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[Homemade Is Best]…An Ikea Cookbook

I do enjoy a good recipe book. I think one of the main reasons is because the food photography is always mouthwatering or interesting. So, it was a delight to come across this recipe book for Ikea called Homemade Is Best. It contains 30 recipes for Swedish cakes and cookies and in true Ikea fashion, the images are orderly, unique, and well, different. Here’s what I mean…

Gosh I love this! The cookbook was styled by Evelina Brattell and photographed by Carl Kleiner. They wanted the cookbook to reflect the minimalism of Ikea’s kitchen appliances…and I think they do that really well! In most cookbooks, the images are usually of just the finished product and not the ingredients. Homemade Is Best is unique because it shows both the ingredients (in a really neat way) and the finished product. Great idea! You can learn more about it here.

[Bottoms Up]…Illustrations by Fabio Rex

Sometimes, recipes are so much better with pictures rather than words…

I love that Fabio Rex created these neat drink infographics. The colors are really cool and I really enjoy the quirky scientific feel of that Fancy Drink print. What better way to show the different amounts of liqours in drinks besides using a pie chart?!

Very cool!! Be sure to check out Rex’s flickr to see some more delicious beverages!

[Vintage Food…Gone Bad]

Christmas is almost here and like Thanksgiving, Christmas day is filled with delicious foods and dishes that are almost as awesome as the presents themselves. But what if the food wasn’t so delicious? What if you just so happened to time travel back to the 50’s where gelatin ruled the kitchen and anything could come as a loaf. If that were possible, then you’d be feasting on these…interesting…vintage food dishes…

Aren’t those just hideous!? I have no idea why every dish seems to have been forced into a mold of some sort…and who on earth would ever eat a Lima Bean casserole?? Ick! This is still really interesting to me though…I want to get a hold of a vintage cookbook to see what other deathly concoctions were dreamt up. If you can stomach it, you can see more over at the “Gee That Food Looks Terrible (Vintage)” flickr pool.

[Food Fight]…Photography by Rachel Bee Porter

I’m throughly enjoying these photos from an editorial entitled The Joy of Cooking by Rachel Bee Porter…

My favorite is that first photo…I love how the red wine looks so striking against the light background…it almost looks sort of sinister even. These look like they were really fun to stage. Imagine having free rein to just squish, smash, and throw food all over the place in the name of art! Head on over to Rachel Bee Porter’s site to see more shots from this fun pictorial!

Sidenote – notice all these food related posts lately?? Perhaps  I should start eating breakfast more often, hahaha 😀

Artist of the Day…David Sykes


Today I’m featuring the creative and colorful work of photographer David Sykes. Many of his images involve food, but there are also a great deal of advertisement work. The common line that seems to run through his work is that what ever image is being presented is usually represented in a unique way or is filled with bursts of color.

Sykes has been commissioned to produce Ad work for such companies as Heinz, Kellogs, Honda, and Monocle. I really like his series especially the Faux Food one above!

[A Meal Blast From the Past]…Vintage Menus

I consider myself a foodie. I love trying new dishes and I love going out to eat. So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across this archive of vintage (like 1800’s vintage) restaurant menus. Check these out…

How neat are those!? I’m loving the design of the menu covers…it’s like a time capsule into how important the dining out experience used to be. It’s also pretty cool to see what people from years past enjoyed eating – the food sounds so fancy! Besides elegant, the dining experience also used to be cheap! (I know it wasn’t for the era, but still…) I mean $1.25 for grilled lamb?! They sure as hell don’t do that anymore!


I haven’t posted a Trio in a hot minute, so I thought I’d get back into this feature by posting 3 images from my food photography inspiration folder…that and the fact that it’s lunch time…

Mmmm...Delicious Indian Food!


Mmmm...a delicious cake!


Mmmmmm...Heirloom Tomato Olive Tarts


Food photography is so enticing! I’d actually like to take a class or read a book on some of the techniques involving photographing food because I think there’s got to be something that photographer do that just make you want to stuff your face 🙂

[Fancy Foods]…Creative Food Design by Bouchees Doubles

What do you get when you take the awesomeness of kaleidoscopes and mix it with gourmet food? Well, you get these images by French food agency, Bouchees Doubles!

Mmmmm…two of my favorite flavors are savory and sweet (although I’m trying to become a vegetarian…but that’s a Jade Pheenix post for another day!), so I really like these. In case you missed it, those 1st 5 are of desserts and the final 4 are of meats. Neat! You can see some images made with edible gold octopus (I did say this was gourmet food…) here!

[Nom-Nom Drawings]…”They Draw & Cook”

So…I’m totally enthralled with these illustrations because they combine two of my loves – art and food!…

Aren’t those just fabulous!? It totally makes sense that there would be recipe and food illustrators because of all the cookbooks that are out there. There’s way more awesomeness where these came from, be sure to peruse They Draw & Cook for more!

Trio…New -Ish From Fred & Friends

One of my favorite kitschy, unique home goods (and such) stores, Fred & Friends has had a new catalogue come out and while many things caught my eye, the following 3 have really got me wanting to make an order…

Ninjabread Men

…Because one can never have enough ass-kicking cookies…


…Because I have to own anything that’s ‘color-change’…


…Because robots are cool. That’s really the only reason why I want these…