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Trio…Pop Culture Tees

I’ve posted before about my favorite typography tees and about my favorite tees for artsy folk. Today, I thought I’d resurrect my “Trio” series with a compilation of 3 tees regarding 3 of my favorite pop culture subjects – MJ, Super Mario, & Star Trek.

Michael Jackson Inspired Tees

Star Trek Tees

Super Mario Tees

"Magic Mushrooms"...this is hilarious!

Unfortunately, a lot of these are sold out…but it’s still cool to see what was once a really neat design!

After compiling this list, I realized that the world of graphic tees is far too large for me to just narrow this down to three subjects…lookout for 1 or 2 more lists like this!

[Tron-ified Superheroes]…

Pure awesomeness…

Tron + Marvel Superheroes = AMAZING, yes? These are some of the covers from the upcoming special edition variant issues of various Marvel comics series. All this is for the upcoming release of the remake of Tron. I want to get my hands on one of these…most specifically the one of Moon Knight – Bad. Ass.

Oh and for more awesomeness, check out this teaser video featuring a lovely minute or so of Daft Punk Tron-soundtrack goodness (the song is called Derezzed) – I cannot WAIT for this film and the music that goes with it ūüôā

[Cubism in 8-Bit]…

I’m feeling nostalgic for video games of yesteryear, so I thought it’d be fun to post these mosaics made of tiles and…Rubiks Cubes!

Check out Space Invaders to see more of this geeky coolness!

[Dark Art]…Title Cards of Batman: The Animated Series

Growing up, I was a HUGE fan of the Batman:The Animated Series¬†cartoon that used to come on Cartoon Network. Not only was the series really intense & dark (there was actually a point in which one episode scared me so much that¬†I wasn’t allowed to watch it for a bit after that!), but the animation style (done by Bruce Timm) was insane!¬†The show¬†almost had a film noir style – tons of shadows, bold colors, and vintage style illustration. Since I’m trying to decide if I want to buy the series on DVD, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite title cards from various episodes…

Those don’t even look like they’re from a 1990’s cartoon, do they?! So cool. I also love how each one is a good depiction of the mood of the show. Like that¬†3rd to last card “Be a Clown”. The image of The Joker leading a kid towards the Ferris Wheel is so¬†deliciously sinister. This was one of the first series to really draw upon the actual dark nature of the Batman world…I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much – it was real and made you think. Anyway, if you wanna see more title cards, check out more here. What are some of your favorites??

[Hipster Superheroes]

Hipster culture has long since made it’s mark, so it’s only a matter of time until Superheroes drank the kool-aid…

Hilarious! This has sort of made my day!


[Retro Space Men]…Vintage Sci-Fi Book Covers

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the geeky…so it should be no surprise that I am quite the avid Sci-Fi fan. I’ll gobble it up in doses of film and print, so I was really happy to come across these scans (from various Flickr sites) of some vintage Sci-Fi book covers. They’re from the 1960’s and 1970’s and are full of color and retro illustration. A lot of them even seem like a good read!

These are super neat to me! Now I already know that one of my projects for my new place will incorporate some vintage Sci-Fi book covers for decoration. If you like these, be sure to check out more here & here

Loving…Superga x DC Comics Sneakers

¬†Okay…now as a disclaimer, I’d like to voice that I, personally¬†would never wear these. The colors are far too flashy and clashy for my taste, however, I do love them for the mere fact that they are kicks that have superheroes on them. They’re geek chic…and anything that’s geek chic is alright by me!

[Back To the Future]…Alt/1977 by Alex Varanese

If you’re anything of a nerd like me, then you probably get really excited about retro electronics. That’s why I love this set of illustrations by Alex Varanese called alt/1977. They feature a re-imagining of today’s top tech items (like iPod’s, cell phones, etc) as they would be if it were 1977…

Aren’t those neat!? I really like the “Laptron¬†64″…actually I think it would be really cool if you could actually get a cell phone or laptop that looks retro like this (with all the inside gadgetry of 2010, of course). I also noticed that the Microcade 3000, looks an awful lot like a Game Boy advance…I wonder why Varanese choose that handheld game device as inspiration.¬†The colors are really cool too…I have a thing for 70’s wood paneling, haha

…make sure to check out the rest of the set here.

[Fashion In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…]…”He Wears It” by John Woo

These illustrations by John Woo have really made my day…who would’ve known that a Scout Trooper would rock Viktor & Rolf??

Trio…E3 Highlights

The annual E3 conference is going on and being the gamer that I am (well, like to think that I am…), I’ve been following the highlights of everything pertaining to upcoming games to new game console releases.

I’m excited about quite a few things: there’s a Nintendo 3DS coming out which basically is all in 3D, but without the need for 3D glasses. The concept sounds really cool…but I did read that the 3D images are only visible if you’re viewing it straight on. Another cool bit of news is that there’s a Michael Jackson dance game coming out that allows you to dance along with MJ to all his hits…of course, I will be buying this! There’s also a new Professor Layton game coming out! Besides all that though, I’m excited about the following 3 games…mostly because the screenshots are so stunning…but also because the gameplay looks pretty fun…

1) Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Mini Land Mayhem (DS)

2) Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions (X360)

3) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I really wish I had more time to play video games…hopefully I can try some of these out…whenever I have free time that is.