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[2010 + Win!]…Listen Up

As a lover of music, I would be doing the yearly “Best of” lists an injustice if I didn’t share with y’all what I thought were the best albums of 2010. They aren’t in any particular order…and they are not coming from the perspective of a *serious* music critic…they’re just albums that made my 2010 musically awesome.

1) Tron Legacy: Soundtrack (Daft Punk) – It’s Daft Punk + amazing cinematography. I have not seen the film yet, but the soundtrack has already gotten me glitched out!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West) – Couple this with the visually interesting short film “Runaway” and you have the Kanye West that won me over with “College Dropout”

Body Talk (1-3) (Robyn) – I love Robyn. And I love the Body Talk series because every single track just makes you wanna go out any dance. Plus the album artwork is hella cool.

Michael (Michael Jackson) – Though I question the authenticity of some of the tracks on here (namely “Breaking News”)…I do know that most of the tracks are by MJ because they all show that versatility (folk to funk to hip-hop) that only Michael can do. I really do enjoy this album, though it makes me miss him more.

Doo Wops & Hooligans (Bruno Mars) – Bruno Mars is so cute. And that’s not the only reason I like this album. It’s fun, unique, and has some really sweet lyrics.

Head First (Goldfrapp) – I play this album at least once a week. This electropop group has some of the best melodies around. Youtube “Voicething”. You will not be disappointed.

Senior (Royksopp) – This is the more melancholy sibling to 2009’s Junior (which is a really fun album).  I think the album was the best atmospheric one I listen to this year and is perfect for mellowing out.

The ArchAndroid (Janelle Monae) – This girl is talented. She combines an amazing voice with some amazing production. I love albums that carry a concept and The ArchAndroid is definitely that. If you love work about the social philosophy of man & machine, then you’ll love this!

New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh (Erykah Badu) – “Window Seat” was hands down one of my favorite songs this year. The rest of this album is just as good & is my favorite since “Mama’s Gun”. Plus she enlisted the awesome talents of Madlib…this is some good, chill stuff right here.

So there you have it…my favorite albums of 2010. I’m so picky about music (I think most if it is just awful these days), but when I hear albums like the ones above, I have hope that 2011 will have some good stuff too!


Hot Track…”That Was Just a Dream” by Cut Copy

I’ve got another dreamy, synth-pop musical confection for you to check out, this time by one of my favorite bands, Cut Copy. This song is also on one of my mixtapes because the melody is really nice and I just love how somewhat soothing the song is. It has a stong sound, but it isn’t loud…it’s more so dreamy.

I’d suggest giving this song a listen if you’re experience a sunny day today (like I am!)…it’s perfect for just looking outside and letting your mind wander 😀

Hot Track…”You” by Plej

I hope by now you’ve realized that my musical tastes are all over the spectrum, but my stand by will always be a groove-tastic lounge or trip-hop beat. That is why I wanted to share this awesome track by the amazing Swedish chillout band Plej. It never ceases to amaze me how much R&B and the Blues have influenced musicians worldwide and “You” is no exception. It’s the perfect song for a lazy Sunday morning with your lover or a peaceful drive along the coast.

Let the song make love to your ears…it’s a good one!

[Hot Track]…Akufen – “The Dragonfly Who Thought He Was a Mockingbird”

Today’s Hot Track is what I like to call Brain Music. If you aren’t really familiar with glitch-hop, then listening to this track by the amazing Akufen is a good way to ease into the genre. I have this song on a mixtape I made and let me tell you it is amazing to bump at night while driving for a long while. Plus it’s pretty damn cool how this song was constructed – it’s made completely out of radio & music snippets.

While I’m suggesting things, let me also suggest that you check out the film that this song is featured in – Appleseed. It’s a stunning anime filled with action, female heroines, and CGI costumes designed by Prada. I loved it so much I even designed a collection inspired by it.

Go ahead, give the song a listen – it’s 5 minutes that are totally worth it.

[Ensemble: The Style of Music]…

This is genius…

These prints by Moxy Creative House have totally made my day! What a cool idea to make a set of posters of iconic musician clothing…and they are totally recognizable at first glance. My favorites include Kiss  (look at that arm details!), Run DMC (they even added the spectacles!), MJ (big surprise, huh ;), & Kanye (mostly for the little heartbreak pin). My absolute favorite though has to be Prince, mostly because when I first looked at it (well really anytime I see this outfit of his) I think of pancakes*!

Head over to Moxy Creative House to see more musicians and more of this awesomeness

*If you do not get that at first read, you need to click the link AND brush up on your comedy, yo.

[Tron-ified Superheroes]…

Pure awesomeness…

Tron + Marvel Superheroes = AMAZING, yes? These are some of the covers from the upcoming special edition variant issues of various Marvel comics series. All this is for the upcoming release of the remake of Tron. I want to get my hands on one of these…most specifically the one of Moon Knight – Bad. Ass.

Oh and for more awesomeness, check out this teaser video featuring a lovely minute or so of Daft Punk Tron-soundtrack goodness (the song is called Derezzed) – I cannot WAIT for this film and the music that goes with it 🙂

Hot Track…Kid Cudi “Pursuit of Happiness (Megaforce Version)

I’ve been vibing to Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon album for sometime, but I hadn’t checked out any of his videos until I was referred to this one…

Crazy amazing artistic music videos always get me every time. I love a video that’s interesting and different – and I think this one is both. And the wardrobe pieces?! Some of them are really neat. Plus it doesn’t help that Kid Cudi is a Kid Cutie – le sigh 🙂

Random facts about this vid- Josh Hartnett (yes, the actor) produced this! And a member of MGMT is in it as well…

…props go to my sister for turning me on to this – and therefore bringing back the Hot Track feature in full effect!

Trio…3 Random Songs I Can’t Get Enough of at the Moment

I’m constantly listening to music…so whenever I find songs that I really love, I try not to play them repeatedly. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done and since I’ve been listening to a pretty eclectic stream of music lately, I thought I share the 3 current songs that I must play anytime I’m near my iPod or Laptop…

1) Kylie Minogue – Too Much (From Aphrodite) (please excuse the audio…this was the best copy I could find :()

2) Janet – Put Your Hands On (B-Side From Damita Jo)

3) Janelle Monae – Many Moons (From Metropolis: Suite I) (I’m actually on an entire Janelle Monae trip right now!)

Of course, this list could go on…but trio is only about things in 3’s so I had to limit myself, haha…trust me though, there’s tons more musical melodies bouncing around in my head that I plan on sharing with you guys.

Trio…In Heavy Rotation (Part II)

1) Scissor Sisters – Night Work

So I’d been hearing about  Scissor Sisters for awhile, but I never really took the time to check out their music until I read a rave review about their latest album, Night Work on another blog that I read….and now, I’m so totally hooked! I love their fusion of glam rock and 70’s falsetto – it’s like the BeeGee’s meets Queen. Night Work in particular has some really great production and a nice mix of new wave, a hint of electronica, and a whole lotta sexy glam. I must say that their other two albums, Ta-Dah & Scissor Sisters have been on repeat as well.

Tracks to Check OutNight Work, A Whole New Way, Fire With Fire

2) DJ  Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie – Summertime: The Mixtape

Wherever there’s something free, there’s me, so I was thrilled to discover this mixtape link over at Fly. DJ Jazzy Jeff has put together another great mixtape and this time he enlisted the help of Mike Boogie as well. The outcome is a smooth mixtape that covers every great summer hit from the 70’s up through the 90’s. The way they cut and ordered the tracks takes you on a really great trip and totally invokes some nostalgic feelings of summers from the past. There’s everyone on this mixtape from MJ & Kool & the Gang to Pharcyde & Mos Def. You should definitely download this 49 track groove fest – you will not be disappointed!

Tracks to Check Out – All of ’em!

3) Namie Amuro – Past<Future

Japanese hip-hop sensation Namie Amuro has done it again with her latest album, Past<Future. Now, this album came out in November of last year, but unfortunately it’s a nightmare trying to get music imports from other countries without paying an arm & a leg, so I wasn’t able to listen to it until now. It was certainly worth the wait because the album is filled with danceable tracks from beginning to end. I wish I could understand what she’s saying though (because of course, the lyrics are mostly Japanese). Regardless, I love her music (I have most of her other albums) and I would love to see her in concert – they say that she’s like the Japanese Janet Jackson…that would be so awesome!

Tracks to Check OutBad Habit, Dr., Wild, Copy That

Hot Track…”Buzzwing” & “Toyz Noize” by Pogo

Check out these 2 new tracks by Pogo (whom I’ve been obsessed with for quite some time now…). This time, he’s taken snippets from the Toy Story films!

Ah yes! I love these as well…this guy is awesome!