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Gotta Have It…Gorgeous Wood iPhone Cases by Signimade

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Gotta Have It post. I’ve missed this little feature, so I think it’s time to bring it back, yes?


These really tickle my fancy! I’ve been really into wood accents a lot lately, so coming across these by Signimade just may make me break my “no case” rule. It would also be the one excuse I’d need to upgrade to an iPhone 4!



The iPhone 4G Makes an Early Appearance

(My verdict? If Apple sticks with this prototype, I won’t be buying  it. I hate the design – boxy is NOT a good look for Apple, IMO. The only thing that intrigues me is the updated screen resolution, otherwise, I’m perfectly content with my sleek 3Gs.)


And the iPhone Gets That Much Better!

(Hooray for Multitasking!!!)

The iPhone Font

The graphic designer in me is always making me download tons of new fonts to Arion (my macbook). So you can imagine my pleasant surprise in discovering this new font

As unreadable as I think this font is, it is such a Mac Geek’s dream to be able to type sentences with letters that look like iPhones! Gah! I love this!

Random Bits…

Since I really can’t concentrate on work at the moment (how could I possibly feel like being in an office building setting up Deli items when it’s sunny and 65 degrees outside?) I figured I just share some random bits of things that are on my mind right now…

“The End” by Lo-Fi-Fnk

I’m quite random in the sense that I think it would be awesome to have a personal soundtrack follow you around all day. I also hear songs and then picture where they can be used should a film ever be made about my life…this song right here will be playing during the end credits of Phoenix Supernova (which I’ve decided will be the name of my biopic). Oh I do love Lo-Fi-Fnk!


One of my favorite parts of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek was the extensive use of lensflare. That has always been my favorite part of the Star Trek franchise, so being the proud geek that I am, I just bought this Lensflare app for my iPhone. My photos will now become Space-tastic – trust.

The Rippon Lea Estate

Even though I’m a beach bungalow kind of chick, I would live at the Rippon Lea Mansion (in Australia) in a heartbeat…

Phillipe Roucou Scarf

It looks like a polaroid and is big enough to wear in a loopy scarf way…

He & I

Mr. Midori Eyes (Midori means green in Japanese) is taking me to see the waterfall by where he goes rock climbing today…he keeps surprising me more and more…let’s hope he doesn’t turn into the Green Eyed Bandit and steal my heart! At least not until I’m ready for him to…

Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice

I’m so buying one today…

Los Angeles

Cause the big move is less than 6 months away!

Le sigh…life is good!

Loving…Totally Severe

I am throughly enjoying this awesome design site, Totally Severe. It’s ran by graphic designer, illustrator, and textile maker Sarah and it features some really witty and fun embroidery designs, wallpapers, fabrics, and fonts.

A lot of the wallpapers come for both desktops and iPhones…they’re really vibrant! Check out Totally Severe…you won’t be disappointed! I mean really – who wouldn’t want an embroidered design of Tim Gunn?

Just Because…Orange Slice iPhone Charger & T-Shirt War!

If you’ve got a cat like mine, then you’ve probably experienced the horror of coming home to chewed up cell charger, video game, and computer charger cords. Never fear! Cause if you’ve got a crapload of oranges – you can charge at least your iPhone. So here’s the video…Just Because.

And because it’s everywhere now…here’s the really cool stop-motion video T-Shirt-War…Just Because.

I wonder how much all those t-shirts cost…?


Anyone Can Be a Part of an OrchestraAll You Need Is an iPhone.

Gotta Have It…iPhone Cases

In continuing with my quest in protecting/customizing my new iPhone, I wanted to share these cases that I’m considering as the new home for my iPhone.

These are from Incase

These are from Case-Mate

And this one is from iSkin…(I actually like the red!)

And here are some random ones that I thought were neat, but probably a no go…

I am extremely picky about what I’m looking for in a case because I’m really not a case person. I feel they add to much bulk and take away from the aesthetics of the device. Therefore, I want a case that’s lightweight, somewhat translucent, and not bulky! I’m seeing that I’m drawn to the metallic ones…we shall see what I choose! 

Gotta Have It…iPhone Skins

Merry belated Christmas! I hope everyone had a great Holiday. With all the hustle and bustle of the past few days, I haven’t had a chance to write like I usually do, but things have slowed down a bit (until New Years), so I’m back!

While I don’t believe presents are the most important part of Christmas, the fact is you usually get them anyway, so today’s Gotta Have It post is in relation to my new toy – my iPhone 3Gs. This was a present to myself and it is quickly proving to be worth every cent! Seeing as that I’m a gadget junkie anyway, this should come as no surprise, but now that I have one, I plan on giving it the utmost care – starting with getting a nice skin for it. There’s so many options out there, so here’s what’s caught my eye:

I do realize that skins are really only just pretty coverings for the phone. They provide no protection whatsoever, but it would be nice to have something unique on the back for all to see when I’m conversing. These are from Gelaskins


And these are from across the pond at Skinizi

And these are from iStyles…(there were far too many I liked from this site, so here’s a few)



Oh, there are so many choices!