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Loving…I Heart Guts

The kid in me likes to resurface every so often. She definitely came out when I stumbled across these hilarious and super cute plushies of (you guessed it) – various organs!

It may sound morbid or gross, but who could pass up a soft, smiling pair of Lungs or a insanely happy Bladder? Check these out…

















Intestines (Complete with Appendix!)


Come on! How cute are these?! They make me chuckle and I actually think they could be good gifts for a graduating med student or an expecting mother (the Uterus of course). I Heart Guts also has t-shirts, pins, stationary, novelty jewelry, and a whole bunch of other little goodies pertaining to each organ. On top of that, the company has done numerous collaborations with various organizations like the American Liver Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of LA.

Cute & for good causes? Yes, please! The Bladder is my favorite personally, what about you?? 😀

[2010 + Win!]…Feline Frenzy

Those that know me well know that I probably have the tendency to become a crazy cat lady in the far (or maybe near??) future. I love cats! I think they’re super cute and I love how they don’t give a damn about rules and just do their own thing. On top of that, their quirky ways and personalities make them great fodder for humorous videos, lists, photos & websites.

Here’s my favorite cat related things of 2010 (well, some have been around since before 2010, but I discovered them this year so yeah…)

(Click the photos for more!)

Twas the Night before Chrismas Told by Cats

Cats Just Chillin’

Cats in Sweaters!!

How to Best Organize Your Cats

Stuff on my Cat

Squeeee! …anyone with a  heart has got to find these kitties cute!

Loving…NASA Cat Prints by ZipporaLux

Pure Love…

Kittens + NASA’s Photo of the Day = these amazing prints by Boya of ZipporaLux. I am IN LOVE with these prints…space and cats??!!?? I mean what gets better than that? I will be buying one of these next payday.

[Cats Wearing Clothes]…Photography by Noah Sheldon

The cats I know (mainly mine…) would NEVER be down for this…but I’m so glad these chic kitties were because they are totally making my day…

Hahaha! Couldn’t you just die!? I love this…thank you Noah Sheldon 🙂

Loving…Learn Something Everyday

Trivia + color + fun doodles = the awesome site Learn Something Everyday

This is such a great idea…people from around the world can submit random trivia facts and then the people at Learn Something Everyday draw little doodles to go along with them. I’ve been following this site for awhile and there’s always something to make my day 🙂

[Da Bomb]…Bomb Shadowboxes

Here’s something fun…I came across these “Bombs-In-A-Box” by someone who that goes by the name Plundercorp2. There’s a lot of oddities that he/she sells, but I actually really like these clever bomb shadow boxes…

Ha! I really like the Steampunk one…these are nifty – in a I-Love-Mayhem sort of way. There’s more where these came from…so take a look!

[Perler Pizzaz]…Party Branding by Johanna Asseraf

The fun (and really nostalgic) images above are from design student Johanna Asseraf’s branding project. The task was to brand an event, so Johanna choose to brand a 1996 birthday party from her childhood. What better way to say “I’m a ’90’s kid” than to decorate and craft with Perler Beads!? I saw these images above and I was totally stoked because I loved Perler Beads as a young’un. In fact, seeing this has made me want to go dig my old beads out of the garage…this is a cool concept!

[Gooooooal!]…2010 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

The 2010 World Cup kicked off a few days ago, so I wanted to share some images from the opening ceremony…which I loved because I think it captured the nature of South Africa quite well…

Look at the colors! And the people! And all the references to South African culture…man! I wish I could have been there!

[Kawaii]…Hello Kitty Mash-Ups by Joseph Senior

Came across this super adorable collection of Hello Kitty toys. They’re designed by Joseph Senior and are illustrations for some really cool faux model kits! I’m swooning over the sheer geekiness of them because they  have Ms. Kitty dressed up as a Starfleet Cadet, C-3PO, Optimus Prime, and a few other cool characters…

Seriously…how dope are these!? I would totally own the Star Trek ones. That Buzz Light Kitty & the Jason Kitty are neat too!

Gotta Have It…iPad Joker Decal

Even though I don’t own an iPad (yet)…I want this decal by Backglass..

So badass…they need to make one for MacBooks…I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat.