh, the patterns & prints….)

Giles (Over the top, classy – an aesthetic that I adore)

David Koma (dots, dots, pops of color and I love it!)

Stay tuned for more of my favorites from NY, Paris, London, & Milan!

[Images in Music…& Film]…Art by Iri5

These are amazing…

Stunning, right?? Even more so because these are made COMPLETELY out of cassette tape, film tape, and the 5th image is even made of sheet music! Crazy that someone can take those elements and create such striking and unique works. Plus, what better subjects to portray using film and cassette tapes than great actors & musicians of our time?? I would love to have one of these pieces by Iri5…be sure to check out his site for more and his flickr to see some of the works during the process.

Loving…I Heart Guts

The kid in me likes to resurface every so often. She definitely came out when I stumbled across these hilarious and super cute plushies of (you guessed it) – various organs!

It may sound morbid or gross, but who could pass up a soft, smiling pair of Lungs or a insanely happy Bladder? Check these out…

















Intestines (Complete with Appendix!)


Come on! How cute are these?! They make me chuckle and I actually think they could be good gifts for a graduating med student or an expecting mother (the Uterus of course). I Heart Guts also has t-shirts, pins, stationary, novelty jewelry, and a whole bunch of other little goodies pertaining to each organ. On top of that, the company has done numerous collaborations with various organizations like the American Liver Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of LA.

Cute & for good causes? Yes, please! The Bladder is my favorite personally, what about you?? šŸ˜€

[Inspiration of the Day]…Tron (+ A Mini Update!)

Hey everybody! I’m now writing to you not from my work cubicle (as I have been for the past year), but from my new place & space in Los Angeles, CA. My move went relatively smoothly and I’m slowly getting used to driving everywhere, seeing mountains, and having to pay 5 extra cents for a bottle of soda, haha!

I hope your new year has started off well! Mine is starting off quite productively and while last week’s post were all scheduled, I’m now back to writing “live” ones like before. I’m still working out a routine here where I allow time for blogging, so things may be a bit sporadic for a spell. It’s a bit different having time all to myself to spend “doing me” rather than “working for the man”!

Anyway, I’m going to try and bring back my “Inspiration of the Day” feature that I had way back when I started Sparkleshock. Basically I just posted about the ideas, art, colors, seasons, etc that have help my mindspace as of late. I really enjoyed doing those posts and since I’m surrounded by creative energy here in LA, I’d like to get back to them. Today’s feature is all about Tron. I realize I’m sort of late in seeing the film, but with things so hectic, I hadn’t gotten a chance to see the movie until now. In short, it was


The costumes were breathtaking. Michael Wilkinson designed them and they are STUNNING. This is the same guy who did the costumes for Watchmen (of which I also loved), so I expected nothing short of great. I loved the entire feel of the film. The color use was spectacular. How they decided to use warm colors for the antagonists (CLU & his henchman) was quite clever. Cool colors were used for the protagonists which was also neat because anytime they were on the screen, a sense of calm cut the tension that the action scenes created.

After seeing this film, I think I want to be something Tron like for Halloween this year. I’d only have to figure out how to get the light up elements…

The soundtrack was also amazing. Daft Punk KILLED it (as they always do)….but they were the PERFECT choice to score this film because they’re so otherwordly themselves…

My favorite tracks off the OST are Solar Sailer & End of Line…

Seriously, this soundtrack has been on repeat all weekend.

Here’s some more Tron or Tron inspired stuff that has got me in a designgasm…





LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I heard Daft Punk held a rave on set one night because shooting couldn’t occur…I would have LOVED to costume this!!

Loving…Nicholas Kirkwood A/W 2010

Oh, Nicholas Kirkwood…you really know how to tempt someone into debt, don’t you??…

Wow. Now…I don’t own too many flashy shoes, but if I did, these from Kirkwood’s A/W 2010 collection would be in my closet in a heartbeat! My favorites have to be those metallic saddle shoes and those gray satin stiletto pumps! While that last pair above is a bit too avant garde for my taste, I do really love that color!

[Alphabattle]…Lettercult’s P-U

Here’s my favorites from Part 3 of my coverage of Lettercult’sĀ Alphabattle project. You can check out part 1 & part 2 in case you missed those!


Those were the ones I thought were the coolest…be sure to head on over to Lettercult to check out the rest. Did I miss any good ones? let me know your favorites!

Designer of the Day…Devani

Every so often I come across a designer that may not reflect my personal style, but is one that I really admire in terms of design aesthetic. Today’s designer, Devani, is one such designer.Ā These pieces are actually very similarĀ to the types of things I would create when I began sewing (back in middle school). They’re super creative and very literal. Not to mention full of cartoon characters and lots of color…

Devani is based in NYC and focuses on custom designs. Some of these like the lip print skirt and the (believe it or not!) bubblegum dress I would actually wear!

Aren’t those whimsical!? To be honest, some of these would be great for a theme party…or even for when you just want to be different. I need to get back into this part of my design self…you don’t always have to create things that are conventional. Awesome work!

[Ring Around the World]…Rings by Philippe Tournaire

These right here have me speechless…

Those AMAZING architectural rings you see above are by renown jeweler Philippe Tournaire. The collection ofĀ rings is inspired by architecture from around the world so that’s why you can see a pagoda from China, skyscrapers from New York, and a Venetian house from Venice. The rings are made of precious metals and have diamonds or other gemstones imbedded in them. They are quite pricey – (3,000 euros…I’m assuming that is basically ‘I’m unaffordable’ in US dollars), but I LOVEĀ them. They’re like the perfect piece ofĀ statement jewelry because they are bold and really interesting. I would collect one from every city/country I’ve ever visited.Ā Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to šŸ™‚