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Loving…The World of Playing Cards

One of the things that has always fascinated me about playing cards is how many different designs of card decks you can get. They’ve been around for centuries and are sold anywhere you can imagine, from amusement parks to resorts to restaurants & bars. As a result, there are so many different card deck themes & styles, that they should be considered a form of art in their own right! I think this neat website I stumbled across, The World of Playing Cards, would agree. I spent quite some time perusing the site and I came across so many neat decks of cards that I had to share them with you guys…

Aren’t those neat? The World of Playing Cards not only has a visual archive of all sorts of card games, but they also have articles about the history of playing cards and how they vary in other countries. I think I’m going to start collecting card decks…this has proven to me that they can be really unique!


[History In Color]…

I found a catalogue of gorgeous photos from the Russian country side…and keep in mind when you take a look at these that things aren’t always what they seem…

Very pretty aren’t they? And so vibrant…as if they were taken yesterday. And that, my dears, is why I say that things aren’t always what they seem…because these photos were taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (photographer to the Tsar of Russia) in THE EARLY 1900’s.

Yes…you read that correctly. These are full color, vibrant photographs from over a century ago. Around a time when color photography was still a bit underdeveloped (haha, check that pun!! :D) In my spare time I like to browse the online archives of The Library of Congress because I always seem to find neat things from history – like this compilation of Gorskii’s photographs.

Gorskii's Self Portrait

These images were taken between the years of 1909-1912 when Gorskii was commissioned to take a survey of life in the Russian Empire by Tsar Nicholas II. The way Gorskii was able to get these color photographs was by taking 3 photos of a subject using 3 different color filters (red, green, & blue). He would combine the shots to get the gorgeous photos you see above.

I find this fascinating. I love looking at old photographs and I’d even like to start collection them one day (especially ones of landscapes or women of a certain era). The fact that these photos are so crisp is amazing! Plus it’s really neat to see people form a century ago just living their lives. Very, very awesome!

[Natural Wonders]…Vintage U.S. Travel Posters

The posters above are some 1930’s vintage travel posters by the US Department of the Interior and The National Park Service. They were created to sort of boost tourism during The Great Depression. The colors in these are just so nice! I also love how they convey the wonder and majesty of some of the natural landmarks that we have here in the US. The one of the caves is my favorite! If I saw these back in the 30’s, it would definitely make me want to go on a trip in a heartbeat! Check out the rest over at National Geographic.

[A Meal Blast From the Past]…Vintage Menus

I consider myself a foodie. I love trying new dishes and I love going out to eat. So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across this archive of vintage (like 1800’s vintage) restaurant menus. Check these out…

How neat are those!? I’m loving the design of the menu covers…it’s like a time capsule into how important the dining out experience used to be. It’s also pretty cool to see what people from years past enjoyed eating – the food sounds so fancy! Besides elegant, the dining experience also used to be cheap! (I know it wasn’t for the era, but still…) I mean $1.25 for grilled lamb?! They sure as hell don’t do that anymore!

Trio…Today’s My Birthday!

Today’s trio will be regarding randomess involving today, April 14th – my day of birth! I figured it would be fun to post some facts and other tidbits…

1) The first JC Penny store opened up in 1902. The first “unsinkable ship (yes, that one) also sank on this day.

2) Adrian Brody and Sarah Michelle Gellar were all born today. This probably explains why I love the movies King Kong and Cruel Intentions. This lovely little bit of pop perfection was also #1 in 1984…

3) My amazon wishlist is right here…(wink, wink)

Happy Birthday to anyone else celbrating a birthday today!! It’s the best day in the world, isn’t it?!

Loving…The Partridge Archive

This is another example of why I love Flickr…I was browsing through it the other day because I was searching for old portraits for a project I’m working on. I came across this astounding collection of old photographs called The Partridge Archive. It is so amazing to me that beautiful African, Japanese, Thai, and women, men and childern of other cultures were captured in a photograph from history…here’s some of my favorites…

Seeing these photographs just reminds me of the beauty of the human race…and how much of a rich history we have! All our cultures are just threads that weave together our human fabric…I love this collection of images…and they’re a great resource for my project!