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[A Typography Reincarnation]…Letter Revamps by Character

So here’s a neat idea…how about giving signage that’s dismantled another life by giving it new lights and a new home? That’s exactly what Finnish company, Character does. The goal of Character is to save dismantled logos and give them a new life by replacing the fluorescent bulbs with LEDs and then selling them as neat design objects…

This is such a neat idea. I have always wondered what happens to signs on buildings when stores go out of business or something, and now I know that many of that signage gets destroyed. That’s unfortunate because clearly there are tons of people who would love to have those letters as decor. I know I would!

Loving…Wood Stuff

I’m not usually a fan of things dealing with wood. Wood panelling makes me cringe and every piece of wooden furniture I have ever owned has been painted in some sort of way. I own wooden jewelry, but I very rarely wear it…so it’s weird to me that I now have a weird obsession with all things wood.

Here’s some examples…


Wood Puzzle (Vis General Store)

Wood (Cherry) Bowl

Teak & Pencil Light

Wooden Radio

Lace & Wood Ring

Paint Palette Ring

Weaving Wood by Rush Pleansuk

Perhaps I should stop painting the wood i my house and just let it’s beauty shine through…cause these objects above have certainly shown that!


Trio…Pieces by Thomas Wold

My adventures in decorating my new place continue as I finally get around to working on my dresser (inspired by this GORGEOUS one). I finally have all the furniture I need (well except for a kitchen table…that one’s still hiding from me), but I still find myself browsing for unique and cool furniture designs. So you can imagine my sheer delight to stumble across the work of  furniture designer Thomas Wold…his stuff speaks to my love for color and kitschy 50’s furniture silhouettes. The following 3 are my favorites of his creations.


"Mixed Breed"

"Small World"

"Block Party"

Yes…these are the types of furniture that need to be in my home. I think it’s also cool that a lot of furniture that Wold makes is actually made of multiple pieces of furniture. If I had more space, I’d create furniture like this…it’s so cool!


Designer of the Day…Emily Rothschild

Great accessory design is a weakness of mine. Especially when it combines a unique or creative quality with some sort of well thought-out concept. The designs of Emily Rothschild are one such example. She’s an industrial designer, but has created some really great accessories that run the range of rings to necklaces to bracelets. Many of these creations have a sort of purpose – either to bring awareness or to just pay homage to a part of life that isn’t normally celebrated. Take fer Medical ID Jewelry for example, they’re made of words like Penicillin, Type-O, and Nut Allergy to show that ones medical condition or necessity can be worn with pride…

Many of Rothchild’s designs do serve some sort of purpose. The USB Locket, Storage Ring, and Magnetic Key Ring all either can serve as a wearable pill or USB container or can serve as a wearable magnet. My favorite designs of hers are the Diamond Bracelet set, which are a set of bracelets that are made of the words sapphire, diamond, or ruby. The idea is to challenge the thought of whether we value the ring or the stone more.

Rothschild’s background lies in art history, fine arts, and industrial design so the fact that she seems to focus on accessory design is really cool to me. Plus I love how she really plays up the form vs function design technique. If you’d like to own a piece of this, the Pinky Wings rings (above) are available here!

Artist of the Day…Jacob Dahlgren

Today’s artist, Jacob Dahlgren, is a great conceptual artist who’s works run the gamut from sculptures to collages to installation pieces. I wanted to feature his work because I was drawn to the piece above which is called Colour Reading & Architecture. He used a variety of materials including carpets, wood, tile, and even chocolate! It reminds me of some sort of abstract cityscape. 

Dahlgren has exhibited all over the world and has also been commissioned for various architectural designs and personal sculptures.

I love art like this…so in your face and interactive!

[Fresh Money]…US Banknote Redesign by Dowling Duncan

If you haven’t heard about or seen these banknote concepts by Dowling Duncan, then you’ve been missing out on a really well thought out and surprisingly solid idea (I think anyway) for US bills…

There are some really great elements that came into play when these were being designed. For example, the reason why the notes are vertical is because Dowling Duncan determined that most people handle and deal with money vertically rather than horizontally. The different colors are used to easily distinguish which notes are which…in fact I almost feel like the US is one of the few countries with mono-color banknotes…there’s way more info about the images presented on each bill so be sure to read up on that too!

[When Form Meets Function]…Beautiful Japanese Manhole Covers

I was at Barnes & Noble last week and I came across this gorgeous book called Drainspotting by Remo Camerota which has beautiful images of the unique manhole covers that dot the landscape of the municipalities of Japan. I think it’s quite apparent to anyone that follows art or design that Japan places high quality design in most aspects of life, so it’s no wonder that their manhole covers would be just as stunning. The vivid colors of the manholes are created using tree resin, which lasts a lot longer than traditional paint. There are about 6,000 of these on Japanese streets and you can guarantee that when I make it to Japan, I certainly plan on photographing every single one I see!


[Doux, Surf, Lava, & Vertex]…Karim Rashid For Vondom

 The fabulous pieces above are a part of a new collection of furniture by designer Karim Rashid for Spanish furniture house, Vondom. The furniture encompasses both indoor and outdoor pieces and comes in 6 collections, Doux, Pal, Vertex, Surf, Lava, & Vlek. I really like the organic feel of these…there’s lots of curvaceous lines and hard edges…almost sort of feminine meets masculine. I also really dig the colors….they certainly “pop” and have that classic modern feel.

[Trailer Park Theater]…Set Design by Catherina Scholten

Well what do we have here?? A scene of colorful trailers stacked one on top of each other like a scene out of some sort of redneck theater?? Why yes! That’s exactly what we have…a really cool set design for an outdoor theater in Amsterdam. It was designed by Catherina Scholten and was done for a performance of Anton Chekov’s Ivanov.

Just Because…Ferarri 612 GTO Concept Art

…More car eye candy…you guys know muscle cars and sleek sports cars are my weaknesses. So here’s some nice concept images by Sasha Selipanov of a  Ferarri 612 GTO…Just Because!

Oh my…