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Trio…[In My Bed]

  I was making my bed the other day when I realized that I need more sheet sets. I used to buy a new set every couple of months, but that sort of stopped once I got out of school. Luckily, these 3 sets below have definitely caught my eye and renewed my love for “bedclothes”..

1)Nate Berkus Lattice Sheet Set

…Because I love the yellow set – it’s so “funky nautical” to me

 2) Starstruck Sheet Set (by Delias)

…Because I love anything dealing with space…these are a little on the juvenille side, but they’re fun and colorful, so I like ’em!


3) Pyramids Azure Set by Dwell Studio

…Because it’s classic and geometric…win!


Designer of the Day…ShiboriLove

This great collection, ShiboriLove (by Jessie Fair) is really great. I wanted to feature this line of leggings and accessories because I love garments that are hand dyed – and that’s excatly what these are! Taking the word from a Japanese dye method of resist-dyeing, ShiboriLove’s peices are one-of-a-kind, unique, and feminine.

Jessie Fair began the line in 2008 after graduating from Cornell University’s Fiber Art & Apparel Design program. Her speciality is dyeing and after checking out her portfolio, I am totally enthralled with her way with color.

Loving…Clutches & Coinpurses by Oktak

Totally cute and quirky collection of accessories by Oktak (this is why I love Etsy). There are over 150 cute, neat, and fun designs to choose from. These are my favorites…

These are PERFECT for the summer! I’m always on the go during the summer months, so these would be so easy to just grab n’ go…and look cute too!

Gorgeous Africana Cushions by Eva Sonaike

These pillows by London based designer Eva Sonaike are absolutely gorgeous…the one with the peacock feather is my favorite!

The label also has other great home furnishings…I must own something from this great designer to put in my new apartment once I move to LA!

Designer of the Day…Milk From a Thistle

Yay! Bold graphics! Cute silhouettes! Milk From a Thistle! I wanted to feature this amazing line because I’m really enjoying the great prints that designer, Danielle Atkinson, uses for her whimisical collection of trapeze dresses, flow tanks, and shirtdresses. This Australian native uses her love for screenprinting and fabric design to create this one of a kind collection of easy, but unique pieces.

The designs you see on MFaT garments are both hand drawn and hand printed…which is amazing to me because I love how one simple shape can create a one-of-a-kind look.

I’m so loving this label. Great Stuff!

Friday Flash…

THIS is an interesting new find in the evolution vs. creation debate.

You must watch FARD…I love a good animated short – and this is totally one of them.

THIS site has a really neat design…I was distracted for like a good 20 minutes, haha!

A VINTAGE PATTERN WIKI?!?!…I’ve just died and gone to heaven…


Daily Inspiration…

"Stretch" by Carneval Studio

...By Adam Voorhes

Rainbow Raw Honey Dress by ModCloth...I WANT this dress...Now!


...LOVE this font (over at Abduzeedo)

"Banana Girl" by Little Clouds...So, totally me!

...from "the notebook doodle"...great blog, by the way.


I need to get my eyes examined…which means I’ll need some new glasses. Seeing as that I don’t wear them on a daily, I have no idea what style to go for. My current ones are a modern rectangular shape…with black rims. They’re by Anna Sui. This glasses hunt will be very interesting!

Oh! I got back a bigger tax return than I had thought! WIN!

I’m going to Florida next week…I so need and am looking forward to this vacation!!!!

Have a good weekend, Sparkleshockers!

Loving…Pillows by PLYtextiles

One of the best feelings in the world is the feel of soft, warm wool. But when you move to place where sweaters are no longer necessary, then you have to find some other way to get your fix…that is where PLYtextiles comes in. They have an awesome variety of recycled wool products to tickle your fancy. I’m more partial to their pillows…

I bet these feel amazing! And they’re super cute!


Loving…Kikka & Kitten

I came across these adorable kitten shaped plushies and upon further investigation found out that they are by Kikka&Kitten and have been getting quite the publicity…

I haven’t been able to find out much about these cute kitties except that the designer, Ericka Olaya Andrade, uses organic materials to create the Kikka in a rainbow of colours. The final 3 images are from a collaboration with Japanese cosmetics line Shu Uemura that has the Kitta modeling Shu Uemura’s latest eyelashes. I wish i could find out more about these guys – they’re so cute!

[Shu Uemura images via Design Milk]

Loving…Pocket Carnival

I found another great Etsy site in which to indulge in – – Pocket Carnival. I am so loving these whimsical handprinted, cotton bags and pouches…

Super cute!

Designer of the Day…Tucker by Gaby Basora

All this great weather we’re having is totally reviving my passion for sewing and design…winter/fall has never been my season of choice. Which leads me to today’s designer Gaby Basora – most specifically her line, Tucker. I have fallen in love with her amazing printed blouses, dresses, and skirts and I love the ultra femininty and ease of her collections. I’m such a sucker for effortless styles where you can just throw on an amazing blouse and the right bottom and just go…Tucker has all that and more!

Basora’s amazing line has grown exponentially in the past 3 years. What started as 1 blouse for herself has grown into an 18 piece collection that’s sold in over 100 retailers, including Barney’s. I love this line because the prints are very graphic (Basora saus she’s inspired by everything from National Geographic to candy wrappers) and some of them like the rompers and camisoles could double as lingerie.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yep. I so totally love this effortless and chic style!