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[Cut & Paste]…

Awesome editorial for Dazed & Confused magazine. It was photographed by Damien Blottiere & styled by Robbie Spencer. I love how futuristic this feels & looks…very neat concept!


[The Pairabirds]…Illustrations by Tabitha Bianca Brown

Lovely work to share by Tabitha Bianca Brown. These awesome wood grain & color illustrations certainly speak to my soulful side…

They come from Brown’s studio called The Pairabirds. I believe Brown is based in The Chi…which explains where she probably gets her inspiration from! I have already bookmarked her shop to buy the print above…I’ve got to have it in my home!

[Help Japan]…

I have always felt a kinship with Asia, Japan most specifically. Everything about the people and culture fascinates me and I deeply respect the rich history and traditions of Japan. I’m currently studying Japanese and I’m making plans to travel there in the next few years. So when I heard about the tragic earthquake & tsunami that rocked the nation last Friday, I was immediately heartbroken, sad, and devastated. Seeing the despair that was (and still is) being felt by the people there haunts my heart, yet I cannot seem to turn away from the terrible images that are being transmitted around the world.

Amongst all the anguish however, I do have heart knowing that people and organizations the world over are bending over backwards to do whatever they can to assist in the relief efforts. Of course, being an artist, I am always thrilled when the art community steps up and contributes something, so if you appreciate art and want to do something to help, consider purchasing the print above by design studio W+K. All the proceeds go to relief efforts. I’m going to try & buy this when I get paid…and I’ll be on the look out for other prints, posters, and other forms of art that are being made to aid Japan…after all, it’s the least I can do.

[Retro]…Prints by Inalux

I’m swooning over the retro vibe & colors of these prints by Inalux

They’re just so nostalgic to me…I need to have some of these on my walls!

Artist of the Day…Killian Eng

The work of Killian Eng is certainly something I really dig. I’m excited to share him because I’m really enjoying hsi sort of 80’s retro illustration style and I also think it’s really awesome that many of these are storyboard art for various concepts of his.

Eng is based in Stockholm, Sweden and churns out many of his works through his design studio DW Design. He combines graphic design, illustration, and animation to create a variety of short films that are quite visually stunning. (See a trailer for his short film Marchmounts here.). I love his work because it has an obvious vintage Anime style aesthetic, but it’s also quite vivid – even though many of his images utilize a dark color scheme.

It appears that Eng has also designed some film and event posters as well.

Very amazing…I would love to see a compilation of all his short films – they certainly look like they’d take you on a trip!

[Pretty Words of Wisdom]…Prints by Megan Rene

…Because sometimes you just need your words of inspiration to look as good as they make you feel…

These prints by Megan Rene are pretty, no? And it doesn’t help that they use words to lift your spirits too!

[Bottoms Up]…Illustrations by Fabio Rex

Sometimes, recipes are so much better with pictures rather than words…

I love that Fabio Rex created these neat drink infographics. The colors are really cool and I really enjoy the quirky scientific feel of that Fancy Drink print. What better way to show the different amounts of liqours in drinks besides using a pie chart?!

Very cool!! Be sure to check out Rex’s flickr to see some more delicious beverages!

[Racy Messages]…Tart Cards of London

In my never-ending quest for learning about random things, I somehow stumbled across Tart Cards. What are tart cards you may ask? Well, to put it plainly, they are the business cards of London prostitutes. But surprisingly, tart cards can also be really interesting aesthetically. Many of them use neat fonts, great color combinations, or clever imagery. Using these as a template, Wallpaper* Magazine reached out to graphic designers to design their own ideas of Tart Cards. Check these out…(and they are safe for work, don’t worry!)

I think a great designer is able to use subtlety to get a point across and many of the submissions in this project do that very well. You clearly know what many of them are advertising, but it isn’t blatantly in your face (like say…the cover of an adult film.). Head over to Wallpaper* to see the rest of the 450 designed cards. There is also a blurb about the project that highlights how one of the artists used his design to call attention to the dark side of the sex industry (human trafficking, etc) Keep in mind that some of the designs are way more suggestive than the ones I picked out so those may be NSFW.

Designer of the Day…Jessalin Beutler

Jessalin Beutler is not only a designer, but she’s also an artist. While her drawings and paintings are super neat, I am most enthralled with her collection of graphic tees & dresses. It’s the perfect things for a lover of geometry & symmetry like myself…

Yes, these are very simple, but there’s something really bold about them. The designs just command your attention and I really like that. Beutler is based in Seattle & has a background in printmaking & drawing. In her Etsy profile, she says that she really enjoys playing with line, color, & movement…which is really apparent in her graphic designs. Many of them almost seem to pop off the garment!

Oh how I really love these! Like I said, they are simple, but I just love the shapes element of them. I got rid of a lot of my graphic tees because they just weren’t me anymore…I now prefer a simple design rather than words or a busy print. Beutler’s stuff is just perfect…I need to have one of these in my life.

[Black Swan]…Film Posters by LaBoca

I haven’t seen Black Swan yet (although I really want to…I hear it’s a great film), but after checking out this set of posters by British design firm, LaBoca, I’m really determined to see it now…

I love the vintage feel of these. And the red, black, & cream color scheme conveys the feeling of the film perfectly (from what I’ve read/seen of it anyway). Great work!