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[Pixelated]…Furniture by Cristian Zuzunaga

My dream home will one day own something from the Pixel Collection by Cristian Zuzunaga

Now, friends, family, & my lovely long time followers KNOW that this is right up my alley! Color…shapes…COLOR!!! Yes. Loves this. Especially that arm chair! Be sure to check out Zuzunaga’s site for  more….he’s got a great aesthetic!

Artist of the Day…Dzmitry Samal

Time Shelf

I’ve got a great concept and industrial design artist to share with you all today, Dzmitry Samal. I wanted to feature his works because I think they are revolutionary and very interesting. This Italian designer has studied in Iceland, Milan, and France. He has also shared his knowledge through teaching and has competed in numerous design competitions. Many of his works are furniture pieces that are more than what they seem. Take the “Time Shelf” for example, not only is it a clock, but it can also double as moveable shelving units.

"Human Furniture"

"Structure Eyewears"

Concept Bag for Louis Vuitton

Dome Lamp

Coke Can Concepts

Parallel Worlds


Samal calls his designs ““New Retro-Futurism”, mix of retro design with futuristic and advanced elements.”. I call it innovative and eye-catching. The Parallel Worlds collection can really be used as is…I love works that make you look at something in a completely different way!

Trio…Wooden Desks

Since the big move to Cali is getting closer I’m already thinking about how I want to furnish my new place. The one thing I know for sure is that I’d love to have a heavy wooden desk…it’d be totally old school to me. Here are 3 I have my eyes on…

The California Desk (J Rusten Furniture)
Arbor Desk (Outofstock)