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[Tremendous Tribal]…Textiles by Vlisco

One of these prints by European based Vlisco must go in my apartment…

Aren’t those simply stunning? I am in love with bold Ikat, Kente, or Batik wax prints right now & these are definitely feeding that. I’m so overwhelmed with deciding how I want to decorate, but I know I love the look of all of these. Vlisco has tons of other gorgeous textiles, so be sure to see the rest of their wonderful African prints.

Loving…Mini Clutches by The Dainty Squid

One of my favorite craft blogs to read is The Dainty Squid because the crafty lady that writes it, Kaylah, always seems to come across the most adorable things. From neat thrifted objects to colorful cotton fabrics, there’s always something on The Dainty Squid that catches my eye…especially these handy mini clutches that are made using really neat fabrics…

Now, I have a pattern to make something like this myself…but I do not have the neat fabrics, so I’m itching to possibly buy one of these. They’re perfect for stashing your cards and your phone and are really unique. Be sure to check out some more cute clutches over at Kaylah’s Etsy site…there’s something for everyone!

Loving…Ikat Pillows

You should probably get used to me mentioning decor around these parts, because from here on out, I will be in full decoration mode. Once I get my apartment all squared away in L.A., I plan on filling it up with all the goodies that’ll make a house a home…and some of those may include some gorgeous Ikat Pillows like these!

Look at all those wonderful colors! I’m more of a “color” rather than a “theme” decorator, so while I have no idea what colors I’ll want in my new place, I know for sure something like these pillows would be really neat. Perhaps I’ll have to incorporate some Ikat (and Batik!) prints in my humble abode…we shall see 🙂 !

Loving…Clutches by Aya Morrison

These clutches by Aya Morrison are perfect for a pop of color for your fall wardrobe. They’re made of authentic Ghanaian fabrics and are handmade. Aya also sells beautiful swimsuits, but since that season is basically done, perhaps one could start planning for next year?? 🙂

Loving…Purl Soho

I love a good fabric & notions shop…and Purl Soho is certainly one of them…

The imagery the home page of Purl Soho uses is what caught my eye when I first stumbled across this store. I was totally drawn in with the colorful fabrics and photography – and then I found out that they carry Liberty of London prints! It was love at first sight, haha. Purl also has knitting, felting, crocheting, and other crafting supplies as well.

Designer of the Day…Marimekko


I should probably start calling these posts something different because I’m noticing that many designers I’ve featured are more so labels than actualy designers…today’s feature “designer” is a good example of this – Marimekko because this label isn’t so much its own entity as it is a label that works with designers. I suppose that doesn’t matter so much because designers that work with Marimekko do have a certain aesthetic – one that is all about pattern and silhouette – 2 design concepts I love. Check out these looks from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection…


I’ve written about Marimekko’s designer collaborations before but this time, I wanted to focus on the other collabos this print design studio does. The above looks are by a variety of designers including Chary Westburg and Mika Piirainin and definitely showcases what Marimekko is about – prints. This Finland based company also has an outstanding collection of interior design prints and other wares.


Marimekko has got to have something for everyone – men, women, kids, kitchenwear, bed linens, towels, fabrics…the list goes on and on. Their aesthetic also reminds me of Ikea – which I love just as much!

[Ribbonesia]…Ribbon Sculptures by Baku Maeda

Check these out…they’re like gift wrap bows (which I’ve always loved)…but better…

The above sculptures are made of ribbon and are from Baku Maeda’s project Ribbonesia. I LOVE this idea because it’s super creative and really jazzes up gift wrapping…and makes a great accessories too..

I can just imagine all the trim and notion stores Maeda went to find the ribbons for these…I can also imagine how much time goes into these because they appear to be quite intricate. Maeda pulls his inspiration from his fascination with animals…that’s awesome because the seal and elephant ribbons are my favorite!

Designer of the Day…Snoozer Loser

I’ve seen posts about this label all around the blogosphere, so I obviously wanted to see what all the fuss was about…and I was certainly wowed when I checked out the collections of Snoozer Loser. The prints are bold and unique and they have a great mix of cute skirts and tops…I mean, who wouldn’t want a top with vintage sewing shears emblazoned on it!?

Snoozer Loser is based in NY and was started in 2005 by Sonia Tay. If you check out her Etsy site, you’ll also see some super cute scarves. All the prints for Snoozer Loser are hand printed.

I’d have to say that this is one of the few labels that completely encompasses my everyday style. I’m all about effortless, free-flowing clothing that I can belt or layer (I think that also has something to do with the fact that pieces like these are quick and easy to sew…I’m such a lazy seamstress, haha) I love that the silhouettes are super girly…And if it comes in a cute print?! It’s so on! LOVE these looks!

Designer of the Day…Anita Quansah

It never ceases to amaze me all the things you can do with textiles. The obvious example are garments and quilts, but I sometimes feel that the world of accessories doesn’t get as much credit as it should. Especially when the accessories are ornate, gorgeous pieces of jewelry like these necklaces by Anita Quansah. This London based textile designer has got some awesome, awesome statement necklaces that use everything from fabric to stones, to chains.

Quansah was educated at the Chelsea Colleg of Art & Design where she obtained her BA in textile design. Since then, she has worked with such designers as Christian LaCroix and Ischiko to create embroidered textile pieces that are just as intrictae as they are beautiful. Her technique is what amazes me the most. She uses hand embroidery, machine embroidery, and a mix of vintage and modern fabrics to create multi-dimensional necklaces and in some cases garments. She calls it “painting with texture”.

She draws inspiration from such greats as Monet, which is very apparent in her use of floral textiles. These works simply blow me away…the necklaces are so in-your-face. And in a good way, in my opinion. Check out her flickr to see some more great pieces…Great, great work!

Loving…Flower Chains by EmersonMade

Check out these gorgeous flower necklaces by EmersonMade. They’re made of 100% linen…and they’re handmade!

These are really pretty and remind me of vintage brooches. They look so delicate and would liven up any plain blouse…very nice! Check out the website for some more pretty objects made with these handmade flowers.